Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Congrats to My Grad

She did it!  I feel like I can check another task off my list of things a mother should do.  Stressful?  Yes.  Weather cooperative?  Hell no.  Proud?  You betcha.


I know I'm her mom, but boy is she beautiful!
We are off to look for gorillas tomorrow.  Pray that we come back with our arms still attached and some silverback doesn't make Hunter his bitch.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Love for Africa

Life will be extremely hectic for the next ten days.  We will have out of town guests and Emily's high school graduation. is off to Africa.  Our family (me, hubs, son, daughter, mom, and dad) went four years ago for the first time and we have been saving ever since to go again.  The following are pictures from our first visit, all taken by my lovely daughter.

Singita Sabi Sands, South Africa

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Selinda, Botswana

Mombo, Botswana


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flowers for Mother's Day



The Pool is officially open!

Anthropologie Flora Nouveau Tunic size M, Green Motif here
On Model:
Flora Nouveau Tunic
On Me:

It is so NOT me but I still love it. I have already worn once. The tie at the bottom is adjustable so you can loosen or tighten depending how you what it to fit. It is 100% silk. I figure any stain should just blend on in.  This is literally the only print blouse I own (besides stripes and dots). 
Happy Early Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anthro Reviews: Pilcro Linen Wide-Legs and AG Tomboy Relaxed Straight Jeans and Ebay Level 99 Jones Wide Leg

It was a pant sale, what can I say? 
Pilcro Linen Wide-Legs, size 30 Coral here
On Model:
Pilcro Linen Wide-Legs
I have two pair of Pilcro Wide leg Cotton Pants that I purchased last year, maybe?  I love them.  I also am enamored with linen since I am trying to forgo shorts this year.
On Me:
I usually wear an 8 (29) or 10 (30) depending on how they fit in the thighs.  I think these fit fine to a bit big.  If I had a store I would have tried on the 29 just to see.  It is linen and will stretch out as the day goes.  It also wrinkles.  I am going for a bit more relaxed fit.  I do find the Pilcros a bit wide for me so I have them taken in about 1 1/2 inches in the leg.  I am 5'5 and wearing three inch high wedges.  A bit short for that shoe.  So, I'm guessing 5'7 would put them for flats.  Anyone taller would have to let out the hem- the hem allowance is only 1 1/2 inches.  I did wash and tumble dry on low and they did not shrink.
Side Shot I am wearing 1 1/2" sandals and the length is good.  Also, a close up of the notch at the hem.
Inside look at pockets and detail.  This is spot on for color.
Bad photo for color but again showing sewing detail and ugly ass button.
Back Pockets are sewn shut, no buttons
After tailoring and hemming...not a great shot of me but I am happy.  I am wearing with flats.  Rise is about 2 inches below belly button.
Did not have patience to put the notch in the hem
Close up to show how pocket lies nice and flat.
So cute.  This is a nubby, kind of rough linen but not noticeable to skin on the inside.
They will wear the wrinkles very well.  Keepers.  Now...
AG Tomboy Relaxed Straight Jeans size 29 , 18 Year Dust here
On Model:
AG Tomboy Relaxed Straight
Sigh...On Me:
Quit Laughing.  Next one is even funnier.
Am I packing or what!
All kinds of wrong.  They were soft.
Butt view.
Deep Sigh.  Enough said on those.
Now last year, or maybe two years ago,  I purchased some Level 99 Wide Leg Linen Pants that I LOVE.  I wanted a pair to wear with flats so I searched E-bay and found these:
Which looked like what I got.  Search for Anthropologie Level 99 Jones.  I thought I was getting a cream color but imagine my dismay when white showed up.  I just knew I was in trouble until I tried them on:
Look ma, no white pockets. Just below belly button.
No pantylines
Okay, one little white tag that I will cut out.
Close up of flat pocket
So how do they do this?
Big ol nude pockets, that's how.  Genius!
Beautiful Tortoise Buttons.  Yep, there are the wrinkles.
No belt loops, but I do use the tabs as the day progresses and the linen stretches.
These are 51% Linen, 46% Lyocell, 3% Spandex
and very soft.  Love em.  Again, I wash and tumble on low.  As far as length goes...they have a 3 inch hem and they are super long to start with, 34" inseam.  I used Katja as the seller.  I ordered them Monday.  They arrived Thursday.  Cost $45.99 including shipping.
I think I'm done with pants.  Bring on the dress sale.