Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Let's Get Packing for Italy

Okay, so what to bring to Italy?

Image of a US passport cover

27 euro g x 300x201 Euro collapse contingencies at Davos

Card Type
Patagonia Women\'s Barely Hipster - Opal: Lilac Bisque OPBQ-995
Nike Eclipse II Women\'s Casual Shoe Black/Grey/White

Now time for all the fun stuff.

3 Nights in Venice

Not sure if I am bringing the white coat.  I may do my leather jacket instead.  I do not own "walking" shoes...it's Nike's or nothing.  Hopefully my scarf will detract from my feet.

4 Nights in Tuscany

This is going to be REALLY fun.  Not sure what we will do on our off day...foot rubs and sleep?  The weather should be warmer so out come the sandals.

3 Nights in Florence

Do not worry, if the tootsie's are not aching I will wear the loafers.  The sneakers are just in case.

Okay, what am I missing????