Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Gown has Arrived: Anthro Lora Maxi Dress

Lora Maxi Dress Navy here
on sale $180 (originally $350)
Pup doe not like the rain and storm
I am going to a special event the first weekend in March.  I had used a personal shopper from Anthro last year to help me with this event.  Because it was successful, I decided to use a PS again (last one was travelling so I got another).  I was drawn to this dress before our consultation.  Oh, this was done by e-mail.  She produced three looks for this dress and then picked three other dresses and produced a look for each of those.  I liked them all but since I had the time I thought I would start with this dress since it was my favorite.  Free shipping and express to boot when using PS.
Ingredients - Self: 100% Silk, Combo: 100% Nylon, Lining: 100% Acetate.  Dry Clean only.
Close up
Yowza.  A bit low don't ya think?  Why?
Sleeves are sheer, the lace is over blue.
Black trim.  I do not mind navy and black.
So pretty
Side shot. Will need Spanx just for my peace of mind.

When I first tried it on I panicked because I couldn't get it over my head.  I thought, "Please have a side zipper."  It does.  I love everything about this but the plunge.  I do not even need to get it hemmed.  I am going to try and tack it half way up.  If that works, it's a keeper.  If not, I will be reviewing my next choice soon.


  1. Hopefully, having it tacked works, because the dress looks beautiful on you! No good, though, to feel that you're constantly adjusting the bust-line of your dress throughout the evening. Lovely color on you, and I think the black is a very nice contrast with the navy.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I hand sewed that puppy halfway up and now looks perfect! Of course my hubby would have prefered the unaltered dress but he will never know.

  2. Great news on the sewing! I think it looks wonderful on you! But if I am adjusting my top, I know it is a no go! I think this is really different and lovely and will be a big hit no doubt! Too bad pup can't go, too!

  3. I love my Minnie dog. She has suddenly gotten a bit old - no longer can jump on the bed :( I also love my new dress. Now it's time for accessories.

  4. It's a great gown. Don't underestimate the use of more than one type of Spanx at the same time.
    I've worn the long line "pants" with legs along with the full body slip together with stunning effect. And...I could still breathe, always a plus!!

  5. I think I will go with the Body suit. I have problems with the "pants". They tend to roll at the belly when seated plus a slip let's my thighs rub together. I know, to much information :()

  6. BB, check with you PS, I think that dress just got cut to $89.99 last week, so if you're still within the timeframe, you can get a price adjustment!

    1. Thanks for looking out for me. You are correct and I am tickled pink!!!