Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Few Reviews: PiperLime Tweed Tee and J Crew Drapey Crepe Henley Tunic

Well, we got Em off to camp (I mean college).

Action Shot!

The Convocation felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie.  All the professors were dressed in their robes, hats, scarf thingies (?).

They did a good job.  By the time it was time to were ready to leave.

On arrival home, I had a few packages waiting for me.

First J Crew.  Tyler needed pants and I just HAD to throw something in there for myself.

Drapey Crepe Henley Tunic, Size 10, Hammock Green

On Model in Bright Cerise:

Drapey crepe henley tunic

On Me:

Love the color.  The product shot on the website is accurate.

Darts at chest and a little detail stitch around arm.

The placket with the button holes are sewn together between the holes so it lays flat.

Back of shirt/tunic.

Sleeve detail.

Did not like the sleeves rolled up.  Did not try the J Crew sleeve roll.

Yep, there's my light switch!  Anyway, sleeves are long.

Just felt this was a bit too big for me.  Not sure an 8 would work but may try.

Covers the bum.  Yes I have two polka dotted scarves.  Realized that after I bought the second one.  I know someone has done this too.  Shhh.

This is a very thick material and a bit oversized.  I was not expecting the heaviness of this shirt.  I could only wear in fall and winter.  I am always a 10 in tops like this because of my square shoulders and girls, but felt a bit swallowed by this.  I do love the look just not the feel.

Now Piperlime...

Not really shopped here but I really want a tweed tee and J Crew's just didn't work out for me.

On Model:

On Me:

Ok, I am looking a bit boxy with the pants.  Sorry I was too lazy to change.  Note to self...wear with straight leg pants.

I was afraid it would read a bit pink but the tweed colors are right up my alley.  This is a stiff shirt with no movement and I love it.  No, it is not soft nor lined.  But I did NOT find the material to be scratchy or bothersome in any way.

Keyhole back.  The button is facing in and the loop is elastic.  I can get this over my egg head without having to undo.  Getting it on is easy.  Getting it off is a bit harder.   It gets a bit stuck at the shoulders.

I even made a Polyvore page with it :)  I am creative like that :()

The sweater in the middle I ordered from Boden, thanks Tiffany Rose for letting me know about that site.  It came but was too big so I am waiting for its replacement.

I am slowly settling back in my EMPTY house.  This is the longest week ever!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ageing Sucks!


I knew this would happen to me...

And this...

By 2024, one in five of us will be old (Photo: PA)

and this...

Muffin Top

Sorry.  Just too funny to pass up.  And yes, I actually see this quite a bit.  Those "Seen in Wal-Mart" books had to come from East Tennessee.

And I have even come to accept this:

My chin hairs aren't THAT bad, yet.

But I was not expecting this:

WTF.  When did my eyebrows start doing this?!

Monday, August 19, 2013


And just like that, in a blink of an eye, they are gone.

Now get out there and kick butt, Emily!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Did It!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Keep clapping!

I actually finished the squat challenge today.  My ass is on fire, my legs throb, butI did the whole
 damn thing.  Sergeant Emily was beside me every day.  Now I must confess my form may not have been the best, but my knees were at least bending every time.

This is what my butt looked like before:

And this is the challenge with a picture of my ass now:

Amazing, right?!  Doesn't my ass look awesome?   Not actually my ass, but almost as perky.  Seriously, my butt is tighter, along with my legs (of course they are all seized up), and it is actually higher.  

So what now you ask.  Emily can not leave soon enough because we are now doing this...

Push up challenge @Megan Ward Ward Ward McNally

I am on Day 7.  Let me tell ya, Day 6 sucked!

Friday, August 16, 2013

J Crew Reviews - Blouses and Shirts

Yes, I got sucked in by the recent promos offered.  Don't judge me.

So first the tees...

On model

Tweed-front tee in black

On me

I really, really, really wanted this to work.  It is well made and fits great.  I just do not like the tee shirt part.  It really cheapens the top.  I also found it quite flattering and not real boxy.

The details on the tweed are terrific.  The weave is nice and tight.  The black is a soft black.

Cute little pocket

The trim runs around the neck.  Sigh.  I know they made a navy last year and maybe I'll stalk one on e-bay.  This was just short of a keeper.


Drapey Raglan Sweatshirt, Size L in Navy

On Model in Natural
Drapey raglan sweatshirt

On me

Meh.  I do believe it is the perfect scoop neck.  The inside is not soft but not bothersome either.

I do like the texture.

Side vents instead of the typical sweatshirt band we all love :)
This is not very thick.  Obviously from the model shot, you can layer with a shirt if that is your cup of tea.  Personally, it drives me nuts.  I can never get it to lay right and have no patience to make much of an effort.

Okay...since that was so much fun, let's move on to the blouses.


Silk Henley Top in Warm Jade, Size Medium

On model
Silk henley top

Why did no one review this?  I kept waiting and waiting.

On me

I do believe I am having a "fat" day.

Under arms, no bra strap showing.

Cute open but won't stay that way.

I know it's a bit wrinkly.  There is pleating at the shoulders.

Pleating below buttons

Pleating on either side in the back.  The middle one is a wrinkle.

Couldn't quite tell what this picture was but now I get it.  Turn you head to the left side.  The buttons and placket expose the girls.  Sorry, won't layer so this is a deal breaker.  Again, I really wanted this to work and had been waiting to include this item in my wardrobe.  No go.


Silk Gingham Top Size 10 in Navy

Hey, I put a green item in there.

On model

Silk gingham top

On me

Sigh.  Where'd my waist go?

Little button at top.

Lined with 100% polyester.

Not a good job lining up on the right boob.

Much better with the left boob.

No peekage under arm.

Oh tucking it in is soooo much better.  Yeah right.

Definitely meant to wear untucked.

I will return this but if they have it in store I might try on again just for shits and giggles.


Acropolis Blue Plaid Flannel Shirt Size 10 in Acropolis Blue

Ha!  Not navy.

On model

Acropolis blue plaid flannel shirt

On me

Now that's what I'm talking about.  Soft, soft flannel.  Plaid.  Blue (kinda looks purple IRL). My figure came back!

Sleeves a bit long.

Girls say "Hi!"  Everything lines up and no gaping.

Little bitty detail at pockets.

Back view

Lines up at the sides too.  Oh I am giddy with delight.  Bout freakin' time.

Love this top and if they come out with other color ways that do not include orange or pink I may get another.

I shall leave J Crew for awhile and await my birthday discount from Anthropologie.  Oh...we are finally getting an Anthro in Knoxville.  Grand opening August 22nd.  Yeah!