Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Big Week of Suck

Usually a week is Sunday through Saturday.

I'm going with Monday through Sunday for this week.

 Lovely day.  Work.  Dinner.  Bourne Identity.  Ice storm begins.  Power out 9:30 PM.  Off to bed.  Smoke Detectors set off at roughly midnight (no real idea since power is still out).  Smoke Detectors go off again roughly fifteen minutes later.  Damn batteries didn't last long.  Disengage all smoke detectors.  Wide awake.  Cold.  Suck.

All Ice
Tree down by my driveway

Still no power.  We are on a well so we have no water either.  Thermostat says it is 54F inside.  Phone says it is 4F outside.  Start calling utility company.  Have breakfast on the gas cook top.  Start the gas fireplace (pretty picture but doesn't heat worth shit).  Walk to the office because we do have wood burning heater there.  Get warm.  So bored.  Hunter ventures out and finds where the line is down from a frozen tree branch.  Continue to call utility company.  Snow is coming tonight.  Head to inlaws for some warmth and a hot meal.  Snow and ice is coming again so we head back home.  It is now 45F inside our house.  Off to bed at 8:00PM...still no power.  Slept horribly.  Suck.

You’ll never understand why ever indoor space is so air-conditioned. | 27 Things Every Girl Who Is Always Cold Understands

Yeah, this is what I wore all day.  Inside.  Outside.

Deer tracks

Two huge pine trees down on track

Coyote tracks

Still no power.  Call utility company at 6:00AM.  They know about all of us (about 18 homes) and should get to us soon.  Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Call utility company again at 10:00AM.  They are not sure they will get to us at all.  What?!!!!  Major Suck.  Hunter gets friend to bring a turbo heater and a big kerosene heater so the house will not freeze.  Now down to 39F inside.  Paranoid my whole home will burn so I stay watching my breath.  Can't take it any more.  Head out to my folks place (they are cruising around New Zealand and Australia, bastards).  On our way....Utility trucks are coming!!!!  Turn around.  Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Fuck it.  Head to my folks house.  Shower.  Shave.  Watch Justified.  Call from utility company, power is on. Yay!

The trees looked like they had tinsel from all the ice.

I am warm.  I am toasty.  I am so happy!

I've been Dying to see this again! Best part of the movie!! Fresh for your board! Dancing Baby Groot!

Nothing can spoil my mood.

Head out my driveway for the first time.  Go to grocery store.  Power slide into a small bank trying to turn back into my driveway.  No harm.  No foul.  Head out to my father in law's to pick him up so we can do Mobile Meals.  Turn off car.  Won't turn back on.  Suck.  He drives and I fear for my life everytime he slams on the brakes to stop.  Hunter fixes my car.  More snow.  More freezing temperatures.  Suck (but I've got power and heat and flushing toilets again).

Iced in.  Dinner with friend cancelled.  Hunter tries to get out.  Slides his truck down driveway into yard.  He's stuck.  Suck.

That's our office and the driveway we have been using to get in and out.

Slid quite a ways and then tried to get traction.  Nope.

I have never shoveled snow before.  I never wanted to do it.  I definitely don't want to do it again.  But Hunter wants my company..can't say I am much help.  We have to get the snow off so the ice will melt before it freezes again tonight.  Suck.

shoveling snow sucks

shoveling snow sucks - shoveling snow sucks  Grumpy Cat

My driveway

Water leak in garage.  Sigh.
Hope the fish survived.

Wonder what the NEW week will bring.  Fingers crossed.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Ever been to a Hoot-N-Nanny?
Let me show you what it is....
The lovely Ms. M, our hostess
Mr. J, our host
That's a Hoot-N-Nanny
Both a bit flushed from the great time...not the alcohol.
A great way to spend Valentine's Evening.
Much Love.

Friday, February 13, 2015


Some people just never learn.

Equipment Cecile Cashmere V-neck.  A bit too big.

We are not even going to discuss fit.  We are here to talk about PINK!

They say if you find the right shade it will be like wearing blush and you will radiate.


Rag & Bone Cashmere Valentina  Sigh

 I swear I have the same bra on.  See my belly button?  Wow...again, we are strictly looking at color.

Am I radiating yet?

If I really feel like being beaten down, I may give this a go...


Not sure I've got it in me.

In the mean time I will stick with my relatively new classic navy v-neck jumper from Brora.
 Yes, Dani's incessant nagging finally wore me down.  I think it is wonderful.

Hmm, when are they getting it in pink?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mama and Her Brand New Glasses

Well Mom and I went out last week to find her some new frames for her glorious face.

She wanted something a bit more bold.  Sassy Sandy she is.

 The issue is she wears bifocals.  The frames have to be a certain size to accommodate the bifocal lens.  Here she is in her old frames, which I do think look lovely.  

I got good genes!

 Our first stop was Lens Crafters.  I did not keep the picture we took.  The frames were $200 and then with lenses it would be $800...and they were having a 40% off on lenses sale.  Wow.  A bit more than my mom wanted to spend.

Next was Walmart.

Looking quite dapper in cheap ass frames

The frames were $9.  Yep $9 and the lenses would be $139.  Her previous pair of glasses were from Walmart and she was quite happy with the lenses.  We were both a bit suspect of the $9 frames.  $9!!!!  And they might be too small for the bifocals.

Finally, we went to some other glasses store.  We were both a bit over it by now.

Sassy Sandy!

These frames were $140?  and then lenses again were super high.  The frames were a bit bigger and would easily accommodate the bifocals.  So....

We bought the frames, she took them to Walmart for the lenses.  Under $300 for the whole thing.  She is picking them up today.

Oh, and I got a free lunch!