Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Gown has Arrived: Anthro Lora Maxi Dress

Lora Maxi Dress Navy here
on sale $180 (originally $350)
Pup doe not like the rain and storm
I am going to a special event the first weekend in March.  I had used a personal shopper from Anthro last year to help me with this event.  Because it was successful, I decided to use a PS again (last one was travelling so I got another).  I was drawn to this dress before our consultation.  Oh, this was done by e-mail.  She produced three looks for this dress and then picked three other dresses and produced a look for each of those.  I liked them all but since I had the time I thought I would start with this dress since it was my favorite.  Free shipping and express to boot when using PS.
Ingredients - Self: 100% Silk, Combo: 100% Nylon, Lining: 100% Acetate.  Dry Clean only.
Close up
Yowza.  A bit low don't ya think?  Why?
Sleeves are sheer, the lace is over blue.
Black trim.  I do not mind navy and black.
So pretty
Side shot. Will need Spanx just for my peace of mind.

When I first tried it on I panicked because I couldn't get it over my head.  I thought, "Please have a side zipper."  It does.  I love everything about this but the plunge.  I do not even need to get it hemmed.  I am going to try and tack it half way up.  If that works, it's a keeper.  If not, I will be reviewing my next choice soon.

Anthropologie Mesilla Peasant Blouse and Stacked Spots Pullover

Pier One here
 Anthro Mesilla Peasant Blouse
Green Motif here size M
100% Polyester - BUT Handwashable
Okay.  I know, I know.  I have a bit of spring fever and this looked cute and they had free shipping and and and...
It did not seem to be THAT sheer IRL but these pictures tell otherwise.
Close up of my two little friends:
Kinda sexy but modest.  The detail is really nice.
That is my hand behind the fabric.
Sleeve detail
Tucked in.  I have got to stop looking down.  I refuse to acknowledge i have more than two chins.
Side shot - not too flattering.
See, I can make it work right now.
It will be really cute with white jeans/capris in the spring/summer.  Keeper.
Stacked Spots Pullover
Navy here size M
I actually got this for Christmas and forgot I never reviewed it. is made of 58% cotton, 22% polyester, 18% viscose, and 2% cashmere.  I think there is a gummy worm in there too.  Anyway, it is soft and I wash on handwash cycle, dry flat.  Simple pull on sweater.  No real thinking required.
Back.  Two Buttons.  They give you a replacement button.
Side.  I have my one good bra on.  Boy do I need two more.
Inside out.
Well, it is 70 F outside today with tornado warnings till this afternoon.  I can not believe this weather!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Anthro Web Tales Boatneck Review

Another beautiful item from Leifsdottir
Web Tales Boatneck here
Has a flap on the right side.  I believe it is modest and the overlap should not expose any muffin.
The cut makes your waist tiny and your boobs even bigger.  Every once in awhile you have to throw hubby a nugget.
98% Viscose, 8% Spandex
Thicker than a tee and very comfortable - we are talking spandex here.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What to wear, what to wear.

I have a wonderful event coming up in a bit over a month and as usual I have nothing to wear!  It is an annual wine auction and dinner at our local museum.  Fancy and fun.  Last year I wore this beautiful outfit:

These Palazzo pants looked like a long skirt until you moved and then SURPRISE! SURPRISE!
I love them but can not risk wearing them again to this event.  I want something different.  I mean different but elegant, ladylike, graceful, stunning.  Too much to ask for?  Here are my choices:
Lora Maxi Dress
Simple, yet beautiful.  But is it too safe?
Palm Canyon Dress
Love.  Everything but the color, that is.  Will I look like I have jaundice?
Penelope Dress
This is perfect for the event at a museum.  But can I pull this off?  Is this a man repeller?
I am working with a wonderful online consultant with Anthropologie.  She has put together several outfits.  I will order the dresses (free shipping), try them all on, decide, return the unwanted dresses (free returns).  Thoughts?  Ideas? Critiques?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

J Crew Cotton V Neck Sweaters

 These sweaters are perfect for spring, early summer, and even fall here in east Tennessee.  So I bought what colors I liked and one I took a chance on because with the current promotion - $55 + 40% off- they were doable.  I am in size M and it fits TTS.

Three colors.  Will they all work?


Brocade Blue here
A bit deeper color than on website.  Keeper.
Mint - not showing up today on line.  Keeper.
Wait for it...wait for it..

Lemon Pulp.  Hmmm.
I was expecting a soft yellow like the pic on line.  This photo does not do the color justice either.
But this does:

Somewhat neon.  I have a real problem with "warm" colors because of my coloring.  I keep trying though and believe it or not...
Wait for it...wait for it...
I really like it.  Keeper!
Now ask me at the end of summer how many times I wore this and I might be bitter but I'm gonna give it a go.

Anthro Embroidered Tulip Dress review

Embroidered Tulip Dress
Doesn't she look lovely? here On Sale $90
Not too shabby!
Holey Moley, put those things away. 

The dress is quite lovely.  A lighter shade of black.
Sorry, a bit blurry.  I have it next to a black dress from Ann Taylor so you can compare.
It wraps and is sewn in place.  There is a built in slip also.  Well Done.
Close up of the details without the distraction of my girls.
Back of dress.

I will be returning this because I am just not that comfortable with all that cleavage.  Otherwise, the fit and workmanship is worth it.  Especially at 90 bucks.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Anthropologie: Blomma Cross-Stitched Skirt Review

Blomma Cross-Stiched Skirt, size 8 here
on sale $50
Fringed Cowlneck in Ivory, size M  reviewed here, here
Close up of skirt material, color, texture:
The skirt is thick, almost brocade like, and the stitching does remind me of something I would make as a teen for the canning jar lid...and then you put candy in it and gave a gift.  Please tell me I am NOT alone with these memories from the past.
Even closer:
I put with a true red and a true orange belt (both from Target) and even though the pic looks like it is orange, it really is a cross between the two.
Styled: not like the heavy black tights.  Oh, it has pockets!
Wearing daughters boots.  never know what to do with that a wave.  I would make the skirt shorter, but hard to do because the material is stiff and hard to roll.
Do like the sheer tights much better.
Shoes: Tassle tie loafers, Miss L Fire here, review here

Not sure why but I like the pink J Crew Tippi with it, hmm.
I think I have spring fever because I want to style it for spring.  It definitely is a fall, winter skirt.  100% cotton with 100% polyster lining.  Again the skirt is very thick.
A bit off topic but, I have been having troubles getting my pictures loaded.  One day while trying to figure out the problem I looked at the Traffic Sources for my views.  One of them was a google search for "nice t*ts in a see-through sweater".  I immediately thought, "damn some one thinks I have nice t*ts!"  And then, "Perv!" So this is the image they got:
 Oh the Disappointment!!!