Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anthropologie Mesilla Peasant Blouse and Stacked Spots Pullover

Pier One here
 Anthro Mesilla Peasant Blouse
Green Motif here size M
100% Polyester - BUT Handwashable
Okay.  I know, I know.  I have a bit of spring fever and this looked cute and they had free shipping and and and...
It did not seem to be THAT sheer IRL but these pictures tell otherwise.
Close up of my two little friends:
Kinda sexy but modest.  The detail is really nice.
That is my hand behind the fabric.
Sleeve detail
Tucked in.  I have got to stop looking down.  I refuse to acknowledge i have more than two chins.
Side shot - not too flattering.
See, I can make it work right now.
It will be really cute with white jeans/capris in the spring/summer.  Keeper.
Stacked Spots Pullover
Navy here size M
I actually got this for Christmas and forgot I never reviewed it. is made of 58% cotton, 22% polyester, 18% viscose, and 2% cashmere.  I think there is a gummy worm in there too.  Anyway, it is soft and I wash on handwash cycle, dry flat.  Simple pull on sweater.  No real thinking required.
Back.  Two Buttons.  They give you a replacement button.
Side.  I have my one good bra on.  Boy do I need two more.
Inside out.
Well, it is 70 F outside today with tornado warnings till this afternoon.  I can not believe this weather!


  1. HI BB! Like them both, but I really love the sweater - it seems quite cheeky to me!

  2. And so simple to boot. Gotta love something you can throw over your head and boom...your done.