Thursday, June 13, 2013

J Crew Reviews: Crosshatch Linen, Perfect Linen Shirt, Marled Linen Sweater, a sale dress

A small break from my travelogue.  I did purchase a few J Crew items before the trip during a recent promotion.  Heck, let's be honest, there now is always a promotion going on at J Crew.  Either their original prices are too high or they have gotten themselves and their customers used to sale, sale, sale!  Still go for the basics.

My measurements: 38/29/39..5'6

Here we go...
Perfect Shirt in Crosshatch Linen size 10 here
On Model
Perfect shirt in crosshatch linen
On me:
I like this shirt tied...just not a half tucked in person
Up close and personal:
A bit too low
A bit too high with a a bit of gaping
Must wear a cami
Showing the length
In front of J Crew chambray shirt
This is a brighter blue and I love the color.  I also love the shirt.  I have already washed and worn several times.  It does not wrinkle very much at all.  I dried on low and took out while a bit damp so I could hand press the ironing for me if I can avoid it.
Perfect Shirt in Linen size 10 here
On Model
Perfect shirt in linen
On Me
I would push the sleeves up but wanted to show length of sleeve.
Buttoned up and no gaping.  I do have a camisole, but I usually wear without...nude bra.
Marled Linen V-neck Sweater, size M in Marled Lilac (ON SALE) here
On Model, she's wearing Marled Sand:

Marled linen V-neck sweater

On Me:

Close up.  Cami is required and I am wearing a Favorite Tank in a nude color that I can not find on the website.  This is light and airy.  I also bought in the Marled Sand because the price was so good.  I washed on handwash cycle and dried flat.  These sweaters are so light weight and work for my figure.  Some comments were that it was too boxy.  I liked.

Not done yet...

Vintage Short Sleeve PJ Set in Dot Foulard, Size M here

On Model:

Vintage short-sleeve pajama set in dot foulard

On Me

 I am 5'6 and they hit right at my ankles

 Showing the rise and my little belly

Close up.  No gaping and I am not wearing a container for the girls.  This is a nice weighted cotton with NO sheerness.  It passes the "have a son at home" test.


White Colorblock Shift Dress, size M in longer on website

On Model in Red/Pink
Colorblock shift dress

On Me

I loooove this dress.  So easy.  Maybe they will have it in the sale racks, that's where I found mine.


I actually purchased all of these at my B&M store.  I hardly ever go shopping unless a computer is involved.  I really do like everything I purchased and have worn, washed and worn again.


  1. Love the linen shirts on you!
    Did you get your regular size in the white one?
    I was also thinking about the marled linen sweater in neon lime.
    Did you go with your regular sweater size on that one?

    1. I did get my regular size 10 in the white and my regular medium in the sweaters. I love them all because I am covered but cool in these southern summers.

  2. Those pj's are beyond cute, am loving " container" for the girls, I too have reached the stage where they have to be strapped into place when I go to bed.

    1. I am always afraid to put bra, boobs, breasts, and/or see through in one sentence because for whatever reason that seems to attract the perverts who google odd things. The pjs do make me happy.

  3. Great choices BB! I have the white linen blouse as well! I have also taken to tying my blouses this summer - very flattering look, I think. I do not containerize the girls yet, though I do unfurl them at night...

    1. Thanks! I am getting wiser with age I hope. Also hope you feel better today and fantastic tomorrow.

  4. Love the shift dress, very cute with the front pockets.

  5. All these look great on you; glad to know the linen is not painful to care for. "Son at home test"--lol!

  6. Great pieces Blue Booby. Love that blue shirt, yup blue is your colour.
    Laughing at the "passes the son at home test"!

    1. It's been kinda hard to find appropriate lounge/pjs that I can wear brakes but with a son at home. These fit the bill.

    2. Should read wear braless. Geez!

    3. And I spent a few rereads trying to figure out what wearing brakes could mean!

  7. Do you think they pin the legs of the PJs on the model? Love your reviews ... so funny!

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