Saturday, December 28, 2013

What a Day

Well?  How was it?  Everybody make out well?

 It is a bit nippy but beautiful.

Papa Mike says good morning in his grandpa sweater.

Tyler is SO excited…to get back to bed.

Em wants to know where the rest of the presents are.

Grammy actually showered.  Can you believe?  And is ready to bake with her new presents.

Table is set for ten.

Later in the day, I promise…Hunter is getting ready for our guests.  Gotta get that first drink in before they arrive.  He did say,"Tell the ladies hello."

I did very well…three pair of earrings from the kids, a cream colored cashmere scarf, the bisque little quilted purse from J Crew (going to be perfect in the spring…on sale), six months of cupcakes for the month from my folks (they like me fat and happy), gift card for William Sonoma (more peppermint bark maybe?), peppermint bark (shhh), ombre scarf and gift card from my brother inlaw and his wife, something from my sister (still not here yet), and a beautiful solitary diamond pendant necklace from my lover.  Overall I would rate it as a fantastic haul.

Monday, December 23, 2013

About Last Week...

First of all, I love my family.  I really do but….

My darling son, the joy in my heart, came home with a planters wart the size of an egg on the bottom of his foot.  I kid you not, it was huge.  Off to the doctor he goes.  Foot is numbed, wart is sliced off, skin is frozen, he needs to stay off his foot for a week.  NOOOOOOO!  Boy needs to work.  No matter how much, or little, I give him for his monthly stipend he spends it all.  Granted he never asks of more but he needs money and I need NOT to play nursemaid.  Sigh.

My sweet daughter, the light in my eyes, came home with a mission to torture her dear Ma (somehow I have become Ma…which just irks me)  We are one week into Butt, Gut, and Arms.  Yes, we are doing squats, leg raises, and push ups.  EVERYDAY!  Bitch is tough.  My ass hurts.  I try to hide but she always finds me.

I am out of peppermint bark.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Intervention, Please

Why am I addicted to this stuff?!

The William Sonoma Peppermint Bark only comes out at Christmas and is expensive.  I always think this will help limit my intake.  I am on my fifth, yes 5, box and am hoping someone gives me another for Christmas.  I can still fit in my pants but sitting for too long is starting to be uncomfortable.  Now I have tried other, lesser, brands but nope won't do.  I have considered trying to make it myself but am afraid, really afraid of being successful.  I would then need to "size up" every year.  Well, of course now that I have the image in front of me, let me go get a piece!

My other weaknesses:



So what can you shove in your mouth and eat ALL in one setting.  
What do you crave and hate having to share with anyone?

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Well, we found Cricket in the dining room playing with the drape…never a good sign.  Let's pull back the drape and see what she has killed now (Evil Kitty).  Shit, it's still alive.  Emily, get Cricket and put her in my room.  We are going to save this poor creature.  Got some kitchen towels to grab it.  Try not to get rabies.  Pull back the drape.  Carefully place the towels over the mouse.  Mom!!!  It's behind you!!!!  Eeeeeekkkkk!  Go get Cricket!

Good Kitty!

Friday, December 13, 2013

My week in Pictures

Not  a good start.  Tore that puppy right off.  Good thing it was before I did my toes.

There's my deer.  See it?  Now my neighbor, ugh, killed a buck and now has it's head in the bird bath in front of their trailer not more than two feet from the road with a red light bulb stuck in it's nose.  I decided not to take a picture but if any one doubts me…I just think it is SICK!

Em's home!

Okay.  Maybe these?

They are both 50% off now at Anthro plus free shipping.  Comfortable.  Just not there yet.  
Back they go!

***Received another set of legs for my chair?!***

finally got my sink fixed

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I want THIS for Christmas

It is almost three in the afternoon and it has rained, hard, for the last two days.  It is also quite cold by my standards…not yours, mine.  I have taken a bath and am now in my pajamas.  I know, it's good to be the Queen.

I have another potential Christmas gift for myself (thanks again to Emily, she knows me so well)...

Wine Bottle Glass, $14

Come on, you want one too.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's That Time Again...

 So what do you do with the ugly decoration?  You know, the one's some loved one took time and effort in making you and they look for it every time they come over.

See if you can find what I am talking about…

Any ideas?  

Getting Hot!

There it is.  No, it really isn't THAT bad.  Oh, my sister has the twin.  My wonderful mother made us each one three or four Christmases (sp?) ago.  For those who may not be able to figure it out…it is a wreath with a red bow on top.  The quilting and hand work is very good.  I believe it needs a border.  I also believe my mom lovingly made these, sewed them up, took one look at them and said "Fuck it.  I'm not redoing it."  So…sis and I have discussed redoing them ourselves.  Would that offend Ma Ma?  Sis really doesn't care because she doesn't see Mom at Christmas..I do.  And so there it sits right next to the Christmas tree in a place of honor.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

They're Here!

What did I order that is square and heavy?
What could it be?

Remember the before?

Look at those gams!

Hot Damn!  I am finally in business!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

J Crew Reviews - Back It All Goes!

I got this wonderful bench a month ago for Hunter.  He prefers to sit and put on his socks and shoes.  The previous bench was small, a one and a half cheek bench.  I can not find it on line.  It is from Target and was a grab-n-go, right off the shelf.

Guess who has claimed it all for themselves?!

Shift to the Left.

Shift to the Right.

This is how she sleeps most of the time.

Show off.

Yes she has moved slightly.

Okay, I want to be Cricket.


Speaking of bombing…I have not had much luck with J Crew this season.

I tried this:

Cable-knit scarf
Sheds like crazy.

and this:

Mirror metallic bar clutch

My lighting is bad.  The website does represent the colors.  The toothbrush is there size representation.  I did not even think of actually holding it.

No need for a wallet.

You can not carry anything in this ultra thin clutch.  That's a tube of lipstick.
I thought it was cute in the catalog. I thought it was VERY cheap IRL.

and I tried this:

Bridget Dress, Heather Flannel, size 10:

Bridget dress in super 120s

 Look at those girls!  Look again!  One more time!
My camera's battery died so no more pictures than this.  But hey, what more do you need.  It did fit true to size but too low cut for my needs.

I did get Emily the Waffle Knit Infinity Scarf in Antique White.  She seemed grateful.  The color is no longer offered.

and sadly I also tried this:

On Model

Vintage cotton cap-sleeve tee in dot

On me:

Sigh, I now have my mother's entire body.  I have been trying these linen tees since they rolled them out in the spring.  Give me cotton, dammit!  And that is why J Crew and I need a break from each other.