Monday, June 24, 2013

Home again, home again...

Our trip to Africa is finally over.  Thank you for letting me relive the moments...and making me go through my photos.  Spent a little too much time travelling between places but all in all a very good trip.  My suggestion to you, especially if you are planning your first trip to Africa, is to do a safari in Tanzania and then shoot over to Rwanda for two nights.  Most people we met were doing this.  Nothing against Uganda but the mountain gorillas should not be missed.  We have been told how lucky we were to see the chimps in Uganda.  Not very many actually get to see them.
The people from the neighboring village sent us on our way in style.  They had a marvelous performance.  It was like watching 50 Beyonce's.  Emily and I continue to practice the "shake your ass while you walk" move.
We then had a six hour trip to Entebbe for our flight home (4 hr flight to Joburg, 9 hour lay over, 16 hour flight to Atlanta, 2 hour layover, 1 hour flight to Knoxville...yep a bit of a killer).
On the ride to Entebbe we got to straddle the equator...
Too much family time..I'm delirious.
One lesson I did learn was - Do not watch The Help during the daytime flight when everyone can see you cry not once, not twice, but three times.  I blame it on fatigue.
Next travels are to Vegas, baby!


  1. Vegas - where you will see the ass-shaking walk again!! You my dear are having FUN! thanks for taking us along with you!

    1. Oh we go every year. A bit of a family re-union. Always fun and always stories to be told. Must say I like the craps table a bit since I am full of sh**!