Thursday, January 24, 2013

What to wear, what to wear.

I have a wonderful event coming up in a bit over a month and as usual I have nothing to wear!  It is an annual wine auction and dinner at our local museum.  Fancy and fun.  Last year I wore this beautiful outfit:

These Palazzo pants looked like a long skirt until you moved and then SURPRISE! SURPRISE!
I love them but can not risk wearing them again to this event.  I want something different.  I mean different but elegant, ladylike, graceful, stunning.  Too much to ask for?  Here are my choices:
Lora Maxi Dress
Simple, yet beautiful.  But is it too safe?
Palm Canyon Dress
Love.  Everything but the color, that is.  Will I look like I have jaundice?
Penelope Dress
This is perfect for the event at a museum.  But can I pull this off?  Is this a man repeller?
I am working with a wonderful online consultant with Anthropologie.  She has put together several outfits.  I will order the dresses (free shipping), try them all on, decide, return the unwanted dresses (free returns).  Thoughts?  Ideas? Critiques?


  1. The first one is my favorite! Beautiful blue and gorgeous details. I think it would be perfect for the event. :)

    1. Me too. And it is on sale. I am just trying to step out of the box a bit. There is just something about the third one that I like. Just afraid I will look like I am wearing a sack.