Friday, September 28, 2012

Anthropologie Shoes: Tassel Tie Oxford, Suede Moc, Two Buckle Booties

With their latest promotion, I decided to order shoes from Anthropologie.

First up...Tassel Tie Oxford here in brown
Love them completely.  They are pretty darn close to perfect.  Soft, comfortable, true to size, and so cute.  Ordering shoes is always iffy but these are not only exactly what I expected but are also my exact size.  Yeah!
 Next up...Suede Moccasin Pumps here in black
As soon as I placed my order I regretted not getting the turquoise instead.  Doesn't matter.  They are going back.  First, they are too small.  I would go up 1/2 to maybe a full size.  Second, I slipped on the carpet over and over, even though there are small groves on the sole.  Last,  I just felt for a third of the money I could get comparable shoes at Payless.  They are just eh.
Third pair... Two Buckle Booties here in Green Suede
I really wanted to keep these but just could not justify them.  They are a bit big but not enough to go down a size.  The zipper on the side is very tough to open and close.  The color just was not dark enough for me.  I was hoping they would be a bit deeper but the website picture is spot on.  I just do not think I would wear them.  A bit too 60's for me.
Next...Suede Moccasin Wedges here in Raspberry
I've reviewed them before but I just love them.  Very expensive but I know you'll love not only the look but the feel.  I love this brand - Kenneth Cole Gentle Souls.  You have to be selective because a lot are very matronly.  I also have these from them:
Upon a Star Sandal here different colors
Always get complements.  And these:
Buckle Up Boots here
Sorry.  Black's hard to photograph.  Love these too.
DV by Dolce Vita Lissa Flat here
These were not comfortable but I loved the style, pattern, and color. So I made them comfortable.
I put thick socks on, heated them up with my hair dryer, let them cool on my feet with my socks on, took the socks off, put the shoes back on.  TA-DA!  Sometimes it takes two to three goes but these only took once.  Love em!!
I am still looking for just the right pair of red high heels.  Someday.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Anthro Scarves, Shoes, Pip Blazer, and Watermark Tee

Yeah!  Fall has arrived!
I have been slowly going through my closet for the past month.  All of a sudden the cooler weather is here and I haven't made it very far.  Since it is my daughter and my birthday month we are headed to Atlanta and some much needed retail therapy.  Unfortunately, I thought I would have a bigger and better list from all the culling I was suppose to do.  Also,  Anthropologie suckered me in with my birthday discount and then a 20% off everything the day after. So...
Anthropologie Wrapped Watermark Top here

I am so scared of prints.  That is one of my goals this season is to incorporate a few more prints.  That does not include stripes and polka dots.  I really like this top.  It is extremely forgiving for those with middle issues.  It also made my boobs look a little prouder.  The picture does not do the colors in this top justice.  They are deeper.  Side view:
Geez, I just noticed my hubby's camo t-shirt and Crocs.  Hmmm, guess we'll cull his closet next.
Anthropologie Pip Knit Blazer here
It's on SALE for $50.  It is a casual blazer made of sweatshirt like material with some nice details on the lapel and cuffs.  Is it cut perfectly?  No.  Will I wear instead of a sweatshirt?  You bet.  I think it is a steal if they still have your size.
Anthropologie Ikat Saturation Loop here
I am wearing with J Crew Cashmere V neck here.  The website picture of the scarf is spot on.  I think it is so rich and beautiful and light.  This is not a warm, cozy, keep ya warm scarf.  Strictly for aesthetics (spelling? too lazy to look it up).
Anthropologie Cosmolito Loop here
Again, go to the link...much better representation.  And again, strictly to add color to an outfit.  Just not sure if I like the "loop" instead of a regular scarf.  I need to google ways to wear a loop and see if there are any ideas.  Or please, share with me in the comments.
Anthropologie Suede Moccasin Wedge here
Expensive! Expensive! Expensive! Love! Love! Love!
These are Kenneth Cole Gentle Soles brand and they are the most comfortable shoe brand.  It is a deep raspberry suede with a delicate point at the toe.  They can be worn with slacks and with tights and a skirt/dress.  I have a pair of boots and a pair of sandals from this line also.  Save your pennies.  Hope for a sale.
I am headed to Atlanta and am excited to shop at an actual Anthro store and a J Crew bigger than my closet.  Upon looking at these pix...I need better fitting trouser jeans.  Have a great week!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sale Shirts at Anthropologie

I purchased these earlier in the year but thought since they are now on sale I would do a quick review.  I love them all.
Sagiso Blouse here
Gap Long & Lean Jeans here Size Down
Anthro Harvest Stones Necklace  - No longer available
Anthro Bursting Sky Slingbacks - No longer available
This is my favorite.  I needed an outfit in February/March (sorry getting old..short term memory a bit rough) and my online personal shopper suggested this shirt.  It is very delicate and sheer, camisole required.  It was originally shone in the catalogue with shorts and wedges.  Very cute for a bit younger generation.  It truely is multi-season.  Back view:

Eliora Top here
Takes a minute for me to get the wrap just right over the chiclets.  But once I do, I need no further adjusting the rest of the day.  The blue is spot on at the Anthro site.  Very pretty and again multi season.  I do wear a cami under because of the back:
Just not willing to show my bra strap.  Although with nude maybe doable.
Mansi Top here
This is not on sale but my guess is it will/should be soon.  Again the web site picture is very acturate.  And again, a cami is needed.  The front is semi sheer and will need to be ironed after washing ( I wash on delicate, lay flat to dry).  The back is light weight t-shirt material.  I really like the this style and Tiny puts out many.  Theres is one on sale here.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

J Crew Sale T shirts and a Tippi or Two

I purchased the following shirts on sale (on line) at J Crew last week, they are still on sale:
Accordian Pleat Top here
I am so sorry I do not have a picture.  If you have any chest what so ever ( I am 36D)... Do Not Buy!
I was so disappointed with this.  The color is deep and pretty but whoever designed this should be ashamed.  Yes, that bad.  The material stuck to my breasts and the pleats did all sorts misbehaving. 
Optic Dot Boatneck Tee (Size M - green/navy) here
 I had tried this on at the store when it first came out but didn't really like the material.  Well, since they discounted and then added another 30% off I went ahead and got it.  Just a basic tee but stiff material and not a lot of give.  The pattern is flattering and so are the colors.  My daughters high school colors are green so this will be worn mostly to volleyball games.
Perfect Fit Color Block Tee (Size M - bright hydrangea navy) here
I'll be honest, I have not been a huge J Crew fan for several years.  I tend to get their blazers and that's about all.  I picked this on a whim and really like it, especially for $20.  I have never tried their perfect fit tees before (I'm a Banana Republic tee girl - except they are very limited on colors).  Nice thick, soft material and hugs me in all the right places.
Tippi Sweater (Size M - turquois pool & classic pink) here
Marquess Fleur Necklace here
At the time, the turquois tippi was on sale and I wanted to try something different so I got the pink.  The problem I have with pinks and reds is I have pink skin, not the beautiful alabaster white skin...just pink.  I purchased the necklace to wear with the pink tippi to help seperate and brighten my face.  Otherwise, I'll be monochramatic.  I liked the look of the tippi but not sold on the feel of the tippi.  I am aware that it is merino wool - but it really could be softer.  And on that note:
Tippi Sweater in Colorblock Stripe (Size L -acorn navy) here
I know.  I am full of it.  Me like Tippi.  I bought a larger size because I did want more of a relaxed look.  If you have not seen it in stores the bottom band and the band beneath the navy are more of a pale aqua.  I thought they were gray from the online pic.  Has a little pocket and a lot of personality.  Cute!
Oxford Boy in Polka Dot here
Will not be here until November.  Really?!  Sigh.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Fall Sweaters & Cords

Well, September is my birthday month so...I waited for my gift from Anthro (15% off).  I made my list and placed an order.  They arrived Friday the birthday.  I was so excited.  We do not have a store within a three hour drive so I ordered a bunch of things knowing that several would go back.  Which they will.  What I did not realize is the very next day, September 15th, they offered a one day 20% off.  Ugh!  I took that as God's way of telling me order some of those other items that are still on your wish list.

This is what I received:
Sparked Threads Sweater here

I really love this sweater.  I do not have a cammy underneath which is needed - sorry for the peep show.  This is the ivory color size medium.  Also comes in pink.  I could not do the collar like the picture for the pink - tried but failed.  Has a bit of gold yarn, so it sparkles ever so subtlely, and a light tan and ivory yarn.  It has 8% wool so it does give warmth. This is keeper.

Next is the Curved Stripes Cardigan here
I really liked this sweater also (size Medium).  And hey, it has gold yarn also, I would say more copperish.  The colors run more towards the purples than the blues. It is soft, light weight, relaxed, but adds so much to an outfit.  A review of the sweater on the anthro site recommended a skinny belt (did not like on me - too much material) or a brooch (picture below).
Hover Brooch here

Crest Cardigan here
I ordered a medium but it was too small.  Will be sending this back in exchange for a large.  A very well made sweater.  The sweater snaps shut with fabric colored snaps.  See below:
Everything lines up nicely, even with my gaping bossom.  They call the color grey but I would put it more brown.  It is 30% wool so those with sensitive skin will find it a bit itchy.  I think it is a very well made sweater.  It is by the same brand that made the Sparked Threads Sweater above.

Animal Kingdom Blouse here
Sorry, I tried on three sweaters in my little closet and I was hot and splotchy.  I kept thinking, did I put this on right.  Why is there a ruffle on my right breast but not on her friend?  The fabric is rich and cute and I really wanted this to work.  You put on over your head - there is a side zipper - so the fit is very flattering.  It is 100% cotton and can be machine washed.  However....
I just can't pull off the one sided ruffle.  I just felt awkward.
Pilcro Stet Bootcut Cords here
These are the front of my knees.  The color is exactly what I was looking for.  That's Minnie behind me.  She didn't like them.  Was expecting bootcut.  Nice to know I have fat calves and fat knees apparently.
AG Stevie Cord here 
When I ordered these the color said apricot (size 29).  When I got them, the color said pink.  I have the deep green already and was looking for more of a rust color, maybe.  I do like these pants but the color is way too bright for me.  Back they go.  Minnie's indifferent.
I also ordered three belts: Woven Bow Belt here - size medium.  Wayyyy too small.  I gave it to my size 4 daughter.  I think I would need an XL.  Luggage-Lock Belt here -size medium in wine.  Only the front is leather the rest is elastic dyed to match.  Going to keep.  Pixel Corset Belt here -size M/L in black ON SALE. You do put this on over your head.  May not last long but I do not plan to wear it often.  Feels oily but no residue.
Well, I have a couple of lovely sweaters out of this.  Need me some bottoms.  I'm going to have to look elsewhere.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mama Got a Brand New MZ Wallace Bag

MZ Wallace Eggplant Bedford Belle here
This is my Bday present from my hubby (he doesn't know it yet).  I have been looking for a travel tote for a few years and this fits the bill.  These bags are pricey but worth the money.
  1. There is a key fob.  No matter how many pockets, or how few, I cannot locate my keys without one.
  2. It is made out of Nylon (thick, gorgeous, color saturated, stain resistant) with leather trim.  In other words, go as big as you want it will not be heavy (the stuff inside might be...but not the bag).
  3. It has feet and structure.
  4. It comes with a small detachable pouch - attached to key fob.
  5. Very organized.  A place for everything and everything in its place.

This is the third time I have purchased from them in maybe seven years.  I have loved all three bags and they look as good as new.
My first - Bea - still make style but not color

My Second - Emma? - no longer making this shape
It is my everyday bag

Almost got this instead - Forest Bedford
it just had a snap closer and i wanted a full zipper for travel

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dresses, Skirts, and a Great Target Buy

I am just not a dress/skirt person.  I have tried over the many, many years to be but it just doesn't seem to work out for me. that I am turning over a new leaf, I thought I'd give it a whirl.  First up my "Funeral" dress:
Coldwater Creek Belt here
Banana Republic Navy Lightweight Wool Sheath here

It is fully lined TTS and I got it during their 30% off  everything.  The belt is ...meh.  It looks cheap to me but I was kind of desperate.  I got a M/L and should have gone with the S/M.  Couple of other looks:


I also got a skirt.  Guess what?  It's navy also.
Ann Taylor Lace Pencil Skirt here
J Crew Sweater similar here
Rebecca and Drew Shirt here
I love the skirt.  It is very comfortable, i.e. a bit of stretch.  The Rebecca and Drew shirt I can not gush enough about.  Having big boobs has always caused gaping in buttondowns.  Not with these:
Not easy to do.  But see gaping

I bought it last year, costs a small fortune but am saving up for one more. This next dress I bought for my son's graduation in May 2012.  Well it did not arrive until the end of July.  I had forgotten all about it until the UPS guy dropped it at my door.  I loved it, my daughter loved it, and my hubby loved it.  It is a thicker knit and very well made.  The color is adriatic blue.  Yes I paid full price, no I did not get it at all when I needed it but that doesn't seem to matter cuz it makes me feel beautiful - no shape wear needed!  Warning...I am 5'6 and got the 53" length.  The length is perfect for flats.  Any taller and you would see your ankles.
Peruvian Connection here
Now two Ann Taylor dresses..told you I was going for it. 
Faux Leather Ponte Sheath Dress here
Hard to tell from the picture but it looks great.  Again I shopped on line during their 30% off.  I am wearing a size 10 and will exchange for an 8.  This is a very thick jersey - holds like shape wear- and therefore I can get away with a smaller size, just a bit too big.  The faux leather at the shoulders looks expensive.  I love it!
Ann Taylor 3/4" Sleeve Jersey Wrap Dress here
This dress is in the Deep Plum Wine color.  More plum than wine.  The top is a true wrap while the bottom is a faux wrap.  Not as thick of jersey as the Sheath Dress but thick enough not to need shapewear.  It drapes very nicely.  This is size 10 and I will keep this one.  Still get hung up with the sash/belt.  I need to learn how to tie a proper bow.
Lastly, my Target find of the month:
Mossimo Women's Ponte Jacket Cherry Peony here
I got it for $25 on special.  Do try on your size and as many as they have to find the one that fits you the best.  Remember this is Target - quality control is so-so.  I tried on three until I found the one both arms were comfortable in.  The button is a bit high but I will be wearing it unbuttoned and with sleeves rolled up.  Just doesn't look right with sleeves unrolled.  It is fully lined but the outer material is more sweatshirty.  Very casual blazer but great for the price point.
With Ann Taylor skirt, Rebecca and Drew Blouse, Coldwater Creek Belt

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Madewell Charade Blazer and J Crew Sparkle Bow Top Review

I recently purchased the Madewell Archive Boots here in English Saddle.  I have been looking for a cream tuxedo jacket since last winter and saw the Charade Blazer.  The boots did not work out.  They were beautiful, but unbeknownst to me, both my daughter and I have "fat" calves.  I even got the extended size and she could get them on naked but nothing else, no tights, no jeans, etc :)  I ended up getting her Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots here in Cognac.
The Sparke Bow Top is really sweet.  This is a size 10 - I have very square shoulders and am a 36D.  It fits great.  It is double layered and with a nude bra you are not exposed.  The bows have little black sequins on them.  I had to get the shopper who pops up on the J Crew website to help me locate this.  She took my info and told me she would let me know in 48 hrs. if she could get it.  She never did get back with me but it arrived on my doorstep 72 hrs later.  I wore it Saturday downtown with my Catch Colored Jeans by Sanctuary in Mint here.  I do like it with the blazer but actually prefer the black tank better.
The Madewell Charade Blazer was exactly what I was looking for..price point included.  It is 100% rayon and fully lined. It is also a size 10.   Very happy with both purchases

J Crew Sparkle Bow Top here
Madewell Charade Blazer here
Banana Republic Sloan Fit Pinstripe similar

With older J Crew Silk Cami