Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Have Saved a Life and I Feel God...I Mean Good

Hopefully I am alone in this, but I have a two story great room and the windows seem to attract birds.  They reflect the clouds at certain times of day.  Being birds...they fly right into the windows. THUNK!  Happened yesterday.

Dove Peace fly Mourning Dove Pictures

We, meaning me and a handful of others, often hope that when things get hairy we will react with full fledge heroism.  The old flight or fight...I'll be a fighter!!!  Or maybe not.  I am constantly reminded by my family that I am an " every man for one's self" kinda gal.  And really a "don't get in my fucking way" kinda gal...yes Jennifer, I have given up on the no swearing.  Many moons ago, we purchased property adjacent to ours.  On said property was a very old, old, nasty old building, probably the original dwelling.  Let's go explore said adventurous husband and two prepubescent children.  FINE.  Let's go inside.  FINE.  And then "it" happened.  Something furry ran past me brushing my leg.  I have to admit, because unfortunately I have three witnesses, I took both hands, shoved my young son down on the ground and ran screaming like a girl.  Not my finest moment.  I have been ridiculed ever sense.

Girl screaming

Back to the bird...the poor dove, pigeon, flying rat, what have you lay on our back deck just waiting to be the prized catch for Cricket aka Evil Kitty.  Oh it was sad, eyes closing, shallow breathing.  Do I put it out of it's misery?  Another story....

Moe.  Named after a Stooge.

Few years back, big black vulture just sitting at the end of our driveway.  WTH?  Next day, it has moved right next to our house by the trash cans...obviously can not fly.  Moe, my blind old kitty was still kicking.. Kinda cool, in an annoying way, he used echolocation to find his way around and still went outside.  This bird was going to eat my kitty, it sensed weakness.  I tried, and tried, and tried to get it to move on.  The three dogs wanted nothing to do with it.  It was scary.  I managed to shoo it into the yard but even I was scared of it.  Time for Tyler to be a man.  Get the shovel son.  What?!  Time to be a man.  As I watched Tyler whack the poor bird not once, not twice...sucker wouldn't die.  I was so deeply sad for the bird.  Afterwards Tyler came right up to me and said, " Don't ever ask me to do that again."

Yea, that's it

Back to my dove....I swaddled it in a towel and placed it where it would be safe from critters.  I checked regularly over the course of four hours.  Finally, it was gone.  I can only believe that it rested, recovered, and continued on with life.  I did good.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stick a Fork in It

I am starting to feel like the Little Engine That Could.  Almost done.

Ignorance Is Bliss

Let's get started.

Okay.  I need to make sure I have two bottoms and two tops in both navy and grey.
I did eliminate the lounge wear and cardigans for this step.

Core group

I had everything in navy but a navy jumper.
I definitely need to keep that in my wardrobe.

Grey was another matter.  I added in my dark grey cords and then it
was a toss up on the sweater.  I had quite a few to choose from but these two made the cut.
I also have an old J Crew v neck cashmere sweater that has really seen better days.
I will hold off replacing to see if I really need to.

So, one is casual, the other a bit nicer and sexier.  They are both keepers.

I know she said four, two tops and two bottoms, but I am rebelling just a bit.

Well hell, I need a grey blouse/shirt  I think.

Maybe this one is in my future (I ordered it):

J.Crew Polka-dot flannel shirt
J Crew Polka Dot Flannel...Flannel!

I'm ready to be done.

So what am I missing?

Core group

DAMN.  I really don't have any pattern.  But then, I really don't like pattern.

Let's add just a few items, all that I presently own and love...

Core group


I added a green blouse, light blue and white silk blouse, a white tee, flannel shirt,
grey/navy tee, stripe long sleeve tee, big thick navy cardigan, grey sweater coat, navy trench,
moto boots, brown kicks, and two scarves.

Gee, I think The Vivienne Files added two maybe four.  Who's counting?!
She's in Paris so she won't mind.

My "To Buy" list includes the two loafers/flats and a colorful bracelet.
I got the navy cords yesterday.  And I'm still waiting for Em's gift to arrive.  Yay!

Now what about the rest of my junk?  Some is getting packed away in case I miss it.
Some is getting sent to Goodwill.  Some is getting thrown away...stains, holes, pills, toxic pits.
And then some is remaining in my closet.



Love this color but can not wear next to my face.  I own these lovely accessories and they
look fantastic with my navy and grey core clothes.


I am loving this color and am seriously contemplating the coat and sweater (if the thing
would ever go on sale).  I think I would look great in my navy or grey with these
 wonderful items.

Petrol Bag

Or maybe just a new bag in a new color?  Would look terrific with grey too.


More power to you if you do the 33 project or are a minimalist.  Not me.

This has been a wonderful chore exercise to do before fall/winter comes and I just buy buy buy.
Time to get on Pinterest!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Can Do This

Plowing through this with patience, considerable thought, and determination.

I don't know why I found this so funny...
My accent colors!!!

6 items - 5 jewelry, 1 bag

I picked a blue pair of earrings (I'm hoping Emily pulled this one out for my birthday), a green pair of earrings, a lovely sapphire ring Hunter purchased for me recently, and a nice navy bag that can also be a clutch.  It's hard to get excited about it but I do already own it and it fits a need.

Lauren Merkin - Navy Glazed Goatskin Mini Marlow
Lauren Merkin Mini Marlow in Navy

I found another item to put on my "To Buy" list (about time)

Maybe something like this:

Too bold?
Looks like Hunter's taking me to Hermes for Christmas again.

Step 14: Leisure Wear

Yay, fat pants here I come.  I am a fan of Athleta and get most of my workout wear and lounge pants from them.  Love the Bettonas.

Bettona Classic Pant
Bettona Classic Pants

Bettona Boyfriend Pants.
  Look like cargo pants.
Now for the Tops.  I would include my Green Thing but that would be like including underwear.  If you ever come to visit me in the spring, fall or winter you will know exactly what I'm talking about.  I shall be wearing it every day, it even makes it over to my parents' house for dinner, and I have been known to wear it on a plane when I just don't give a shit. Every time Emily leaves for school, I make sure she hasn't stolen it.  Soft and cozy.  But, when it is getting washed, I shall be wearing these...

Sweatshirt tunic
J Crew Sweatshirt Tunic

Pure Collection Cashmere Knitted Parka

Step 15:  A Versatile Dress and an Accent Cardigan ( and shoes)

Another Ann Taylor Dress for me.
All-Season Stretch V-Neck Seamed Sheath Dress

I knew I'd get the short grey cardigan in here.

Collection featherweight cashmere cardigan

 Shoes.  Another Yoox purchase that Tiffany Rose brought to my attention.  She is such an enabler.


Now this is what my wardrobe looks like:

Core group


The next three steps are all about filling in the "holes".

I am up to 45 pieces of clothing and accessories and only have four items on my sheet that I presently do not own.  The two flat shoes, blue earrings (come on Em) and that cheap old Hermes bracelet.

One more post, I promise, then I am done with my core wardrobe...we hope...and it's time to shop!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This Climb is Exhausting...BUT Rewarding

A bit of a much needed break, a birthday for me,  and a whole bunch of college football later, I am back at it with the closet.  Not much of a rush but the "change" is in the air.  Highs will be in the mid 70Fs.  Not exactly fall, but it is just around the corner.

***Once again, all praise goes to The Vivienne Files***

Just not a skirt wearer.  I do own one.  Okay, maybe three but two looked great on the model and meh on me.  The one navy I own I have actually had for several years and have worn it once.  I will go with a dress.  I am going with this little number:

Old Ann Taylor Side Tie Jersey Dress

Got some more green in there

I will pick these wedges I purchased from Yoox

DANIELE ANCARANI - Closed-toe slip-ons
Thanks again Tiffany Rose

Now Janice at The Vivienne Files shows three items I get to pick and damn it if I'm not getting my full allotment.  Sweater, jacket, jewelry, stockings, WHAT???

I'll need to come back to this.

Step 10:  A Casual Jacket, Top, and Shoes

Oldie but goodie:
eddie bauer spring picks.
But of course:

Perfect-fit V-neck tee

And finally, my man shoes....
J Crew Classic MacAllister Boots in  Grey Suede


The pressure.

I have to get a pair of trousers (jean ones no doubt) and I think I need a bit more white.
Level 99 Newport Wide-Leg Trousers
Level 99 Newport Wide leg Trousers...Love!
Angel of the North Fringed Cowlneck
Thin Cowlneck Sweater from Anthro a few years back.
Yeah, I own that skirt but have never worn it.
And let's throw this on top...

midtown moto jacket
Navy/Grey Leather Jacket...best of both worlds
And I am now using my "Get Out of Jail Free" card for the third item missing from Step 9.

Harlean's Heyday: Miss L Fire - A/W 2012
Just cuz I love these shoes

Yay!  I hardly wear a winter coat...don't go hating...so I am still in love with this one:

J Crew Majesty Pea Coat

I can't forget about these boots from last year:

Stuart Weitzman Dude
And finally, the scarf:
Transitional Scarves–Summer to Fall ConfettiStyle
It looks something like this.  Hey, I got a little pattern!


Only a couple more steps to go.

Now I went back and changed the Tods Loafers to a navy and found a lovely pair of Dark brown shoes to represent what I may purchase.

Here's the round up:

Core group

Looking Good.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wardrobe Steps

Waiting on the electrician.  What shall we do?

For those of you still interested, I shall continue The Vivienne Files Starting from Scratch steps.

I have started to lug my fall/winter clothing out so I can at least see what I have.

For those that may not know, all of my jewelry was stolen last year.  Although I did get some money from the insurance company, most went to installing a gate on our very long driveway and cameras too.  Hunter has done a great job replacing pieces but I still have a hard time with the whole thing.  Just kind of makes me sad.  Then mad.

Anyway, these are the items I have picked for my accessories:

Core group

Simple Diamond Studs, Hermes Bracelet, Mixed Metal Watch, MZ Wallace Bag, Scarf

I do have a navy bag but honestly, I favor this bag.

That was pretty easy!

Step 6:  Accent Color Tops and Scarf

Hmmm.  Can I do sweaters or do they have to be tops I can layer under the cardigan?  I am NOT a layering kind of gal.  Most of the time I wear pants and a sweater.  Maybe sweaters come later.   I don't know what to do!!!!

I'll stick with sweaters and a scarf:

Core group

Hermes Scarf, Blue J Crew Sweater, Green Pure Collection Sweater

Yep, I can do this.

Step 7:  A Base in the Second Neutral

Pants, a Cardigan, and another pair of Shoes

 Hunter has five pairs of shoes.  He wears khaki khakis and one of about six shirts.  Oh, he also has a belt that desperately needs to be replaced.  He makes it look so easy.

My second neutral is GREY.

What shall I pick?  I have 6 grey cardigans (not including my sweater/coat.  Shhh.), 2 grey pants, and 0 grey shoes.  I know which pants I will choose.  I've whittled the sweaters in half.  And yet another shoe on my "To Buy" list.  What is the deal with the shoes? Ugh!  I won't do ballerina but maybe some lovely monk strap shoes?   We'll put them in just to see.

Core group

Maybe.  They are from Cole Haan and they look lovely.  Not sure.  I'll need to enlist my shoe guru (Hunter) to help me with this.

Step 8:  Two Tops and a Necklace

These can be anyone of my four colors.  I know what I definitely want to put in for the tops.  I know I stated button downs suck for big boobs but these work wonderfully for me and my gals.  The necklace...I'll stick with a diamond pendant but I did get one with color this summer.

Core group

J Crew Thomas Mason Tuxedo Shirt - it is wonderful on all accounts
Pure Collection Navy Silk Revere Blouse - their current silk blouses are not the same
Sundance Tati Necklace

The blues aren't really the same are they.  I have only one lonely green top.  Should I have included just regular tee shirts?   Those I wear a lot.

That's enough for now.  About half way.  My weeds are calling me.  Time to do something easy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How I am TRYING to approach my wardrobe.

Like just about every chicklet out there, I like clothes.  

And, I have come to the realization that I really have too many.  

So let's jump right in and see what I've got, how I can pare down a bit, and most importantly what I need this new fall/winter season.  Heck (I am working on my potty mouth), never said I would stop shopping...are you kidding?!  Seriously, I just want to be a bit wiser with my decisions.

I do follow The Vivienne Files (Starting from Scratch series begins mid June 2014) and will start with her sage advice and lessons from this summer.  I have linked each step to her blog and all her wisdom.  She really does a bang up job.

I need two neutrals, two accent colors, and some variety of white/ecru/cream

The neutrals are so easy...Navy and Grey

The accents will be...Green and some other shade of Blue(keep my options open)

White, ecru, or cream...I'll go for White

Well, that was easy

She says nice pair but... I am going with JEANS.

'Hidden Hills' Bootcut Stretch Jeans (Super McKinley)
Paige Hidden Hills Bootcut...I love these jeans and get mine on Ebay

I am working with fall/winter, otherwise I would have picked flip flops.  That's my life.

What do I pick?  Why is this SO hard?  Something I can wear socks with is a must, otherwise I would just wear sandals with my jeans.  I can not do ballerinas or anything without a bit of heel.  Good lord, I already have something on my "To Buy" list.

Fine.  I pick these because I really do wear them all the time.  But they are not navy.  Hmm.

J Crew McAlister Booties

Do I pick a long cardigan, a short one, light, or heavy?   Decisions!!!!


Can you really tell the difference in these picks?  Humor me.

 I'll stick with short but the long one is staying too.

Collection featherweight cashmere cardiganVintage cotton scoopneck tee

J Crew Stuff

Damn It!

I already picked jeans.  So...let's go back and pick a pair of pants and a shirt..

Signature Fit Lindsey Bootcut Pant - Talbots

These are Talbot's that I wear maybe twice a year.  I just feel like I have droopy crotch in these.  Not a favorite, but I really do not NEED slacks.  Now Janice from The Vivienne Files recommends getting your core pieces from the same brand, if possible so the colors all match.  The nuances of navy are amazing.  Well, since J Crew stopped making pants and only makes water waders...
I want these:

They shall be mine with my birthday discount from Anthropologie.

The Shirt

Any lady with two big 'ol friends stuck to the front knows button downs are not gentle to the girls.
Have always been a fan of this shirt:

Splendid Always Shirting Pocket Tunic...have to iron but love these


So here is my little core set:

Core group

Hmm, something is a bit off.  Maybe I should readdress the shoes.  Maybe something not so mannish.  Sigh.  Another thing on my list?  Already?  Six items and I am definitely purchasing one maybe two things already.

I do like these and almost bought a pair last year.

Tods Moccasins
Tods Mocassins -  Pretty
Or maybe these.

Robert Zur Loafers - A bit of Texture

Now let's see how it looks.

Core group

Better.  And yes, I will wear socks with my loafers.

I am exhausted.  I tried everything on.  well, four of the six :)

There are eighteen steps total.  Shall we do four more next time?