Friday, September 28, 2012

Anthropologie Shoes: Tassel Tie Oxford, Suede Moc, Two Buckle Booties

With their latest promotion, I decided to order shoes from Anthropologie.

First up...Tassel Tie Oxford here in brown
Love them completely.  They are pretty darn close to perfect.  Soft, comfortable, true to size, and so cute.  Ordering shoes is always iffy but these are not only exactly what I expected but are also my exact size.  Yeah!
 Next up...Suede Moccasin Pumps here in black
As soon as I placed my order I regretted not getting the turquoise instead.  Doesn't matter.  They are going back.  First, they are too small.  I would go up 1/2 to maybe a full size.  Second, I slipped on the carpet over and over, even though there are small groves on the sole.  Last,  I just felt for a third of the money I could get comparable shoes at Payless.  They are just eh.
Third pair... Two Buckle Booties here in Green Suede
I really wanted to keep these but just could not justify them.  They are a bit big but not enough to go down a size.  The zipper on the side is very tough to open and close.  The color just was not dark enough for me.  I was hoping they would be a bit deeper but the website picture is spot on.  I just do not think I would wear them.  A bit too 60's for me.
Next...Suede Moccasin Wedges here in Raspberry
I've reviewed them before but I just love them.  Very expensive but I know you'll love not only the look but the feel.  I love this brand - Kenneth Cole Gentle Souls.  You have to be selective because a lot are very matronly.  I also have these from them:
Upon a Star Sandal here different colors
Always get complements.  And these:
Buckle Up Boots here
Sorry.  Black's hard to photograph.  Love these too.
DV by Dolce Vita Lissa Flat here
These were not comfortable but I loved the style, pattern, and color. So I made them comfortable.
I put thick socks on, heated them up with my hair dryer, let them cool on my feet with my socks on, took the socks off, put the shoes back on.  TA-DA!  Sometimes it takes two to three goes but these only took once.  Love em!!
I am still looking for just the right pair of red high heels.  Someday.

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