Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Anthropologie: Blomma Cross-Stitched Skirt Review

Blomma Cross-Stiched Skirt, size 8 here
on sale $50
Fringed Cowlneck in Ivory, size M  reviewed here, here
Close up of skirt material, color, texture:
The skirt is thick, almost brocade like, and the stitching does remind me of something I would make as a teen for the canning jar lid...and then you put candy in it and gave a gift.  Please tell me I am NOT alone with these memories from the past.
Even closer:
I put with a true red and a true orange belt (both from Target) and even though the pic looks like it is orange, it really is a cross between the two.
Nope...do not like the heavy black tights.  Oh, it has pockets!
Wearing daughters boots.  never know what to do with that hand...giving a wave.  I would make the skirt shorter, but hard to do because the material is stiff and hard to roll.
Do like the sheer tights much better.
Shoes: Tassle tie loafers, Miss L Fire here, review here

Not sure why but I like the pink J Crew Tippi with it, hmm.
I think I have spring fever because I want to style it for spring.  It definitely is a fall, winter skirt.  100% cotton with 100% polyster lining.  Again the skirt is very thick.
A bit off topic but, I have been having troubles getting my pictures loaded.  One day while trying to figure out the problem I looked at the Traffic Sources for my views.  One of them was a google search for "nice t*ts in a see-through sweater".  I immediately thought, "damn some one thinks I have nice t*ts!"  And then, "Perv!" So this is the image they got:
 Oh the Disappointment!!!


  1. The part about the Google search had me cracking up!

    I think your new skirt is very cute and cheerful, and I especially like it with the fringed cowl-neck sweater.

  2. I just hope I haven't set myself up by writing about it. I'll have to check in a few days :)