Monday, April 28, 2014

Let's Play Catch

Okay, time to play catch up with all the fantastic things happening in my glorious life...


First the Road Kill
Shit at and missed, shot at and hit
my face

Awhile back I had that photo light burn stuff done to my face.  The purpose was to get rid of suspicious spots (AK's) that could or could not evolve into something a bit scarier.
Had it done on a Friday.  Saturday, woke up, fiddledicked around, Hunter got up, took one look at me..."Whoa".  Not a "whoa baby you look smoking" but a "whoa, what the hell happened to you."  My entire face was beet red except for my eyes.  It felt like a really, really, really bad sunburn.  I ended up taking some Aleve for the pain.

Day After
 Now that's a face only a mother could love.

 Up close and personal with my CRAZY eyebrow.  I hate it so.

2nd Day

 The redness is gone.  Just left with the spots and a few tender places.

 What I used to clean, moisturize, and protect

 My left ear probably hurt the worst of all places

Day 3

Not too bad.

I go back to the dermatologist this Friday to find out what she thinks.  Hoping for a one time shot and not having to do a follow up procedure.

The "almost" perfect house coat dress

It was gorgeous but waaaay too big and they are now sold out of the smaller size.  Sigh.


Emily came to visit and she brought friends...

Anna, Emily, and Danielle

It was quite fun getting to know them.  They were very good sports putting up with us and all of Emily's extended family.

We will be traveling to exotic Columbus, Ohio for the week end of May 17th.  Em's Ultimate Frisbee team has made it all the way to Nationals.  Yeah!  Last year it was in Wisconsin so I feel blessed.

And not to leave any one out...

Tyler is coming home this Sunday and will be with us for ten days before he returns to Auburn for summer school.

And now for the drama...

I went to take a bath the other night.  A nice bubble bath.  Had my wine, had the bubbles.  Ack!  I forgot my two allotted dove mini chocolate joy of my life treats.  Out of the bath, get the chocolates, step into the bath, foot slips, knee bangs into tile side, loose one chocolate to the bubbles.  Hurts like a mother.  Fetch the chocolate out of the bath.  Sulk, sip wine, eat good dove chocolate...F%^k it!  Unwrap bubbly bath chocolate, pop it in my mouth.  It was fine.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Rest of the Celebration

Looky, looky cookie...

what I got from my lover for having to f$^k him the past many years.  Sorry, a bit testy.  We were suppose to trot off to Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks but the weather just doesn't want to play nice.  So home I will sit.  Sigh.

Anyhoo.  We were suppose to eat vegetarian suppers this week.  First night...It's our anniversary!  F&^k the veggies, give me meat.  Off to Stock & Barrel.


Actually I got this...

Stock and Barrel: The Chicken & Waffle -- a big favorite

Chicken and Waffles.  Yay!  Hunter got the burger but was drooling over mine.

A bit of wine and a glass of another year!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hubs Warm Wardrobe

We have definitely decided to spend our 25th Anniversary ( next year) in Italy.  Hunter has also definitely decided he wants to dress the part and needs new clothes.  Must admit, I agree.  

Not sure about your significant other, but I have a very limited window in which he is agreeable and not a whiny little three year old when trying on clothes.  Also, if something works, we buy it in all shades available.  So I shop on line, order, press, wait days for him to try on item, finally tell him he's not getting into bed until he tries on item, yay or nay, pack it up, ship it back, try again.

Since we are going to Italy, I have found out men do not wear shorts and men do not wear short sleeve button downs.  I have also found out not to many men at all wear short sleeve button downs.  According to Emily they just look funny.  What about Dad?  He's old.  Old guys wear short sleeve button downs.  Hunter's OK being old but I am going to try to ease him into a few long sleeve ones.

Saying:  Don't worry about old age.  It doesn't last long.

I do believe my work is done and this is now what his spring/summer wardrobe looks like:

Hubs Warm Wardrobe

Hubs Warm Wardrobe by htharri featuring dress shirts

Now I need to get started on mine!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dedicated to the One I Love

Once upon a time a little baby boy was born in Roswell, New Mexico.

Four months later, a little baby girl was born in Germany.

The little boy grew up with his older brother...

While the little girl grew up with her older sister...

Until their families both moved to Fort Walton Beach, Florida in the summer of 1979.
They finally met in their 10th grade year of high school.  The young man saw the young lady's ass and told his friend he would marry that ass one day...they were both 15 years young.

They went to prom...

They both graduated...

They went to college together...

They graduated and in 1990 they were married...

They spent a few years working, having fun, etc...

Then he knocked her up and they started their family...

Years have passed with many adventures...

The kids are off at college...

And this girl...

loves this boy...

Happy 24th Anniversary Hunter.  Next year you are taking my ass to Italy!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


From my sister:

The beautiful Emily will be traveling home for Easter.  She will be bringing her lovely room mate, Anna, and her darling suite mate, Danielle.  They will be with us through Monday.  Happy Dance!!!

Have a wonderful week end.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Our steering shirts for Sunday!!!!L

I have had a wonderful week end gardening, dining al fresco, drinking wine by the outdoor fire...

Tomorrow it is suppose to rain.  Tuesday it is suppose to rain.
I know what I'll be doing come 3:00 PM.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Are You?

Why does toilet paper need a commercial?  Who is not buying this?

I, for one, prefer to stock up rather than risk the alternative.  In fact, I make sure every bathroom
has at least five rolls so I don't get the dreaded cal1....
"Can you bring me some toilet paper?!  Please."

We are suppose to have a beautiful week end.  That means GARDENING.  YAY!
I am sure with all the squatting in the garden I will have a tough time slapping
my ass on the toilet seat by Monday...getting up won't be a picnic either.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quick Trip

Look who I saw:

The lovely Miss Em
Guess who lives here:

Then we went here:

Charleston Battery Park

10K Run over that bridge on Saturday.  30,000 people.  We were not included.

Porpoise swimming by

One of my favorite houses

 And did this:

Dinner...The Grocery
Hunter can't wait to dig in.  Their tofu Pad thai was delicious.

Their version of Shrimp and Grits

Bacon Tater Tots.  OMG!
***Would not recommend the restaurant.  The tater tots were fantastic but nothing else.  I am planning to write a negative review on trip advisor...that's how strongly I feel about it.***

And just in case we got hungry.

And look what Hunter bought:


and I got this: