Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Time to go to Uganda.
Our travels were very long and delayed by road construction.  The scenery was beautiful. 
Great Crested Crane

Oh, I forgot.  I was offered five cows for Emily at Ugandas border...I am sure it was a joke, but ya never know.  Emily did not think that was enough for her.  Our guide, Francis, said if all the guy had was five cows then that was a tremendous sum.  In Uganda, one can not get married even with parental consent until they are 18.  Teenage pregnancy is looked down on because the Ugandans see this as an arranged marriage.  Also, the kids go through 12th grade in Uganda if they can pass several tests along the way.  Where the Rwandans were "hello, hello", the Ugandans were "white people".  Anyway,  It took us nine hours to get from our Lodge in Rwanda to Kyambura Safari Lodge in Uganda.  This is Volcanoes newest lodge and was beautiful.  The manager and the kitchen manager both came from our lodge in Rwanda.

We were the only ones staying at the lodge the entire three days.  The staff was wonderful...they did not know Beyonce..we did teach them how to play Screw Your Neighbor (very easy card game, we called it The Penny Game when the kids were little).  We had a lovely dinner and then off to sleep until our game safari the next day.
We have been on safari in South Africa and Botswana on a previous trip.  Both places you can get right next to the animals off road.  Our safari in Uganda was what I had originally thought safaris would be.  We were in Queen Elizabeth National Park and you had to stay on the roads.  We went both in the morning and then again late afternoon/early evening.  The animals were used to seeing vehicles but if they were not by the road tough tooties. 
Here they are...
Not sure what the animal on the right is.
African Kob


Some big lizard

See the baby attached underneath?  See the face below?


Cape Buffalo


We did not see any predators (lions, leopards, hyenas).  I was happy with the elephant...I could watch them all day.
Big birds flying - we saw a lot of birds.  This park has over 600 species of birds.
Time to go back for dinner and drinks.


  1. I love me an elephant, too, though my favourite is a giraffe! Love the pictures and the spot looks amazing! I hope your kids know how lucky they are!!!

    1. We did not see any giraffes this time but they are called "the super models of Africa" and they deserve the name. The elephant family dynamics are fascinating.

  2. Great pics!!<3 and the animals!! They're so cute<3 xx peach

    1. Thanks. My daughter took all the pictures and has told me she would be my professional photographer if I ever wanted to take her back to Africa.

  3. I have loved reading your travel recap posts. How fortunate you were to get this opportunity!

    I chuckled when I read about the cow offer for your daughter. My mom and brother went to Romania several years ago, and one of the villagers offered my mother some cows and goats if my brother would marry his daughter. She jokingly accepted, and we laugh now about how my brother probably has a Romanian bride still waiting for him.

    1. Boy I hope you read my reply. I enjoy your blog but can never reply. Not sure what my problem is. Anyway, I do hope the young man was joking. We asked how much for Tyler and he said we'd have to give the cows back :)

    2. That is so strange! Does it happen on both computer and/or iPad or phone? I'm not tech-savvy enough to know what could be going on. I guess it is a Disqus issue. So sorry! :(

    3. I can never post on my computer (it's a pc) and my ipad not in a while. It just gives me disqus is taking a long time to load. I'll keep trying :) I do enjoy your blog though and even if I can't comment, I am reading it.

  4. Love seeing your pix! I'd love to go sometime. One daughter spent last spring semester in Tanzania; I worried about infectious diseases the whole time, but she had amazing experiences. I need to toughen up!

    1. I do want to go to Tanzania. It is suppose to be fabulous, not quite as touristy as Kenya. My family would go back in a heart beat. Face those fears baby!