Monday, October 27, 2014

This weeks WTF search

This weeks WTF search found in my Search Key Words Stat...

"Perky vs. Saggy Breasts" and " girls in there 20s showing their boobs"

Hmmm.  Who puts that in their search engine?

Which one am I you wonder? 

Sorry short break while I laugh.

I'm not even close to twenty, have had two kids AND I officially wear a 34F bra.
Let's take a vote.

*****I have opted NOT to include a picture*****

 They, whoever they may be, say "perky" is you can not keep a pencil tucked underneath.  "Saggy"...well, I refuse to count the number of pencils.

I have noticed gravity does wreak havoc on the body.  Women are not alone.  My hubby used to find it amusing to make fun of my Ubangy girls.  Until, that is, I pointed out a certain area of his that are starting to hang low and he can possibly throw over his shoulder soon.  No wonder horseback riding was such a bitch for him.

I have got to stop looking at my stats.

*****Thank me again.  I have opted NOT to include a picture*****

Monday, October 20, 2014

Socks with My Shoes Please!

Show of hands.  Who does this?

Socks please

I see a turtleneck, a puffer jacket of some sort, and the a nice wool coat...all on top.
I see a pair of skinny jeans and little flats.


What am I missing here?

I would either be sweating my ass off on top and be comfortable on bottom.  Or, I would be warm and snuggly on top and frostbite would be settling in on my tootsies.

Here's another example.  J Crew is just easy pickins.

daryl winter clothes

Ya think she's wearing ballet flats or

Sorry,  I don't always want to wear boots.  I want to wear loafers.  I want to wear socks with my loafers.  My feet are the first thing to get cold and once cold, I am cold the rest of the day. Our weather doesn't require boots and parkas but for a few days...I hope.  In the meantime, maybe something like this:

Socks with My Shoes Please!


Socks with My Shoes Please!
I can do this

Socks with My Shoes Please
She looks adorable.  I might end up looking like a dork.


Just a bit of info that I found particularly funny.  
Every once in a while I check my stats on blogger.

Yesterday, some one did a search for "South African Huge Ass".
Guess who's blog they got?!  WTF.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What's Up?!

Play the above music while I drone on and on, and let's catch up!

Hunter and I went to see this guy:

Annabelle Alexander's photo.
Tyler's the dude on the left...not the evil, devil looking one.

We also did the Global Online Enrollment System so hopefully travel by air and through the "wonderful" TSA will be less complicated.

We also went to see this chick:

We watched an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament...she's a starter!  I also froze my butt off.  It did manage to quickly reappear.


The FANS were amazing to look at.  Fun show.

My sis came to visit:

Leesa, Mom, and me

Dad, Leesa, and me

We had way too much fun with the selfies
Great visit.  Talked, laughed, ate, drank, and picked on dear old dad.
Love them all.

Cows came a calling:

They quickly stampeded away once they caught sight of me.  I am not sure if they left anything behind.  We shall mow this week end and see.

I received a gift in the mail:

Just so happened to be thinking of Naomi.  Sent her an email to say "Hey".  Very next day a package arrived from Korea!

The necklace I have worn many times.  The bracelet...I can not get the damn thing on without Hunter's assistance.  When did I lose my dexterity?  I can not open a screw top bottle of wine either.  Yes, this is even before the drinking has started.
This must be another "age" thing.

Dining Room:

The Dining Room is painted, chandelier hung.

Still working on the track lighting.  Somehow, we managed to blow that a bit.  We shall see if it all works out in the end.  Right now, if you turn it on it's like a flood light has been turned on in there.  Not the ambience I want.

I received my chairs.  Funny how it never crossed my mind.  Didn't consider it for a moment.  Chairs are bought, paid, delivered...I forgot I had Evil Kitty!  Something tells me the cat it REALLY going to love them.  Sigh.

Don't let her fool you.
Hopefully the table will arrive before Thanksgiving.


Look what I found!  Perfect.

The coat is DVF.  The scarf is J Crew (couldn't find online).


After Hunter went to doctor and they weighed him...well.....  We are doing a modified vegan/vegetarian diet.  He has managed to lose 17 pounds so far.  Yay.  He has also perfected his whine.  We are trying.  With trial comes error.  Decided we couldn't wait for a wake up call since basically a lot of people don't survive their first heart attack.

This is dinner tonight

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Balsamic-Brown Butter Sauce // #pairswellwithfood
Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Balsamic-Sage Brown Butter Sauce

And Finally...Walking Dead:

tv show gifs

Well?  How's it going with you this month?  Hopefully all are healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Monday, October 6, 2014

J Crew Reviews

Well after my big closet over haul I was ready to add a few items that I JUST HAD TO HAVE.

Example 1:

J Crew Demlee Sage Cashmere Sweater, size L

On Model

Demylee™ Sage cashmere sweater

On Me:

Come Closer

Well first it is quite large...a medium would be better.  The cashmere is a nice weight.  
The neck line is a very high crew...didn't like that at all.  I took an even closer shot but my neck and chins were just not posing well.  I felt like there should be eyes where my girls are,
little arms and legs and I could be wearing Sponge Bob's cousin.  Didn't work for me.

Example 2:

J Crew Collection Cashmere Sweater in Pinstripe, size L

On Model

Collection cashmere sweater in pinstripe

Why can't I center these pictures?!

On Me:

I actually kept it on for  a few minutes for more pictures.

It fell at an awkward place...right above my crotch.

Lines up nicely at the shoulders.  
Maybe a size smaller but I felt it was a tad bit short too.
And back it goes.

Example 3:

Thomas Mason for J Crew Collarless Tuxedo Shirt, Size 10

On Model:

Thomas Mason® for J.Crew collarless tuxedo shirt

Bitch just won't center.  Sigh.

On me:

I felt like either a waiter or a spa worker.

This baby was HUGE.

I have the Thomas Maison for J Crew Tuxedo Bibbed Dressy Shirt in Beautiful Blue Makes the Girls Look Good...Okay, enough with the really long names JC.  Call it The Sally or something.
Anyway, I do have another Thomas Maison shirt in size 10 and it is wonderful.
Not sure where I went wrong.  Maybe I have gotten smaller?  Scale doesn't say so.
I did want to show Wendy my fall sandals...yes, I have this rare breed.

Ta Da!
These beauties are only worn in early fall and only with pants.

I have had them forever...maybe the oldest thing in my closet.

We have been busy, busy seeing the kids and now my sister is coming up this coming Sunday.
I can't wait to pick on see her!