Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stalking Jewels

Well as I wait to see what my insurance is going to give me and when, I have been pondering what I should replace and what I should buy that I didn't own before.  There is a minute chance one or two items will be found so I am holding onto a bit of hope.  Now I do believe in God and I do believe in going with your gut (that's the Holy Spirit/Your Conscience speaking to you).  So...when Sundance sent me an e-mail saying 15% off everything (they hardly ever do % off)  I knew I wasn't seeing any of my Sundance jewelry again.  Still can't believe they stole my shit!
So this is what Emily and I replaced.
I do not wear a lot of gold but when I do I always wore/will wear these.
I had purchased this set for her when she turned 16.  She had several other rings but always wore these except to work (no rings, necklaces, only simple studs allowed).  Guess where she was when they hit our house?
Now the thing with Sundance is they publish ALL reviews.  If it has a bad review DO NOT purchase no matter what a good deal you think you are getting.  Their shipping is on the high side but the jewelry literally comes in two days.
The 15% off lasts through tonight only.  They are working on their website and I believe this is their apology for any inconvenience.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Word to the Wise - I've been Robbed

Nothing like having a great day and coming home to violation.  They slipped in probably by the dog door.  Took all, and I mean ALL, of my jewelry and most of Emily's.  They also took her ipad.  They left the two laptops alone.  They left all our artwork.  They even left the hydrocodone from Em's knee surgery last year...that was quite a surprise.  No damage to the house, no one injured or worse.  I am just really, really mad.  We do have an alarm system but they disconnected both the phone and cable lines.  They took a pillowcase off of Em's pillow and stashed the jewels in there.  They also took my delivered packaged from piperlime that was by the front door.  Bastards. So a few quick tips...
1.  Check your home owner's policy about jewelry.  Make sure you have enough. $10,000 is usually the basic plan. 
2. Keep receipts and pictures of all your fine jewelry.
3. Keep a list of the serial numbers for all electronics...they can be traced if pawned.

I had some valuable pieces.  I also had some sentimental pieces and a few that can not be replaced.  I will never see the items and I'm okay with this.  The fact that some one entered my house uninvited is a completely different story.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Home again, home again...

Our trip to Africa is finally over.  Thank you for letting me relive the moments...and making me go through my photos.  Spent a little too much time travelling between places but all in all a very good trip.  My suggestion to you, especially if you are planning your first trip to Africa, is to do a safari in Tanzania and then shoot over to Rwanda for two nights.  Most people we met were doing this.  Nothing against Uganda but the mountain gorillas should not be missed.  We have been told how lucky we were to see the chimps in Uganda.  Not very many actually get to see them.
The people from the neighboring village sent us on our way in style.  They had a marvelous performance.  It was like watching 50 Beyonce's.  Emily and I continue to practice the "shake your ass while you walk" move.
We then had a six hour trip to Entebbe for our flight home (4 hr flight to Joburg, 9 hour lay over, 16 hour flight to Atlanta, 2 hour layover, 1 hour flight to Knoxville...yep a bit of a killer).
On the ride to Entebbe we got to straddle the equator...
Too much family time..I'm delirious.
One lesson I did learn was - Do not watch The Help during the daytime flight when everyone can see you cry not once, not twice, but three times.  I blame it on fatigue.
Next travels are to Vegas, baby!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The African Queen

We are going on a Lake Cruise on Lake Victoria.  Before we even set sail this is what we saw in the lake:
Yep, that's a Nile Croc you're looking at.  Guessing about 15 foot long.
Boy, I'm ready now.  Well, we have been spoiled so far by having guides/treks all to ourselves.  We now have to share the boat with "other" people.  A very nice young lady who works for the US government, a guy and his parents from either Israel or India (not sure, they never spoke to us or each other for that matter the guy just had the best unibrow I had ever seen but Emily refused to take a picture of it), and then two birders (English guy and American chick) who just pissed everyone off.  Of course we were neither loud nor obnoxious, just our regular fun loving selves.  So, this is what we saw:

What did ya expect? Yea, lots of f*****g birds.  The "birders" had to write it down, document the picture number, get the captain to back up one, two, three times so we could watch them scratch themselves, eat, hack up a lugee, whatever.  But we did see other things...
Cape Buffalo
Vervet Monkey
Where'd he come from?
It was so much fun and at the end the Israeli/Indian family asked Em to take a picture of them!
On the ride back to our lodge this is what we saw...
Mama not happy.
She is really not happy.
We got between her and her baby.
Big sis helps baby across.
Mama's okay now.
Some lizard
Banded Mongoose

One more evening and then it's time to go home.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Planet of the Apes

It's monkey time!
I will keep this short and sweet with what few good pictures I have.  Still in Uganda and up and out to try to find chimpanzees.  My mother did not go (she would have taken one look at the trek down and stayed with our driver).  So it was the family and Pops on this adventure. We had the guide all to ourselves.  Again, once you find them you have an hour with the chimps. 
Kyambura gorge forest
About a five minute hike straight down and then flat for trekking.  Somehow I always had my dad behind me, when going down, or in front, when going up.  Just asked him not to take me out if he fell.  We heard a baboon warning call and then within five minutes we heard the chimps.  Talk about a heart starter.  All I could think of was Planet of the Apes.  Very vocal.

They stayed in the trees.  Our guide decided we needed to be tree level to have a good view so back up we sucked.  My dad's walking stick got entwined with everything, he stood in the middle of wasps trying to hear the guide tell him there were wasps.  When we, he and I were at the back, finally joined the rest this is what we saw:
I turned to my dad and asked if he saw the chimp.  He looked at me and said," I don't give a shit about the monkey, I'm looking for my left lung!"  Sigh.   Guess what?  Back down we went to see if others were now on the ground.  They never left the trees and decided it was time for a nap. So...

Back up we had to climb when it was all over.  Again, maybe five minutes and my quads hurt bad the next day.  Bit of a sore neck but so worth it.

I asked my dad when we were going to Borneo to see the orangutans.  They will be meeting us in Bali after Hunter and I go.


Love ya Pops!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anthro Reviews: Pleated Skipper Dress, Notched Rugby Sweater, Draped Kimono Sweater


My dimensions: 5'6   38 X 29 X 39
If it ain't got buttons down the front my girls will fit.  Have been looking for dresses all season and this one looked very promising and had great reviews.  It is now on sale.
There they are and not but a hint of cleavage.  They look good.

Under arm and not a hint of bra showing.

Close up of epaulet (sorry too lazy to check spelling) on shoulder.  Nice cheery red with anchors to boot.

Close up of tie at neck line.  I prefer it untied.

Back side.

This was a real winner for me.  It was casual, flirty, age appropriate, and the waist didn't keep getting stuck between my boobs and my belly...actually a common issue with me and dresses.  The model must be 6' tall, the hem is right above my knees.  I wanted something to take the place of shorts and this fits the bill.

Notched Rugby Sweater size M

I thought this was so cute and simpleand very light weight without being see through.  I do like everything about it BUT the color.

Sleeves not too long.
The hem is nice. 
Girls are just ever so slightly peeking.
Nope, not a good depiction of the color.
That's more like it, nice and neon and not for me.
It's OK.  A bit high waisted on me and I kept pulling it down.
Definite coverage of any bat wings.
The tie is attached.
Back view.
This is a pretty little sweater that can be worn any time of year.  I put a crean long sleeve underneath and it looked good.  There was just something off for me and I believe it was where the waist line sat on my body.  Maybe you'll have better luck.