Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Anthro Sweaters: Fringed Cowlneck and Marna Fairisle Sweater

Fringed Cowlneck
here in Ivory
It is so hard to shop through the internet but I do not have an Anthro closer than 3 1/2 hours away.  This is one of those purchases that is not what I expected but still like anyways.  Not sure why, but I thought it would be thicker.  Not even sure I would call a sweater.  Feels like tee with a bit of wool.  It is also shorter than I expected.  I am 5'6 and it is sitting right above my belt.  And no, these are not hiphugger pants nor are they "mom" pants.  They sit about an inch below belly button.   You can also see the arms are bunched up to wear at my wrist.  When fully extendes they come down half my hand.

Close up of detail cowl.  Very pretty and well done.  You can see the difference in textures between the neck, fringe, and body of  "sweater".
Close up of neck material.  The body of the sweater is solid, no cammy required.
I would call the color a cross between ivory and oatmeal.  Like I said...not at all what I was expecting but really like it none the less.  I will just need to remember to suck the tummy in anytime I raise my hands.  I got both these sweaters when Anthro had there 30% off all sweater sale.  This is a size Medium and fits TTS.  Arms a bit long, torso a bit short.  Hmm. 
Marna Fairisle Sweater here in Red Motif
Boy do I have problems with the red family.  Well, definitely looks better open than closed.  The colors are pretty just not sure if they are on me. I will definitly have to wear a shirt under this or I'll be even splotchier than normal.  Itchy.  I purchased a size Large. If it has buttons down the front I am almost always a large.
Close up of the pulling across my boobs.  Close up of the colors.  The neck has a soft green trim right at the neck.  Sorry, missed that photo but you can see it in the product shot on Anthro.  The buttons are plastic with yellow threading.
With my AT Winter White Crepe Pants here
On the fence with this sweater.  I will have to style it a couple of ways to decide.  I have one more thing coming from Anthro so I will wait to decide until it arrives.  Sigh.  I thought this was so beautiful in the catalog.
Maybe I need the beanie ;)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Christmas Present: Stuart Weitzman Bowtie

here in Fire Quasar
Aren't they beautiful?  I have been wanting red shoes for months and I had my eye on these babies.  But...they were on sale.  But...they never had my size in this color at Zappos.  Well, Thursday they sent me an e-mail.  I jumped and they were here Monday.
On my foot:
I am a huge fan of Stuart.  I find his heels to be comfortable.  Size 9 works for me.  Will wear with the AT Crepe Wide Legs here.
And yes, these are going under the tree.  Okay, what did you buy recently that will make it under the tree and not straight into your closet?  I got this dress also:
It is wrapped and under the tree.  Hoping to wear for New Years! 

Ann Taylor Side Tied Jersey Dress and Crepe Wide Leg Trousers with Sash Pants and Exotic Pumps

Not sure what happened with Ann Taylor.  I haven't shopped her in years but this fall I have found some nice, basic, on sale items that my closet has needed...especially dresses.  I went to an event and was surrounded by a sea of black and here I was is this lovely jade green dress.  Really accentuated my eyes and my coloring.

Side Tied Jersey Dress here in Rich Verdigris
The color is spot on on AT's website.  I ordered a medium which fits great.  It has a bit of spandex in it so no spanx is needed.  All dresses were 50 % off the other day.  In fact, everyday they offer something new at 50 % off (today is skirts, pants, and denim).
Quite flattering at the belly.  I felt very comfortable and sexy with class.
No tummy sucking in required.

Wanted to show how the neck worked.
Finally...this is what the color truelly is.  Beautiful.  I wore with grey tights and these shoes:
Perfect Exotic Embossed Leather Pumps here in Skyscraper Grey
All Shoes for a limitted time are 50% off.
TTS. 9 fit great and felt great all night.
Leather sole. Not much padding but comfy.
Crepe Wide Leg Pants with Sash
here in Winter White
They have a sewn in crease that is extremely slimming.  I purchased a size 8 to fit around my thighs.  A bit big in the waist but I am used to that with pants and my figure.  They are thick and luxurious and lined.  You do not have to wear the sash, comes right off.  But if you do, this is where I learned to tie the perfect bow for both these pants and the dress above: here
Butt shot. Two pockets to help with flat butt syndrom.
They are everything I was looking for in a pair of white winter pants.  if you read the first review on the product page, she sums it all up.  And actually convinced me to order them when everything was 30% off and no shipping.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Gap Sweater Reviews

Colorblock Turtleneck Sweater here.  Gap is now having 30% off (I got this for 40% in the store...yes I actually went to the mall..who knew!).  I am not a fan of turtlenecks but unfortunately every couple years I have to have my chest burned off to get rid of  AK's from all those years of being in the sun (sunscreen..whatever you put on your face, put on your neck and chest).  Any whoo, for roughly 10 days my chest looks like road kill and I finally decided to buy a turtleneck, or two, to get me through it.  Of course, this time the weather turned quite balmy and I haven't worn it yet.  And now, back to the sweater.  I like it.  It is one of the few ways I can get away with wearing some shade of orange.  That and my terracotta matchstick cords from J Crew (love).
Here's the turtle, all up under my chin.  Buttons are a nice touch, but still a turtle.  Makes me a bit claustrophobic just looking at the picture.  I thought this was interesting.  First is my skin next to cream, then next to orangy color.
My pink skin really turns pinker, I think.  And no I did not do my hair for you...sorry.  I do realy like the color blocking and the details.  The colors are a soft ivory and peachy orange ( spot on in pix).  not the softest sweater but it does fit my needs for it.  I took my regular Medium to get around Tom the Turkey Neck.

Gap Colorblock Tunic is presently out of stock on line but showing on product pages here under tunics.  Full length in all its glory:
Boy, I look squatty.  I like it bunched up and messy.  I am presently wearing with those terracota matchstick cords and Mcallister wedges from J Crew.  I took off the yoga pants and running socks.
Little pocket to put little things in.
Back view:
 This is a thin sweater but still warm for inside.  Again, 30% off so a nice affordable casual sweater.

Finally, the Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan here.  I got this for my daughter for Christmas.  We saw it in a magazine, InStyle I think, and she expressed interest.  Well, during Black Friday I tried to order it and they were sold out.  Unbeknonst to me, she also tried to order it and it was sold out.  Well, the store fortunately had three left.  She tried on the Small, her usual size, was a tad big.  The XS was pulled to death and looked like sh*t, not sure why it was out there.  She did want it big so we got the Small.  It is warm and soft and cozy and wrapped and under the tree.  The loops are large and this could be prone to snagging.  The pink is more peach IRL.  The Indigo was just a little harsh for us.
Well, that's the Gap.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Anthropologie Tiered lace Column Dress and Garnet Hill Cashmere Duster

Anthro Tiered Lace Column Dress

 The Anthro Tiered Lace Column Dress here is just lovely.  I am wearing with Anthro Kuychi Necklace that I got last year ( they have an identical one but in blue here same price) and Ann Taylor Exotic Embossed Leather Pumps here (they are on sale for limited time 40% off..I will review later, but they are keepers).
Close up of material and color
I find the cut to be very flattering.  I have a love/hate relationship with my arms and found this dress to offer just the right look for my bat wings. The lace sits on top of another layer.  I ordered a Large and am glad I did.  I usually wear a 10 in dresses and can go either Medium or Large depends on the breasts. 
V in the back two pictures are first with tummy normal.  Second, with tummy sucked in.

May need a little support there mama.  Because of the weather I will wear some type of hosiery and I believe that will be enough. I really do love it and am planning to wear tonight.  A bit costly (I did get 25% off plus free shipping)  but if you have read all the comments about the various Bailey Column dresses offered by Anthro they are all true.  Very forgiving and really gives that hourglass shape. I found this dress to be sexy and NOT clingy, just form fitting.
The dress with the Garnet Hill Eco-Cashmere Duster here.  This was another 25% off with free shipping purchased during black Friday weekend.  They are presently offering 20% off full price items until December 9th.  I am hit or miss with Garnet Hill.  However I am always looking for something to wear with short sleeve or sleeveless dresses.  I seem to be always cold.  This is the Natural color...also comes in Earth.  It is so light weight, so soft, and again expensive.  I do not own cashmere from them so am not sure how it will hold up.  That being said I am keeping it!  I will wear not only with dresses but also with jeans and heels.
The back has a nice cross over collar.  Nice touch.  It is like Christmas around here.  I am getting a package everyday.  I still have two Gap sweaters and some Ann Taylor items to review.  Soon.

Monday, December 3, 2012

J Crew Cashmere Tipped Cardigan

Cashmere tipped cardigan
Yes, I got this for me.  The Sweater that is...the man was NOT in the box.  I was looking for a gray cardigan for my daughter and the choices were few and far between.  I did manage to find something for her but also managed to find something for me.  Her sweater reviewed here.  I thought this was perfect, but a bit dismayed that it was Men's.  I ordered my normal size ..Medium.
On me. I could go down a size but I like the look - what I was going for.
Here it is closed and sleeves rolled down.  I would not wear it this way because it looks really oversized.  I do roll the sleeves twice.
At the shoulder.  Again, if my J Crew carried this item I might be compelled to go and try the small on.  I would suggest if buying men's, size down.  In my defense the size chart did say 38 chest.  I really like it big and am happy with the fit.

Shoes! Miss L Fire Bonnie (aka Anthro Perforated Lace-Ups)

Miss L Fire Bonnie or Anthropologie Perforated Lace-Ups

Miss L-Fire Bonnie Blue Heel
ON SALE here
 I love these shoes and I do get comments on them everytime.  The are a very brilliant blue suede perforated with red, orange, and yellow.
The have a tassel tie made from the suede with leather wraps. And nice cushioning.
I wear a size nine and purchased the size 40.  They are a smidge big but not sure if a size down would be too tight.  I didn't try.  Right now I am wearing with thick tights or socks.  Yes, socks.  I refuse to let my feet get cold in the winter and the navy socks look great with the shoes and pants.  I may need to buy heel inserts when the warmer weather roles around but we'll worry about that later.  They have a rubber base, not leather, with plenty of traction:
I have always been a fan of Miss L Fire.  I have found these shoes in Black and Orange here, but the blue are on sale at Anthropologie for only $80...a real bargain if they have your size.  I also highly recommend the Tassle Tie Oxfords on sale for $100 here ( reviewed here):