Wednesday, March 20, 2013

J Crew Maritime Blazer in Stripe

J Crew Maritime Blazer in Stripe.  On Model:
Maritime blazer in stripe
On Me:
Size M, Ivory Dark Cove (basically white and Blue)
It says it has bracelet sleeves but that's a LIE!  I promise I do not have short arms.  They come right to my wrist.  I do like them pushed up a bit.
Usable pocket if needed.
The on line product shots make the pockets look a bit odd to me.  Everything lines up just beautifully.  I like the buttons too.  Two in front and one at each sleeve.
I forgot to take a shot of the back.  There is a vent.
Unlined except for this at the back and it is just light weight cotton I think, same material used for pockets.  Not sure why they placed it..a better sewer than I may know.
The inside seems are done very nicely.
I really do like this.  It fits my casual lifestyle.  I found it comfortable and actually runs a bit small.  I have very square shoulders and am a 36D.  I take a 10 in every jacket and thought the large would be my size...nope.  I also wear a M in tshirts but usually a L in anything that buttons.  Hope that helps.  It is presently $118 plus an additional 25% to 30% if you spend over $150.  It's a keeper.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I thought I would post a few pictures from my walk today.  Yes, spring is coming.  Do not lose hope.

Wake up to the flowers.  Yes that is a huge pack of toilet paper to the right of the desk.  Not ashamed.  We do wipe.  Painting is Buddha & Roses by Tony Chimento here.
Dalilies are starting to come out.
Fish are no longer frozen and want to be fed.
Forsythia is blooming.
Going to need to mow soon.
My dogs:  Maggie, Peanut, Minnie
Maggie we stole from some guy who showed up at our door to tell us we stole her - she had worms, buckshot in her, and looked like she had just had puppies when she came to us.
Peanut we actually did steal from our neighbor in the trailor.  Don't worry, he didn't care he had already gotten new puppies.
Minnie we took because a guy who worked for us was going to jail and she needed a home.
Sunny, aka Puppy, has come out to walk with us.  He's another neighbors but loves this dog so we won't steal him.
Well...we are in East Tennessee.  They were here before we bought the property.
Finally a flower!
Our beautiful home with the attached day spa.
Maple is about to be glorious.
Cherries too.
Weeping Willow.  A Mother's Day gift many many moons ago.
Hyacinth and Lenten Roses
Peanut's done.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Travel with Teens : Peru

The Amazon, Machu Picchu, and Sacred Valley

This is a picture my daughter took
My husband went to Peru right after he graduated from college.  He did a tour with his friend and a bunch of bug doctors into the Amazon.  Well..he and his friend were having such a great time partying in Cusco that he missed the trip to Machu Picchu.  Twenty four years later he's back.
Flights from the US arrive in Lima...very late at night.  We stayed at the Hotel Costa Del Sol Ramada here.  Walk across a walkway and you are there.  A bit pricey but we paid for convenience because the next morning (early) we were on a plane to the Amazon.  All flights were on Star Peru (more Affordable than LAN).

We stayed at the Inkaterra Amazonica Reserva here for 4 days/3nights.  You were greeted at the airport and taken to their Butterfly House for bathroom, paperwork, refreshment, and to store any unneccesary luggage.  From there you go to your boat for the 30-40 minute ride to the hotel.  All food (not liquor) and activities are included in the price.  It is a beautiful place.  I was surprised that the cabanas were rather close to each other.  The food was very good.  The service was excellent.  The activities were a lot of fun.  You are assigned a guide and with him and any others in your group, you decide which activities you want to do in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  We were a group of six (our family of 4 plus a couple from California).  We had a lot of fun. Breakfast at 7:00AM, half day tour, lunch at 12:00PM, siesta/alone time, half day tour, happy hour, dinner at 7:00PM.  A lot of trail walking and therefor a lot of quality time with the teens.  Mine loved it.
Canopy Walkway
Giant River Otters
Back on the plane for a very short trip to Cusco.  Okay, I struggled with the altitude here.  I had a bad headache for most of the evening.  They did bring me an oxygen tank and that did help.  We ate at Map Cafe and had one of the best meals ever.  It was very expensive!  We also went to Cross Keys Pub here and met the guide that led hubby so many years ago.    Next morning to the train station and on to Machu Picchu.
I made all my travel plans to Machu Picchu through the Hotel Monasterio here in Cusco. They took care of  getting us to the train station, getting us the train tickets, Machu Picchu tickets and Wayna Picchu tickets, getting our extra luggage to Sacred Valley where we would be going after, getting train tickets to Sacred Valley, and getting us to the hotel in Sacred Valley. Everything was perfect.
Hiram Bingham
Wayna Picchu in the background.  We climbed that mountain!!!!
 We stayed on site at the Sanctuary Lodge for 2 nights here Although convenient it was VERY pricey for what you got.  I would stay in Aguas Calientes next time and just take the non stop buses up the road.  Price does include all meals and drinks (including alcohol).  This is all about the Incans.  It is everything you thought is would be.  Best times to avoid crowds are early morning and late afternoon. 

With the Hiram Bingham here train, a tour is included.  Again, there were six of us (our family of four and a couple from England this time).  The guide did a great job and a buffet at the lodge afterwards was included with the Hiram tickets.  I was surprised how many people did a one day turn around trip.  And also how many ladies walked around in heels and Channel loafers.  Not I, typical American.  The next day we all hiked, yes it is a hike, to the Sun gate.  We had 10:30 AM tickets to climb, yes it is a climb not a hike, Wayna Picchu.  Hubby opted out of the latter.  The three of us did it and it will always be in my top ten of accomplishments....just wait.  One more nights sleep and then on the train to Sacred Valley.  This time we were on the Vista Dome here (which saves a bunch of money).  The food was a boxed lunch, not the three course meal on Hiram, but the ride was smooth and the view was wonderful.

We stayed at Hotel Rio Sagrado in Urubamba for 4 days/3nights here.  It was beautiful and we saw it from every angle.  We went rafting, via ferrata, zip lining, atving,  to the market, lunch everyday outside by the stream.
Baby alpaca and baby llama we got to feed everyday with bottle.  Too cute.
I hated this part.  Haven't cussed so much since labor.

Yep, we started from the road down below

Bless his heart, hubby just can't keep those legs closed.

Atving to Chinchero.  Kids down below with two yogi's meditating.

Salt Mines

This was action packed.  My hubby asked when we were taking a relaxing vacation with lots of wine and maybe a gondola ride.  The Via Ferrata and Ziplining was quite an adventure.  Again, a memory we will all share fondly.  We mainly ate on site but did eat dinner one evening at Tres Keros.  Very good food.  

 Then, it was in a car back to Cusco and another night at Hotel Monasterio.  This time they upgraded us into a suite with oxygen. My hubby thinks Cusco has become too touristy and it was.  We did eat lunch at Pizzeria-Cafe Dinos.  Sometimes you just miss pizza and burgers. 

On a plane back to Lima for the day.  Our plane left Lima for home late in the evening so we got a room for all four at the Ramada again and decided to kill time by taking a food tour with CAPITAL CULINARIA Lima Gourmet Tours.  The guide, who happened to be the owner, took us on a private tour of Lima.  We went to the food market, a wonderful place for lunch (wish I could remember-right on the beach)and learned how to make Pisco Sours, around the city with a few stops to walk and tour, and then Huaca Pucllana herefor drinks and a view of the ruins. This tour was a great way to end our trip.  Highly recommend and on return trip to Peru I would stay at least two nights in Lima.  The city is spectacular. 

I would love to go back to Peru.  I would definitely spend time in Lima.  I would also vist Colca Canyon and that area.  I would even look into doing an Amazon River cruise.  There are so many choices and so little time.

Let's Go Casual: J Crew and Some Shorts

Let's just jump right in to the shorts...get this sh*t over with.
Aventura Delaney Organic Cotton Shorts, Size 10, Olive here
Wearing with J Crew Vintage Vee Neck, Size M, Peach Sorbet here
I know.  These shorts are pricey but I am trying anything.
You can roll these babies all the way up to your crotch without a lot of bulk.  These are very light weight.  They do need ironing after washing - shorts?  really?
Side shot.  I usually size up for my thighs and then have to belt the waist.  These actually fit well in the waist also.
Rise.  Look Ma, no muffin top.
Back View...sorry for the blur.
I actually like these.  The Olive can pass for a brown or even a black.  They should go with any and all the tees that I own.
Sanctuary Peace Shorts, size 30, Bone China here
The rise is a bit higher..starting to have a bit of a muffin.  These stretch a bunch over the course of a day.  Again I bought for the thighs and the waist is a bit big and gets bigger.  They come with a belt.
Rolled up back view.  I am wearing black panties and they do not show at all.
Very well made - better be for that price.  Not sure what to tell you on sizing.  They really do stretch out in the waist and butt area quite quickly.  Also got in Blue:
J Crew Men's Sunwashed Fleece, size M, Mountain White here

I wanted something cozy and comfy and plain.  The small worked well if I was going for a fitted look.  I wanted oversized.
The collar has a button so no choking or tugging forward.
The hood covers the ol noggin.
2750 Superga® classic sneakers size 9, white here
They are white.  That won't last.  You can buy these from Zappos also.  There is an arch support built in that may cause problems for some wearers.  I find them extremely comfortable.  I live in Rainbow Flip Flops here during the summer.  I have wanted a simple white sneaker for awhile and these fit the bill just fine.  Now I just need a bathing suit.
The Garnet Hill one I tried on earlier here was not THAT bad.  It had zero support for the tatats.  If you are less endowed or just plain perky  I think it is a lovely suit.