Tuesday, September 18, 2012

J Crew Sale T shirts and a Tippi or Two

I purchased the following shirts on sale (on line) at J Crew last week, they are still on sale:
Accordian Pleat Top here
I am so sorry I do not have a picture.  If you have any chest what so ever ( I am 36D)... Do Not Buy!
I was so disappointed with this.  The color is deep and pretty but whoever designed this should be ashamed.  Yes, that bad.  The material stuck to my breasts and the pleats did all sorts misbehaving. 
Optic Dot Boatneck Tee (Size M - green/navy) here
 I had tried this on at the store when it first came out but didn't really like the material.  Well, since they discounted and then added another 30% off I went ahead and got it.  Just a basic tee but stiff material and not a lot of give.  The pattern is flattering and so are the colors.  My daughters high school colors are green so this will be worn mostly to volleyball games.
Perfect Fit Color Block Tee (Size M - bright hydrangea navy) here
I'll be honest, I have not been a huge J Crew fan for several years.  I tend to get their blazers and that's about all.  I picked this on a whim and really like it, especially for $20.  I have never tried their perfect fit tees before (I'm a Banana Republic tee girl - except they are very limited on colors).  Nice thick, soft material and hugs me in all the right places.
Tippi Sweater (Size M - turquois pool & classic pink) here
Marquess Fleur Necklace here
At the time, the turquois tippi was on sale and I wanted to try something different so I got the pink.  The problem I have with pinks and reds is I have pink skin, not the beautiful alabaster white skin...just pink.  I purchased the necklace to wear with the pink tippi to help seperate and brighten my face.  Otherwise, I'll be monochramatic.  I liked the look of the tippi but not sold on the feel of the tippi.  I am aware that it is merino wool - but it really could be softer.  And on that note:
Tippi Sweater in Colorblock Stripe (Size L -acorn navy) here
I know.  I am full of it.  Me like Tippi.  I bought a larger size because I did want more of a relaxed look.  If you have not seen it in stores the bottom band and the band beneath the navy are more of a pale aqua.  I thought they were gray from the online pic.  Has a little pocket and a lot of personality.  Cute!
Oxford Boy in Polka Dot here
Will not be here until November.  Really?!  Sigh.


  1. Hi! Do you still have the pink tippi & optic tee for sale? How much are you asking for them? Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hello. I just recently purchased these two. However, the Optic tee is on sale on line at this time for $30...plus you can get another 30% off today. The Tippi they seem to change sale colors every week and unfortunately the classic pink is not on sale at this time. Shocking Pink is if you are up for that :)

  2. Hi there! I'm trying to follow your blog; however, I don't see a followers tab. Am I just missing it?

    1. Hi. Sorry, I am new at this and had no idea what you were talking about at first. Thanks to google I now have this feature. No idea if it works but that baby is now there.