Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sale Shirts at Anthropologie

I purchased these earlier in the year but thought since they are now on sale I would do a quick review.  I love them all.
Sagiso Blouse here
Gap Long & Lean Jeans here Size Down
Anthro Harvest Stones Necklace  - No longer available
Anthro Bursting Sky Slingbacks - No longer available
This is my favorite.  I needed an outfit in February/March (sorry getting old..short term memory a bit rough) and my online personal shopper suggested this shirt.  It is very delicate and sheer, camisole required.  It was originally shone in the catalogue with shorts and wedges.  Very cute for a bit younger generation.  It truely is multi-season.  Back view:

Eliora Top here
Takes a minute for me to get the wrap just right over the chiclets.  But once I do, I need no further adjusting the rest of the day.  The blue is spot on at the Anthro site.  Very pretty and again multi season.  I do wear a cami under because of the back:
Just not willing to show my bra strap.  Although with nude maybe doable.
Mansi Top here
This is not on sale but my guess is it will/should be soon.  Again the web site picture is very acturate.  And again, a cami is needed.  The front is semi sheer and will need to be ironed after washing ( I wash on delicate, lay flat to dry).  The back is light weight t-shirt material.  I really like the this style and Tiny puts out many.  Theres is one on sale here.
Have a great day!

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