Friday, June 21, 2013

Planet of the Apes

It's monkey time!
I will keep this short and sweet with what few good pictures I have.  Still in Uganda and up and out to try to find chimpanzees.  My mother did not go (she would have taken one look at the trek down and stayed with our driver).  So it was the family and Pops on this adventure. We had the guide all to ourselves.  Again, once you find them you have an hour with the chimps. 
Kyambura gorge forest
About a five minute hike straight down and then flat for trekking.  Somehow I always had my dad behind me, when going down, or in front, when going up.  Just asked him not to take me out if he fell.  We heard a baboon warning call and then within five minutes we heard the chimps.  Talk about a heart starter.  All I could think of was Planet of the Apes.  Very vocal.

They stayed in the trees.  Our guide decided we needed to be tree level to have a good view so back up we sucked.  My dad's walking stick got entwined with everything, he stood in the middle of wasps trying to hear the guide tell him there were wasps.  When we, he and I were at the back, finally joined the rest this is what we saw:
I turned to my dad and asked if he saw the chimp.  He looked at me and said," I don't give a shit about the monkey, I'm looking for my left lung!"  Sigh.   Guess what?  Back down we went to see if others were now on the ground.  They never left the trees and decided it was time for a nap. So...

Back up we had to climb when it was all over.  Again, maybe five minutes and my quads hurt bad the next day.  Bit of a sore neck but so worth it.

I asked my dad when we were going to Borneo to see the orangutans.  They will be meeting us in Bali after Hunter and I go.


Love ya Pops!


  1. The chimpies have put such a smile on my face, I still think of Typhoo tea every time I see one.

    1. Hunter kept thinking of Cheetah the chimp from the old Tarzan TV show. Hope you're smiling all day.

  2. Love this! I love chimpanzees! Such soulful eyes! Your father is a hoot! Looking for his lung!

    1. Dad was funny but also finally realized his limitations, which is hard at any age. Both the gorillas and chimps were much like us.