Saturday, June 22, 2013

The African Queen

We are going on a Lake Cruise on Lake Victoria.  Before we even set sail this is what we saw in the lake:
Yep, that's a Nile Croc you're looking at.  Guessing about 15 foot long.
Boy, I'm ready now.  Well, we have been spoiled so far by having guides/treks all to ourselves.  We now have to share the boat with "other" people.  A very nice young lady who works for the US government, a guy and his parents from either Israel or India (not sure, they never spoke to us or each other for that matter the guy just had the best unibrow I had ever seen but Emily refused to take a picture of it), and then two birders (English guy and American chick) who just pissed everyone off.  Of course we were neither loud nor obnoxious, just our regular fun loving selves.  So, this is what we saw:

What did ya expect? Yea, lots of f*****g birds.  The "birders" had to write it down, document the picture number, get the captain to back up one, two, three times so we could watch them scratch themselves, eat, hack up a lugee, whatever.  But we did see other things...
Cape Buffalo
Vervet Monkey
Where'd he come from?
It was so much fun and at the end the Israeli/Indian family asked Em to take a picture of them!
On the ride back to our lodge this is what we saw...
Mama not happy.
She is really not happy.
We got between her and her baby.
Big sis helps baby across.
Mama's okay now.
Some lizard
Banded Mongoose

One more evening and then it's time to go home.


  1. Love these! I had an uncle with teeth like those hippos...

    The elephants are amazing... What a trip you have had - not a bad shot in the lot!!!!! Since i am doubtful I will make it there, am living vicariously through you!

    1. Oh and PS - The African Queen is one of my all-time favourite movies ever!

  2. I am also living vicariously through you so thanks so much for sharing the pictures and providing the Blue Booby commentary!
    Amazing, you saw so much, I love the elephants and that Mama did look ticked off.

    1. We did see a lot and had a great time as a family. A bonding experience.

  3. I thought the Loch Ness Monster with the first pic. Don't get between a mama and her baby has got to be the golden rule. Wow. I should have been talking about you when I did my tongue in cheek travel post. Thanks for the show and tell!

    1. Your welcome. The croc creeped me out a bit but fortunately that was the only one we saw that was of significant size.

  4. Oh, the wildlife! Crocs and hienas scare me. Did you do a Galapagos series? I am headed there later this year and beyond excited. Great trip you had.

  5. We went to the Galapagos a few years back

    You will absolutely love it. I would love to go back when I have grandkids