Tuesday, October 30, 2012

J Crew MacAlister Wedge Boots

MacAlister wedge boots
I went shopping a few weeks ago and imagine my surprise when I actually saw these bad boys in my local store.  At first, I thought they were just display objects and then I realized they were actually the shoes I had been considering after reading someone's beautiful review ( I wish I could remember and give due credit).  I had been thinking Mink but they had Nut and it was exactly what I wanted.. tan but with gray.  They had the laces done funky, which was real annoying.  I asked why and the salesman said, "I don't know.  It's J Crew."  Okay.
On me.  Give me just the right amount of boost.  They already have a generous foot bed:
Hopefully you can see the heel pad.  There is also a foot pad.  Kind of like a built in foot petals.
I find them extremely comfortable.  Just like a Clarks Wallabee's more sophisticated cousin.  I wear a size 9 and found them true to size.  I also thought they made my feet look a little smaller (always a good thing).  I'm sure someone can rock them with skirts, shorts, bikini, but I will be sticking with jeans and cords (straight, boot, flare - not sure about skinny).

Monday, October 29, 2012

J Crew Patent Mona Mary Jane - A Love/Hate Relationship

Patent Mona Mary Jane in Navy here

***Warning -  Do not even look at these unless you are willing to take a lot of pain and suffering***
I love, love, love these shoes.  They are just the right shade of navy.  Just the right shiny patent.  Just the right heel height.  Just the right placement of the straps.  They are now on sale ( final, you are warned again).  But holy moly do they hurt like hell.  I did go up a size 9 to 9 1/2. Didn't really help.  I put my shoe stretchers in for two days.  Helped a teeny, tiny bit.  Wear them after I get out of the shower, while I put on make up, dry my hair, etc ( Hubby loves that).  Done that 3-4 times and that has helped...either I am stretching them out or just getting used to the pain.  But like any girl in love I am willing to overlook Mona's one downfall (I know).  I am determined to make them work.  Foolish, yes.  But I love them!
They look so good!
They hurt so bad!
Another victim of fashion.


Monday, October 22, 2012

J Crew Majesty Pea Coat

Majesty peacoat
I have been stalking this baby for awhile.  J Crew has made it nearly impossible with all their discounts and sales to resist.  Finally when they had the outerwear sale, after the select things on sale, after the fall sale...on and on...I figured some one was telling me something so I bit the bullet.
This is more the true color than the website.  Which I looovvveee even more.  Was a bit afraid it would be lighter and more pastel.  It is of substantial weight and thus I will now be stalking it in my closet until winter.  On me:
This is a size 10.  A sweater fits comfortably.  A blazer would not.  I am 5'6.  The sleeves maybe a bit too long but still love it.  The fact that I can wear a sweater or shirt NOT tucked in and it will NOT be sneaking passed the hem I am delighted with.  The buttons...well...could be better.  However they are sewn on really well:

The smaller button is on the back of the gold buttons.  Very good job J Crew.  I can not get over how excited I am to wear this baby.  Must be love!

Ann Taylor Wool Blend Skirt & Banana Republic Houndstooth Slim Sweater

I keep thinking I am done shopping but the sales are too good.  Went shopping at the mall with my daughter over fall break.  I prefer to shop online.  Something about the lighting, the bloat from Auntie Ann's pretzels, the frustration of only finding size 0.  Not sure.  Anyway, this is what I got:
Isn't it cute?  First the skirt: Ann Taylor Wool Blend Skirt here
It's a Kate's Fall Favorite and I agree.  This is a size 8 in Thistle Brown.
Has an exposed gold zipper in the back.  Not a huge fan of those but it works with this skirt and looks good...not cheap. It is lined.  The color on line is spot on.  I would call it carmel.
It hangs really well.  No back slit.  They were having 30% off everything and anything.  Thought it was a good price for a very well made basic.

Second, the sweater here in beige.  No longer listed on the website but a cute option here if not in store.  It is 100% cotton and lightweight bordering on thin, but no cami is needed.  I am wearing size medium (am 36D).  Everything and anything was an additional 30% off.
Catch Colored Jeans by Sanctuary in Mint here
Will be worn in spring, summer (light enough), and fall.
J crew Matchstick Cords in Burnished Terracotta here
Apologize for the wet hair but I really wanted to review the skirt.  I wish it came in more colors. 
I also got this shirt at Ann Taylor but I do not see it online:
It was on sale and then an additional 30%.  Online they have a promo on sale items..buy 2 take an additional 40% off, buy 3 take 50% off.  Ends tonight.  Gotta go check the sales...these sales are killing me.

Friday, October 12, 2012

J Crew Night Shirt in End-on-End Cotton

I really did not give "sleepwear" much thought until my son got to a certain age.  Then...I was always on the hunt for something I could wear not neccessarily to bed but at night and early morning.  I am a 36D and want to let those girls free in the evenings.  I do not want to always have to wear a robe or some terry cloth or flannel item of clothing.  I gave this a try because I wanted something to lay in bed and watch TV, read, etc. but still be decent in case my son came in, whatever...
On the Model
Nightshirt in end-on-end cotton
On Me
Forgive the wrinkly knees and the double chin.  I do find it interesting the differences in the actual night shirt on the model versus what I got.  Pocket on different side.  Buttons on different side.  Her's looks lighter and shorter (okay she is probably 6'.  I am 5'6).  The color in my picture is spot on.
It is a thick, soft cotton yet still crisp.  I am not wearing a bra and it looks modest.  I did get a large because I wanted it big but I think I could have gotten a medium and been fine.  I usually wear medium except when shirts have buttons.  Then it is size 10 or Large.  However...Since I have no bra and they are not standing proud, a medium would have been fine.  Happy with the large tho.
Side profile
My shoulders are pulled back and no peekage.  Keeper.  Although, now it's cooler and I am breaking out the flannel!!

Anthropologie Sunday Draped Sweater

Yeah Fall!
Finally, some cool weather means some cool sweaters.  In this case, a nice, cozy, stylish sweater from Anthropologie: Sunday Draped Sweater here

AG Stevie Cords here Deep Forest Green
Tassel Tie Oxfords here Brown
The sweater falls just below the butt.  It snaps closed on the upper corners:
It can also be worn open:
 It has pockets!
I bought the Ivory color but it has earthtone variations:
It is 67% Cotton, 33% Acrylic and hand wash, dry flat.  It is cozy and a nice weight that retains its shape through out the day.  Love it!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Anthropologie Eton Marble Dress

I recently purchased this beauty as a presale.  For whatever reason it is not listed directly in the dresses but if you search you can find it and at least get it in your bag.  Not sure what happens after that.  Anyway...
Eton Marble Dress here
Shoes J Crew Mona Patent Mary Janes here
Size UP 1/2 size!
I ordered the green and low and behold there are peacocks.
The dress has a green built in slip and the top part is sheer.
It fits tts.  You simply pull over your head, no zipper, and tie at the side.  I am very pleased.  it is dry clean only.  Hope that it is still available for those that like.  I believe it was money well spent.