Friday, September 27, 2013

Should be "Which Did You Have?"

Which would it be?

Toggle Down and see the ones I sported.  Hey, I was on the fashion bubble.

6th Grade - My parents thought I would never get married.

Me on the right with my college room mate and some spooky guy in the middle.

Humor for the Weekend

Compliments of my lovely daughter:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Clothing Reviews - 2 Blouses and a Pair of Clodhoppers

I received four packages yesterday from UPS.  It was like Christmas!!!

First, from Nordstroms:

On Model

On Me

Closer shot

And even closer

This was such a cute top...just not on me.  First, I should know better than to put on vertical pleats with my girls.  They just never lay/lie right.  Second, it was very sheer.  Third, it gives the peplum effect which is a no no for me.  I did think this ran a bit large.  Negating the pleats, I would have sized down.

So damn cute.

Oh well, back she goes.

Next from Banana Republic...

Utility Blouse Navy Based Blue, size M

On Model

On Me

Okay, I can hear the snickering.  Navy is like my crack, give me a break.  Not the best picture.

The girls are happy.  No buttons therefore no gaping.

Shoulder detail.

Back view.  It is the pretty blue in the other pictures,  Not this shade.

This is 100% polyester.  With my discounts and coupons I got it for a song.  It will work perfectly in my wardrobe.

Finally the clodhoppers from J Crew...

Classic Macalister Boots in Suede Anchor Gray, size 7 (unisex sizes)

Classic MacAlister boots in suede

So Cute!

This is how I'll wear them.  Just Kidding.

Nice nubby sole to prevent slipping and sliding.

Good padding inside for comfort.

Next to my 'ol faithful Wallabies.  They look bigger.

Okay these are unisex shoes.  I take a 9 in shoes.  40 in Euro size.  They suggested women order two sizes down, i.e. I ordered a 7.  Perfect.  I found them to be very comfortable.  They also come shearling lined but that is not necessary where I live.  If I need those, my ass is inside.  My Wallabies somehow have become my foul weather shoes.  Therefore, they have seen better days.

I know I said I got four boxes but the last one will have to wait.  I thought the shoes, with the promo, were a great price and wanted to get them out before the promo ends.  I am sure the next Promo will be 30% off shoes.

And just cuz...

Eye Candy

Guess who's son this is?

Scott EastwoodNoe DeWitt

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Women in Music - Brittany Howard / Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes - Brittany Howard

Alabama Shakes is an Alabama soulful rock band and so much more.  They received nominations for the 2013 Grammy Awards for Best New Artist, Best Rock Performance, and Best Recording Package.  Their album Boys & Girls is one of my favorites...every song is fantastic.


I'm not the best guitar player but I'll certainly play it like I mean it.

Retro soul is not what we're going for though it's understandable why people say it.  We take inspiration from that, but we all understand Black Sabbath, too.  On the record, we left a lot of room for whatever we want to do in the future.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Women in Music - Lucinda Williams

I thought I would do a short series on fabulous female music artists.  Hope you enjoy.

Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams Announces New Album, Tour Dates

She is an American rock, folk, blues, and country singer and songwriter.  She won a Grammy Award for best Contemporary Folk Album for Car Wheels on a Gravel Road in 1998.  Time Magazine's Songwriter of the Year in 2002.


I'm not just a doormat.  I'm not just being stepped on all over the place.  If you look at the bulk of my material, it's about trying to find some strength through that.

You should put time into your craft.  It seems like people want success so quickly, way before they are ready.

The guitar player is really good too!Women in Music

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Emily!

To my favorite daughter in the whole wide world!

Happy 18th Birthday!

How's it feel to finally be an adult?!  I feel old.

Just for you baby...

Now, call your mother.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's About Time

Something's always happening at our house.

Some might take this as a sign to lose weight.  It was hilarious to watch him try to get up.

I, however, told Hunter this was a sign that it was time to take our hot, seldom used back deck...

and make it into a sunroom!  Or, he could lose weight.  His pick.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Animal Photo Bombs

My daughter brought this to my attention.  I thought they were hilarious...

Keep a sense of humor.  Some of you may need it!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Birthday Haul - Anthro and a Beautiful Bag

It always amazes me that my husband gets the exact thing I want...or things.  Of course it always helps that I actually purchase my gifts and just tell him thanks.  Anthropologie actually opened a store here in Knoxville two weeks ago and I finally got to it the other day.  Someday I'll actually have time to peruse the home wares but this particular day I was looking strictly at the clothing.  I tried on quite a few frogs before I found my princes.  Girl always needs more than one...

Ruffled Picea Buttondown, Size 10, Green Motif here

For some reason this blouse is buried in their website and I could not get a picture to copy.  So, I will just be the model...

On me:

Perfect shade of green.  Sleeves 3/4 length.

Normally I shy away from any embellishment on the chest...detracts from the girls and makes them look even larger.

The ruffles lay relatively flat and also hide any possible gaping.

Nice detail around the collar

Loop and button at the sleeve.

Back view

Aw, they even gave me an extra button AND this is hand washable (polyester).

Beautiful detail on the ruffles.

The girls say hi.  No cleavage.

Side shot.  Do not believe the ruffles add a whole lot more to my profile.  Shirt can be worn out or tucked.

A nice fitted shape.  I have got to stop looking chins say hi too, I guess.

Small detail at shoulder.

This is what I have been looking for in a green blouse.


Jersey Fatigue Jacket, Size L, Green here

Anthro is not cooperating with me on pictures today.

On me



Drawstring at waist.  Made of a strong lace.

Inner button and snap close.

Can roll the sleeves up.

Or wear them down.

Back view.

Little lace detail on the inside.

Machine washable.

This is a perfect jacket for Eastern Tennessee in both fall and spring.  The color is really a soft fatigue green.  It is stretchy, spandex.  It is soft, cotton.  And of course we throw some polyester in there too.  I tried on the medium put it pulled across the girls just a bit too much, fit better in the shoulders though.  I  would wear this over tees and smooth sweaters.  Nothing real thick or you would look lumpy/bumpy.

And finally my new bag...

Rebecca Minkoff Mab Mini, Port here

I am pretty much a one bag woman.  Remember, I am a slug.  It takes a lot of effort for me to change bags.  Not that I have a lot of shit, I'm just lazy.  But it is time to change it up a bit.  I have a lovely bag I use fall/winter but I love the oxblood/wine/port/bordeaux (the list goes on) color.  Unfortunately, it doesn't love my skin tone too much.  So a bag and/or shoes is what I am stuck with...I went with the bag.

There it is!

Large front pocket.

Interior has large zip pocket and a pouch on one side.

Two pouches on the other.

Nothing here.

Side detail for when using as a handbag and best picture for the true color.
Looking good with the flops.

Fits under armpit.

Oops, forgot to flip.  Anyway, undo and you have yourself a crossbody.
The strap is NOT adjustable.  Nice length for 5'6 frame.

And across the body and through the boobs.

Not sure why these are here.  One on each side.  You detach the strap but the hook parts remain.  I guess they are for show.

They call this a mini but it is full size.

A bit smaller than my usual bag.  The quality is great and all the storage pockets are right up my alley. 

Now, if I want to match shoes...

I'll be wearing these.  DV by Dolce Vita Gelle Flat here
They are like wearing slippers and only $70.  No stretching, no extra padding needed.  
Well, that's what the hubs got me.  He did good didn't he?