Wednesday, January 23, 2013

J Crew Cotton V Neck Sweaters

 These sweaters are perfect for spring, early summer, and even fall here in east Tennessee.  So I bought what colors I liked and one I took a chance on because with the current promotion - $55 + 40% off- they were doable.  I am in size M and it fits TTS.

Three colors.  Will they all work?


Brocade Blue here
A bit deeper color than on website.  Keeper.
Mint - not showing up today on line.  Keeper.
Wait for it...wait for it..

Lemon Pulp.  Hmmm.
I was expecting a soft yellow like the pic on line.  This photo does not do the color justice either.
But this does:

Somewhat neon.  I have a real problem with "warm" colors because of my coloring.  I keep trying though and believe it or not...
Wait for it...wait for it...
I really like it.  Keeper!
Now ask me at the end of summer how many times I wore this and I might be bitter but I'm gonna give it a go.


  1. Well I like all three colours, though I really love the brocade blue. I have the tippi cardigan in that colour and the blythe blouse and I am a huge fan of it. I think the lime-y undertones of the yellow actually work in your favour as it is not a "hot" yellow. I would definitely keep it for that price and if you find you are not reaching for it, pair with a scarf - I think yellow is so nice in the spring and summer!

  2. All three are very cute. Yellow is a no-go for my skin tone, but on you it really works, you lucky duck! The brocade blue is amazing on you.