Monday, May 19, 2014


Like everyone, life has gotten a tad busy.  Which the slug in me doesn't particularly like...we prefer a nice, even pace.  The weather has continued to do it's climate change, global warming, let's screw with the people below kind of thing.

This weekend we went off to Columbus, OH to watch Emily play in her first Nationals for Elon Ultimate Frisbee Women's Team.  Grammy came along with Hunter and I.  Saturday it rained, sleeted, hailed, rained some more all at a balmy 48 F.  Sun finally came out long after the games were done for the day.

Emily is right in the middle in black #18.  See her?

See the chick in the white on the left with #39 on her shorts?
Emily is right next to her in a black jacket.

Sunday woke up to 39 F but full sun.  Got up to 68 F and was a beautiful day.  The women came in 11th place  and the men came in 2nd.  Had a fun time but do believe I have a cold.  I have not been that cold in a long time.  Emily will be home Wednesday for the ENTIRE summer.  Yay!


I have managed to do a few more things on my 101 Things in 1001 days list.

#12   Start a vegetable garden...We have lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, squash, cucumbers, and hopefully okra (hey, we are in the south...have to have okra)

#15  Install a security gate....Not quite done but in the process.

#27   Eat a tofu dish...Did this in Charleston.  It was really good.

#30   Find a new church home...and it's 2 miles from my house!

#36  Play in the rain...(See pics above) Okay technically I wasn't playing but...

#86  Vote...I voted in the primaries for our county

#94  Sell things on Ebay...Okay, let the rant begin:

I decided to use a "service" suggested by Ebay.  They send you a shipping label, USPS, you write out your list and descriptions, box it all up, off it goes.   They unpack said items, evaluate each item, decide what will sell, what will not.  I sent in 11 items.  The BIG one was my Reed Krakoff bag that has gotten one use, that I paid a bunch of money for, that I was expecting to recoup maybe half what I paid.  Bastards wouldn't even list it.  Said it did not meet their requirements.  WTF?!  Anyhoo, of the seven items they agreed to sell only my yellow Banana republic handbag sold for $37.  I get 70% of that so roughly $26.  They take $10 to ship all my shit back to me.  So for all that I got $16.00.  Sixteen friggin' dollars!!!!  My stuff is on the way back and I am anxious to see the bag.  Did a huge stain/gouge get on it?  What?  What is wrong with my stuff?!  Sigh.

Kind of depressing.  I bought me some Fig Newtons for my trip this weekend...I'm off to finish the box!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Who's Older Now?!

My older sister has a birthday today.  She has turned the glorious age FIFTY!

There she is with my kids when she was forty:

Just kidding, that's my very beloved grandmother .

Anyway,  over the years I have adored her, been jealous of her, hated her, been indifferent towards her, cared for her, laughed with her, bitched with her, whined with her, been sick with her...
And loved her.

Evil sister pinching the shit out of me.

Sis showing some leg

Yeah, cookies!

Who the hell cut our bangs?!  Mom?

These dolls actually peed.  So cool.

This is why I never wear pink.

Halloween.  I am a gypsy.  She's a homeless hobo.

Our ugly stage

We must have broken the camera because I have nothing until college...

Eighteen and Twenty years old.  Damn girl, we are looking hot.

Seattle before our Alaskan Cruise...we call this our fat hearty stage.

She braved the Orlando cold and went to Disney with us.

Last year at the old folks house.

She is beautiful, smart, funny, and O L D E R !
Ha, after all those years...who wishes they were the YOUNGER sister now?!

Happy Birthday Leesa!  I love you!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Anthropologie Dress Reviews...So many Choices (or Not)

Here I am again trying to figure out what to wear.

Hunter and I are going to the Glassworks Ball at our local museum.  It is black tie and I haven't a thing to wear.  So...let's email our very good Anthropologie Personal Assistant and see what she comes up with.

Now I did tell her I wanted something a bit artsy fartsy but not over the top.  She came up with several "looks" that included shoes, jewelry, bag, etc.  And express and if needed over night
shipping was free.  Unfortunately, the dress I really wanted was sold out
 and my second choice was on backorder.

I thought this would have been perfect but OUT OF STOCK.  Just not meant to be.

Seascape Maxi Skirt
SOLD OUT.  Plus a bit out there and was expensive (I think over $500...could be wrong).

Ratings & Reviews 32 product revie
Rubied Dusk Dress
Pretty but I don't really do red.
So...I ordered one dress thinking it was different, still in my color scheme, no one else would be wearing it, and could possibly look great on my figure.  I put all my eggs in one basket.

Let's give this a go...

This is silk with a cotton lining, but not the slippery silk...kind of a matte silk?
I am 5'6 and this just grazes the floor.  My measurements are 40/29/38. 
Not made for my girls though.

 Notice models "cumberbund" versus mine.

A bitty bit of arm boobage

My girls need freedom

 It is halfway up my chest.  Would a size up help?

 Forgetta about it.  Not for me.

Lana Dress, size 10
How about this?

This is all kinds of pattern matching.

Let's start with the top.  Chiffon like sheer outer layer with dotted camisole underneath.  The camisole is fully attached at the back but not the front.

About two sizes too small.  The girls were just punishing those poor buttons.

The bottom front has a few buttons also.  The fabric is stiff and sequiny and quite pretty.

Front.  What's with the bow?

Back.  The back panel is just regular 'ol material to caress your tush I assume.

No not really.

I would say the bottom is about 1/2 to 1 size too big.  I really liked the concept.  
The execution just didn't work for me.  Truthfully if you have a bit of pear shape it would be 
perfect for your body.


Why not?

The material is pretty.  These are IRL colors.

Like little postage stamps


Bow tie at the shoulder.  I will never be able to replicate.

Gave it my best.

Do you put the bow in the front, on top, really doesn't matter because all you will notice are these...

My girls are now their own mountain range.  Note to self: quit trying pleats on the chest.

Side shot of Mount Boobaliscious.

Big Sigh.


Carissima Sheath, size 8

Okay this is the one I liked but didn't have my size.  Upon careful review, from those wonderful Anthro reviewers, several ladies said it ran I went down a size because they had the 8.

Lacy back detail.

This is what the girls will be contained in.  Sewn in slip underneath.

That is not my belly skin, that is slip.

Sorry a bit dark.  But it does fit quite well, thank you.

Back view.

Side shot.

With my shoes and bag.

Is it too risqué?  Why have I started asking myself "Am I too old for this?"


What I actually have in my own closet that may be a contender..

My version of a tuxedo.

I found my inner Rynetta and just went for it.  It is over the top but lovely.

I like this outfit.  Just feels very "heavy" to me.  Something I would wear fall/winter not Spring to an Art Glass Extravaganza.

Dress or Pants?  What do you think?