Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Well Hello There...

Guess what's coming soon?!


Sassy Sandy (my mom), Miss Em, and I all went to see the original back when.

Now they have gone and Super Sized it!!!!

Something besides this weather to get my temperature up.


Other news, last Monday we had a male black Cocker Spaniel in our garage (we called him Georgie).  He looked pretty good to me but had no collar and seemed to want to stay with us.  Poor Maggie chased him all over the yard until they were both exhausted and limping.  Minnie could not be bothered by something as lowly as another dog.  And to throw more stress his way, Sunny (neighbors dog) came to visit and check him out.  He was infested with fleas, had an ear infection, and was very matted in his ears, and he was not neutered.  We put up signs.  No one called.  Took him to the vet for a full check up because he had lost hair around his eyes...wanted to make sure it wasn't contagious.  Picked him up in the afternoon.  The receptionist, who had just started her shift, wanted to make him hers (she named him Baxter).  Yay!  He shall now have a loving home and poor Minnie will not have to put up with him.

Best I could get of him


Hunter's shoulder surgery went well.  Was at the hospital (he's hard to incubate) for 10 hours for a 45 minute surgery.  Geez.  He will be in his sling for about three more weeks and then start therapy.  He has very good movement already.  Didn't have the heart to take a picture of him.  He was quite an ass the first week.  Something about pain...whatever.  I managed to get through it though.

Just a hot, boring summer for us.  Just the way I like it.