Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Anthro Sweaters: Fringed Cowlneck and Marna Fairisle Sweater

Fringed Cowlneck
here in Ivory
It is so hard to shop through the internet but I do not have an Anthro closer than 3 1/2 hours away.  This is one of those purchases that is not what I expected but still like anyways.  Not sure why, but I thought it would be thicker.  Not even sure I would call a sweater.  Feels like tee with a bit of wool.  It is also shorter than I expected.  I am 5'6 and it is sitting right above my belt.  And no, these are not hiphugger pants nor are they "mom" pants.  They sit about an inch below belly button.   You can also see the arms are bunched up to wear at my wrist.  When fully extendes they come down half my hand.

Close up of detail cowl.  Very pretty and well done.  You can see the difference in textures between the neck, fringe, and body of  "sweater".
Close up of neck material.  The body of the sweater is solid, no cammy required.
I would call the color a cross between ivory and oatmeal.  Like I said...not at all what I was expecting but really like it none the less.  I will just need to remember to suck the tummy in anytime I raise my hands.  I got both these sweaters when Anthro had there 30% off all sweater sale.  This is a size Medium and fits TTS.  Arms a bit long, torso a bit short.  Hmm. 
Marna Fairisle Sweater here in Red Motif
Boy do I have problems with the red family.  Well, definitely looks better open than closed.  The colors are pretty just not sure if they are on me. I will definitly have to wear a shirt under this or I'll be even splotchier than normal.  Itchy.  I purchased a size Large. If it has buttons down the front I am almost always a large.
Close up of the pulling across my boobs.  Close up of the colors.  The neck has a soft green trim right at the neck.  Sorry, missed that photo but you can see it in the product shot on Anthro.  The buttons are plastic with yellow threading.
With my AT Winter White Crepe Pants here
On the fence with this sweater.  I will have to style it a couple of ways to decide.  I have one more thing coming from Anthro so I will wait to decide until it arrives.  Sigh.  I thought this was so beautiful in the catalog.
Maybe I need the beanie ;)


  1. That Fair Isle sweater didn't work for me. The colors were just a little off with my coloring. I like the cowlneck sweater on you. That's nice.

    1. I love the Cowlneck sweater and have worn it three times. Washed on "hand wash" in the machine and turned out just fine. Was afraid it would be cropped. Both hubby and daughter say nice things when I put it on.