Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Out From Under My Rock

I am out from under my rock and I have aged a few years....

Where I have been:

I do miss my personal dumpster.

This is what we have accomplished:

It's getting there.


Everything looks yellow but it's not.  And hey,  finally did the animal print thing!

We switched to all LED lighting and love it.  Now finding dimmers for certain locations, was a bitch. They either flickered or hummed.  All construction workers can not see or hear.  I think we went through five different dimmers until I was finally happy.

Not sure who the kid on the trike is.  I am getting a large print made as we speak to replace the little snot.

Hunter made me drying racks.  Bring on the jealousy.


I used SW Accessible Beige on the walls and SW sealskin on the doors.  So happy with both.
Again, looks yellow.

I am in the process of getting fabric swatches for the bench seat.

Also awaiting a mirror for above cabinet.

Half Bath:

A bit tough to photograph but hopefully you get the idea.  I used the same tile from my master bath remodel from earlier in the year.

Hunter has found the guest towel holder a perfect place for his reading glasses and pen.

Master Bath:

A bird wanted in badly.  See his imprint on the window?  No sign of him outside so I hope he survived.

I am now waiting patiently for window shades and furniture.  Okay, maybe not patiently, but waiting!