Friday, November 28, 2014

This is My Life Right Now

Yep, the kiddies are home.  Actually Tyler just left but I still have Her Royal Highness Miss Em.

Hit play to see what we've been up to....

Monday, November 24, 2014

Finished Dining Room...Kinda


I need something over the side board.  I shall place a picture for now.  

I would LOVE something like this:

size reference

I went with the fabric covered chairs.  They are lovely.  Somehow along the way, I forgot I had Evil Kitty.  She has taken a liking to them, especially the backs with her nails.  I bought six of the damn things.  Sigh.

The table is Simply Amish and took almost three months to get in.  Boy is it beautiful.  
It is 48" X 72".  I can sit eight without any leaves if need be.

The leaves are stored at the ends...breadboard type.  Pull out, swivel, flip, ta-da.

I have moved the plant because my Christmas Tree will be going up in a few days.  The palm would never live in the dining room long term.

Once the plant is gone, I do believe I will need drapes/curtains.  Suggestions are appreciated.  

Maybe these:

Bird Scroll Curtains

Well, I am done for now.

I need a bit better back lighting.  But you get the picture.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2014


So Emily checks in with me through my blog.  She also is expected to call once a week if she wants money (yep, gotta bribe).  Anyway, she asked about the "stuff" I got in Chicago and wanted to know about the shoes since I said they were on their way.

Me:   I posted a picture of them.

Emily:  No you didn't.  I saw the scarf and bracelet.

Me:  The shoes were first.

Emily:  I saw Dad's shoes he got.

Me:  Those are MY shoes.

Emily:  Oh.

Am I attracted to Man Shoes?

I think they are SO pretty.

I've even ordered socks to wear with them.

I do believe this is real close to the most I have ever spent on a pair of shoes.  They are patent but pretty damn near perfect AND comfortable.  Since I have gotten them, it has been miserable here...and everywhere else.  I have been wearing them around the house to "break" them in.  Truthfully, they are comfortable out of the box.


Has everything I want...Navy, Grey, Green

Goes so well with my new winter coat:

DVF Lauren Assymetrical Coat...SOLD OUT

Our Coat Closet

The scarf also looks great with my green Pea Coat from J Crew.

I now have four coats and two jackets! Hunter has one coat and two jackets.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Tongues are Wagging

I figured I wouldn't leave y'all hanging about the handsome GSL.

It's a great chins are behaving

So, I decided to answer the questions I would want to know:

1.  He is NOT gay.

I had to coach Hunter a bit before the meeting to make sure that wasn't the very 
first thing out of his mouth.  

2.  He has a full set of teeth.

Trust me, it's important in these parts.

3.  He has friends.

He is NOT some weirdo trolling the internet because he has no life.
We met both the owner of The Red Lion and his friend Dutch.  He also has two new friends that live in Knoxville.

4.  He has a job.

This is always important.

5.  He drinks beer.

And LOTS of it :)  Amazingly, he has a steel tight bladder.  While the rest of us visited the bathroom several time through the night..he went once.

We had a ball with GSL and Dutch (Did Dutch eat with us, I can't remember).  The stories were many, the drinks were many, and the laughs exceeded them both.

GSL:   You're more girlie than I thought you would be

Me:  What?  Did you think I was butch?!

GSL:  No, just rougher, harder.  It's a compliment.

Me:  You thought I was butch, didn't you?

GSL:  Hunter thought I was gay.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Chicago! Chicago!

After three fun filled days in the Windy City and one rough morning flying home...We have returned from our little jaunt.  We ate, we drank, we shopped, we saw beautiful art, we got massages, and we saw/met two famous people.

So what shall I discuss first?

How 'bout our shopping purchases?

Hunter got two pairs of shoes...bastard.  I got one pair.
You would think they don't sell shoes in East Tennessee.

Tods Loafers
My shoe fashionista hubs loved these...I did too.

I also got a bracelet and a scarf.  Hunter did not get any jewelry or neck wear.


Hermes Brazil
The big fat one just didn't look right on my delicate wrists

Is it not perfect for me?!

We saw some beautiful art at SOFA.

We purchased this lovely work by Preston Singletary

We saw this guy...

Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire)..looks just like himself.  Image that.

And we met this guy...

That would be GSL...he looks just like this.
We met for drinks and dinner at The Red Lion.  We met the owner of this establishment who is highly likely related to Hunter.  His very entertaining friend Dutch joined us also.

Five and a half hours later and with a slight hangover the following morning...

Who wants all the dirt?  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Off We Go!

We shall soon be off to the Windy City and another round of SOFA (Sculpture, Object, Functional Design and Arts).  We had such a good time last year... here

Highlight, besides eating pizza and having gas, shall be meeting up with GSL.  Something tells me he is going to be in for quite a treat.  Hunter and I are on vacation and should be in top form...can't get much better than that.  Get ready baby!!

I shall personally be visiting The Lion's Den and shall, with his permission, give a full account of this dive joint classy establishment.  Of course, if you never hear a word, we had too good a time and I remember nothing.

Here is my packing:

Chicago Jet Set

I do hope to come back with maybe a few items on my wish list:

Shopping Trip
Really looking for the loafers and bracelet

GSL, this is what some one thinks we look like...

I hate this picture .