Monday, August 31, 2015

So, What Did You Do In August?

Well some one's having fun.  Wonder if she knows what a text book looks like?!

Activate's Paul Onions's photo.

Grace Huang's photo.

David Critchley's photo.

Emily Harrison's photo.
Miss Emily will be twenty in eighteen days.  I will also be celebrating a birthday in fourteen days.
I will not be twenty.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Would it be Terter or Hunresa

Where have I been.  I missed the memo.
When did they come up with the term Coatigan?  I thought it was simply a Sweater Coat.

Will sweater shirts be swirts?  Don't know about you, but that word closely resembles "shart".  Look it up, you'll know what I mean.  Hey, just be glad I didn't post pictures. 

As you may be able to tell, I received a slew of catalogs yesterday.  So I spent some time in the bath, with wine in hand, contemplating what I must have for fall.

Who is going to sport these?  Anyone?

Pilcro Stet Flare Cropped Jeans
Oooh, look that up too if your not sure what I mean.

I have a birthday coming up.  49 not yet 50.  Is it time for Eileen Fisher?  I received my Garnet Hill catalog and saw it was all EF ships free.  Am I ready.  First page...

Eileen Fisher Clothing and Home at Garnet Hill. The Eileen Fisher Event at Garnet Hill. Free Shipping on Eileen Fisher Clothing and Home.

Why would you lead with that?    I shall not buy Eileen this year.  


Anyway, back to the original topic...Brangelina...Bennifer...Kimye
For those who may not know, my name is Teresa and my husband's name is Hunter.  So, what would we be called? Terter?  Hunresa? Hunsa?  Those people?

I have way too much free time waiting for subs to show, watching them fall when they put the scaffolding through the floor vent, waiting for them to leave, and then starting all over the next day.  I still have the drywallers here.  They shall be joined by block masons (for our bridge...I know!) and best friends the framers (for my Solatubes).

I am getting a massage this afternoon!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Awesomeness of August

So what exactly have I been doing this past month?


I wish!


Relaxing by the pool

Wrong again.




OMG!  It's them!  Sassy Sandy and Marvy Mike!  We did take time to celebrate Papa Mike's 74th birthday (suck it in Dad).  Doesn't my mom make the perfect trophy wife :)

I have been doing this:

Kids watching the construction in mid-summer.

Because you have to stay on top of them.



Exactly three weeks ago, we packed all our shit from downstairs in a POD.  The framers were our movers.  They are used to cramming stuff in a pick up...a POD was no different.  They will, however need to unpack us.
And then we began...