Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anthro Reviews: Pleated Skipper Dress, Notched Rugby Sweater, Draped Kimono Sweater


My dimensions: 5'6   38 X 29 X 39
If it ain't got buttons down the front my girls will fit.  Have been looking for dresses all season and this one looked very promising and had great reviews.  It is now on sale.
There they are and not but a hint of cleavage.  They look good.

Under arm and not a hint of bra showing.

Close up of epaulet (sorry too lazy to check spelling) on shoulder.  Nice cheery red with anchors to boot.

Close up of tie at neck line.  I prefer it untied.

Back side.

This was a real winner for me.  It was casual, flirty, age appropriate, and the waist didn't keep getting stuck between my boobs and my belly...actually a common issue with me and dresses.  The model must be 6' tall, the hem is right above my knees.  I wanted something to take the place of shorts and this fits the bill.

Notched Rugby Sweater size M

I thought this was so cute and simpleand very light weight without being see through.  I do like everything about it BUT the color.

Sleeves not too long.
The hem is nice. 
Girls are just ever so slightly peeking.
Nope, not a good depiction of the color.
That's more like it, nice and neon and not for me.
It's OK.  A bit high waisted on me and I kept pulling it down.
Definite coverage of any bat wings.
The tie is attached.
Back view.
This is a pretty little sweater that can be worn any time of year.  I put a crean long sleeve underneath and it looked good.  There was just something off for me and I believe it was where the waist line sat on my body.  Maybe you'll have better luck.


  1. LOVE the Skipper dress on you. Very flattering.

  2. That little dress is perfect on you.

  3. Love the red dress on you. Your reviews are very entertaining too, thanks Blue Booby!

    1. To App, Sulky, and Dani,

      I have grown quite fond of the dress and have to be careful not to throw it on everyday.