Sunday, March 29, 2015

Barn Doors for Bebe

I thought it would just be easier to show Bebe, and anyone else interested, how we did the barn doors for our master bath remodel.  


First, decide what size door you want/need for your opening and also what side of the wall you will be placing it on.  A standard bathroom door opening is 2'4 X 6'8.  In order to cover the opening, always add at least 4" to dimensions ...we used a 2'8 x 7'0 door.  We purchased our doors premade stain grade pine.  They see you coming and really jack up the price for the 7'0 door.

From the bedroom side.  It fills the opening.

This is looking at closet door closed with light on in closet, lights off everywhere else.  Just a small gap but not a lot of light intrusion.

Looking into the closet from the bathroom.

Now, what kind of doors do you want?

We decided on a solid door from the bath to the closet.

Because, I wanted a mirror on the closet side.

I wanted a glass door from the bedroom to the bathroom.  I wanted some light filtered through.  I would have preferred something a bit more opaque but those doors were super expensive.

We still need to sand... ONE MORE TIME...and poly.  I'm going to live with them for a while and then decide if I still want to treat the glass.

Next, decide if you want molding around your doors.  We did.



You will need to run casing across the top, double the size of the door, and then plus a bit (this is a bit tricky).  

Closet Barn Door

We used a premade track system from Rustica Hardware.  The vertical piece hits the stop on the horizontal piece.  The stop pieces were not adjustable which was a bit of a bitch.

Bathroom Barn Door
We had to drill a hole and finagle the pieces a bit to get it to work in the bathroom.  Ideally the end of the rail would line up with the casing but, well, it's off just a smidgen and that's okay.


If you do not want the casing, you will attach the track directly to the wall.  You will need to attach to the studs!

Bathroom Barn Door

At the bottom is a very small track for the door so it isn't swinging...maybe 2" - 3" long.  You will need to cut a groove the length of you door at the bottom.  You only get one chance.

Closet Barn Door

Our closet door comes very close to the wall so we decided to put a rubber door stop at the bottom to protect the baseboards.



I am not real happy with seeing the bolt on the back side.  I shall look for black plugs at Lowe's to cap these. 


This really took some studying on Hunter's part and then our two employees, both trim carpenters, studied on it and installed both doors in seven hours including a lunch break.  Now that they have done it twice, they could probably cut their time at least in half.

I am delighted with the outcome.  The majority of the time they will be left open but now the swing and the door itself will no longer be in the way.

Any and all questions will be answered to the best of my ability or I'll ask Hunter.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Here Comes the Honeymoon

Mr. H and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in a few short weeks.  Yay!

We were living in Miami, FL but actually married in Fort Walton Beach, FL (both went to high school and his folks were still living there).

At that time, there was no internet.  So Frommers guide books were required for proper planning.  Something quick to get to and relatively cheap for two twenty three year olds...yep, we were babies.  Hunter picked Palm Island St. Vincent & the Grenadines.  

So in love.

It was perfect.

Packing for this trip was easy.  Two bikinis, two shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops.


Twenty five years later...Let the honeymoon begin again!

This time we are headed to ITALY.  Yay!



Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence


What the hell do I pack?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

She Did It!

'473 training miles and one 13.1 race later, I can say that we did it @[100005210320662:2048:Danielle Dulchinos]. One half marathon down and maybe more to go. Maybe next time we can shave off 2 minutes and be under 2 hours.'

She and her run buddy did it!

For those who want to know:

She finished 13.1 miles in 2 hours 6 minutes.

She did not win.

Her underwear also survived.

She has two blood blisters.  Ouch.

She is officially on spring break!

Job well done.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

That's My Girl

To Emily,

You are Bold.

You are Adventurous.

You are Daring.

You are Strong.

You are Brave.

You are Determined.

You are Beautiful.

You are Our Girl.

You Can Do It!

25 Funny Marathon Signs Warning, webpage has some, um, questionable pictures but not regarding the running signs...

Image on Hiit Blog

25 Funniest Running Signs At A Race: #12. SMILE. Remember you paid to do this.


Oh snaps.

When in doubt, state the obvious.

Although Dad and I will not physically be there to watch you run your race Saturday,  you will be in our thoughts all morning, noon, and night...just like any other day :)

Oh, and try not to fall.

We love you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring...or Did I Just Jinx Myself?

Still here!

Considered leaving but....

Please, please, please go visit Em's running buddy's blog and offer only encouragement:

They will be running their half marathon next Saturday.  Pray that they finish and Emily doesn't poop her pants.  It happens.  They also want a dog to run with them.  It's happened.  Anyone in Wilmington, NC can go out with signs like these:

20 Great Marathon Spectator Signs Too Funny ! :). Hahahahaha let me tell you, I saw some pretty good ones along the way!!!!  :)

Funny sign at Rock n Roll marathon -

Funny Marathon sign. Gotta remember this one

After my week of suck...well, it didn't get better.  We got a buttload of snow.  Hunter was backing out of a driveway, on the phone, drinking coffee, applying mascara when he put his truck in a ditch.  A few swear words later, he was out and trekking up the driveway to get some one to help pull him out. Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am, boy down.  They brought him home to me so I could take him to the hospital.  Oh, and we were expecting more snow and ice that evening.  Long story short, he tore his quad at the knee.  Knee, which we were worried about, is fine.  So instead of surgery and a tour around Italy on crutches, he will do therapy twice a week for four/five weeks.  Yay!

Good news:

Still in Em's bath as we are STILL finishing our bathroom

Cute little pockets

My girls are not one for texture but this is so subtle and soft.  Yes, it is very delicate but I will do right by it.  I can do medium or large in sweaters.  Found the large worked best for my 34F wonder twins.  I decided to go with a cardigan because it will get a lot more use.  Really like it.

We are so close to being finished with the bath.  Shower door will be installed tomorrow.  Waiting for the doors...come in this week but they will need to be stained and installed.  

Sneak peek

I missed my potty!