Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Anthro Embroidered Tulip Dress review

Embroidered Tulip Dress
Doesn't she look lovely? here On Sale $90
Not too shabby!
Holey Moley, put those things away. 

The dress is quite lovely.  A lighter shade of black.
Sorry, a bit blurry.  I have it next to a black dress from Ann Taylor so you can compare.
It wraps and is sewn in place.  There is a built in slip also.  Well Done.
Close up of the details without the distraction of my girls.
Back of dress.

I will be returning this because I am just not that comfortable with all that cleavage.  Otherwise, the fit and workmanship is worth it.  Especially at 90 bucks.


  1. Hi! I am like you - I like this dress - but I am always uncomfortable with a lot of cleavage!

    1. Boy did I have it. After wearing for only five minutes even I was embarrassed to have those things in my face.