Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bikini Babe

Well I did it.  I finally found a swimsuit for this season and it's a bikini.  My daughter talked me into it and I must say I do like it.  I spent my high school years living on the beach in a string bikini.  Spent my 20's in Miami in a bikini.  Had a baby, moved to Tennessee and never even bothered to try a bikini again.  So....
Fantasie Bali Full Cup Swimwear size 38D, L in Marine here
On Model:
On the Bed:
Yep there is it.  Kind of scary looking.  My faithful ol flip flops soften the blow a bit.
I sized up from my true 36D to a 38D based on reviews and it fits great.  I ordered a L for the bottoms.  Probably could have gotten away with the M but the L works fine.  I just have to be careful when I dive into the pool that they don't end up around my ankles.

Back clasp.  It is not adjustable but it is sturdy.  The material is not the usual silky swim suit stuff.  It is a tad rough but comfortable.  The top has a black lining but no inserts.  If the girls get cold will probably be able to tell ever so slightly.

The shoulder straps are adjustable.  It is a swim bra basically...which is what I was going for.  I am just tired of the saggy girls and the halter style needed to help keep them up.
The top actually deemphasizes the chest a bit.  Not a lot of cleavage.
 On Me:
Geez I need a tan.  The bottoms are full coverage and just high enough to cover the little muffin I have.  I will probably be a little self conscience the first few times I wear this...even in front of the family.  But hey, I got what I got and I am happy for it!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Nostalgia and Prom

Yep, there we are!  This was my Senior High School Prom in 1984 with my beloved.  He looks so dashing and young, and possibly stoned.  Gotta love that bowl haircut on him and my own take on the mullet.  Never considered my hairstyle "the mullet" until my kids pointed it out.  Bastards...even though I really can't deny it.  Anyway, notice the fingerless gloves?  This was the time of Boy George, The Thompson Twins, and many other "alternative" music bands from across the pond.  My favorite was The Cure.  Yes, Hunter and I are one of those high school sweethearts that made it.  We celebrated our 23rd anniversary yesterday.  He was sick and pissy.  I was over him being sick and pissy.  So I pressure washed everything outdoors and now can barely lift my arms.  I also accidentally took his blood pressure medicine this morning.  Needless to say...not much has gotten done.

She still loves purple.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ann Taylor Etched Stripe Print Crossover Dress

Ann Taylor Etched Stripe Print Crossover Dress size M Mainsail Blue
On Model:
Ann Taylor Tall Etched Stripe Print Crossover Dress
I had to return some items to J Crew and right next door is an Ann Taylor.  So, I popped in.  On the mannequin was this dress but it was nowhere else in the store.  Went home, got on line, it was on sale $70, everything was an additional 30% off , reviews were good, why the hell not.  I am trying to find cute day dresses cuz I am about over shorts.
On me:
 I definitely fill it out a bit better.  The girls want to be seen.  I will either tack or most likely wear a camisole.  It is 93% Rayon, 7% Spandex
 Full overlap on the bottom

Hello Ladies
Detail.  Simple.
Profile.  Fits nicely under arm and no need for shapewear - don't want that for a day dress.
Middle stripe is where top meets bottom.  Nice job.  Everything lines up.
It is simple and flattering for my figure.  Keeping it.
View from my computer.  My cherry trees were beautiful while they lasted.  Storm came through and they are completely bare of all blossoms.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Travel with Teens: Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands

Sea Lion not more than five feet away
I am not one for cruises.  The rocking of the boat does not sit well with my stomach.  I started with the Carribean to see if I could handle it.  Moved on to Alaska.  Then decided I was ready to go to the Galapagos Islands.  Who wants to spend that kind of money just to be miserable.  For the Carribean and Alaska, I just used the wrist band for seasickness.  For Galapagos, I used the patch.  Make sure you have extra because they do tend to come off when snorkelling.  The last night was the worst for us.  We, me, hubs, son, daughter, dad, and mom, decided to do Celebrity Cruises because it is a bigger boat and I just felt I would be better off.  If you have no problems with seasickness, by all means go smaller.  We had a little under 100 people aboard the Celebrity Xpedition.  We did the 10 day Quito and Galapagos tour.  Actually ended up being cheaper than booking the rooms in Quito ourselves.
Looking down upon Quito
We did not do the Celebrity tour of Quito.  Instead we did a 3 hour private tour.  Not one guest I spoke with really enjoyed the all day cattle call tour after flying in the night before.  We saw them on our tour and they looked miserable.  Don't get me wrong, I am sure the guides and tour were fine but not ALL day after a long flight.  My parents didn't even go with us.  They did a night tour which they highly recommend.  We both used Metropolitan Tours here.

Celebrity Xpedition

See the Iguanas?
The Naturalists.  All very very good.
Couple of things I did not know that may be useful.  First, you can scuba dive.  You just need to make arrangements with a local dive shop...the ship doesn't have this.  Second, be prepared for large groups to be on this ship.  We had a group of 40 from a Texas travel agency.  They were, for the most part very nice, but they did "command" a lot of areas.  There was also a group of roughly 10-15 Japanese.  They were hilarious.  There was one other family (kids 10,13,15) and one boy (12) with his grandmother on the trip.  Lastly, the Naturalists are taking pictures while they are giving the tours.  At the end of the trip you get a CD with 100s of pictures including pictures of the guests.  They do a slide show the last night.  One Japanese man saw a picture of himself up on the screen so guess what he did?  He took a picture of the screen.
So now I will just show you pictures.  Enjoy.
Ready for our first snorkelling trip.  Why did they ever get rid of girdles?  I was so excited until I woke up that morning and saw the sharks swimming beside the boat. 
Snorkelling with a sea lion.  So glad I'm not a pussy.
Just wonderful.
Penguin.  Supposedly I snorkelled with some, but I never saw them in the water just on the rocks.
This island was wall to wall iguanas.
Blue Footed Booby
Snorkelling with a Sea Turtle
My babies
Do you see the sea lion waiting for his turn at the fish market?
This is how you get off and on.  Yes, we are all on this boat.  Can you find us?  My mom struggled a few times.  Her knees just don't bend.  But she managed and is glad it didn't stop her from going.

The Boys
 My mom
Frigate all puffed up and looking for love.
Brown Fur Seal
An there we all are!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Graduation Dress Time...which will I choose?

I am starting to get a wee bit anxious now that my daughter will be leaving the nest in four months.  After watching the season finally of Walking Dead, she turned to me and said, "When this starts in the fall I will not be able to watch it with you.  I will be in college."
Time to shop for a dress for her graduation.  Here is my bounty, but I can only choose one.
First,  Ellen Tracy Cap Sleeve Sheath, size 10 Green here
On the model:
Ellen Tracy Cap Sleeve Sheath Dress
 It is 100% Cotton, Lining is 100% Polyester, Belt is...I'm not sure.  yes it does come with the belt.  Care instructions are to turn inside out and hand wash.

On me:
 It has pockets.
OK, the belt is definitely NOT leather.
Back of belt...pain in arse to get the pegs in and out of holes.
 Lining is exact same color.
Back of dress with hidden zipper.
My friends who travel with me.
My armpit and a shot of profile.  Starting to really dislike belt.
This dress was okay.  I could not get a good shot of the back with me in it.  The top of the back just gaped.  Overall, it looked big everywhere but the chest. 
Second,  Laundry by Shelli Segal Ponte Knit Sheath Dress, size 10 Inkblot here
On the model:
Laundry by Shelli Segal Ponte Knit Sheath Dress
Dress is 68% Rayon, 27% Nylon , 5% Spandex .  Lining is 100% Polyester.
Care instruction are to machine wash with like colors.

On me:
No pockets
Up close of the laser cut details.
No hidden zipper but I'm okay with this.
Lining.  It is not tacked at the bottom.  Will probably do myself so it doesn't ride up while sitting and moving.
Here are my friends.
Here is my pit.
Side shot.  Well....I may need a bit of shape wear.
Close up of laser cut at hem.

I really like this dress.  Of course it is more expensive, by $100, than the others.

Finally, Anthropologie Lace-Yoke Dress, size 10 Sky
On Model:
HD in Paris Lace-Yoke Dress
100% Polyester.  Lining 100% Polyester.  Fret work 65% cotton, 35% nylon.
Care instructions are to machine wash with like colors.

On me:
I now have one big friend instead of two.
There's my pit and a whole lot of boobage.  They grew in a minute.  Side zipper.
Hey, it has pockets.
Back of dress.  Waist band has a bit of elastic to help accentuate the waist.
I tried a necklace to elongate but I just look like have no torso...kind of squatty.  This would be a cute dress on my daughter.  Just made me feel old.
I ordered the Anthro dress through my personal shopper.  Because I got free express shipping I threw in one more dress...
Anthro Anila Shirt Dress, size 10 Navy here
On model:
Meadow Rue Anila Shirtdress

On me:
Not liking Anthro right now.  I felt like I had a house coat on.  I am attracted to shirt dresses but they never work on my body.  I forgot to check but I do think it is 100% Cotton.
Buttons only on top.  There was no gaping.
The tie is pitiful.
The sleeves will roll down.
Print at bottom...all messed up.  But it is panelled for pocket.  Online photo they did a better job with the dress model is wearing.
What happens to dress if I just move my arm chest high. Sigh. I suddenly feel old and worn out.
This is what I wore to my son's high school graduation last year...and I hated it.  I really felt like a mom in this.  I had ordered a dress and it was on back order FOREVER. 
So what do you think?  Not about last year, but my laser cut sheath.  I am keeping that one.