Monday, September 17, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Fall Sweaters & Cords

Well, September is my birthday month so...I waited for my gift from Anthro (15% off).  I made my list and placed an order.  They arrived Friday the birthday.  I was so excited.  We do not have a store within a three hour drive so I ordered a bunch of things knowing that several would go back.  Which they will.  What I did not realize is the very next day, September 15th, they offered a one day 20% off.  Ugh!  I took that as God's way of telling me order some of those other items that are still on your wish list.

This is what I received:
Sparked Threads Sweater here

I really love this sweater.  I do not have a cammy underneath which is needed - sorry for the peep show.  This is the ivory color size medium.  Also comes in pink.  I could not do the collar like the picture for the pink - tried but failed.  Has a bit of gold yarn, so it sparkles ever so subtlely, and a light tan and ivory yarn.  It has 8% wool so it does give warmth. This is keeper.

Next is the Curved Stripes Cardigan here
I really liked this sweater also (size Medium).  And hey, it has gold yarn also, I would say more copperish.  The colors run more towards the purples than the blues. It is soft, light weight, relaxed, but adds so much to an outfit.  A review of the sweater on the anthro site recommended a skinny belt (did not like on me - too much material) or a brooch (picture below).
Hover Brooch here

Crest Cardigan here
I ordered a medium but it was too small.  Will be sending this back in exchange for a large.  A very well made sweater.  The sweater snaps shut with fabric colored snaps.  See below:
Everything lines up nicely, even with my gaping bossom.  They call the color grey but I would put it more brown.  It is 30% wool so those with sensitive skin will find it a bit itchy.  I think it is a very well made sweater.  It is by the same brand that made the Sparked Threads Sweater above.

Animal Kingdom Blouse here
Sorry, I tried on three sweaters in my little closet and I was hot and splotchy.  I kept thinking, did I put this on right.  Why is there a ruffle on my right breast but not on her friend?  The fabric is rich and cute and I really wanted this to work.  You put on over your head - there is a side zipper - so the fit is very flattering.  It is 100% cotton and can be machine washed.  However....
I just can't pull off the one sided ruffle.  I just felt awkward.
Pilcro Stet Bootcut Cords here
These are the front of my knees.  The color is exactly what I was looking for.  That's Minnie behind me.  She didn't like them.  Was expecting bootcut.  Nice to know I have fat calves and fat knees apparently.
AG Stevie Cord here 
When I ordered these the color said apricot (size 29).  When I got them, the color said pink.  I have the deep green already and was looking for more of a rust color, maybe.  I do like these pants but the color is way too bright for me.  Back they go.  Minnie's indifferent.
I also ordered three belts: Woven Bow Belt here - size medium.  Wayyyy too small.  I gave it to my size 4 daughter.  I think I would need an XL.  Luggage-Lock Belt here -size medium in wine.  Only the front is leather the rest is elastic dyed to match.  Going to keep.  Pixel Corset Belt here -size M/L in black ON SALE. You do put this on over your head.  May not last long but I do not plan to wear it often.  Feels oily but no residue.
Well, I have a couple of lovely sweaters out of this.  Need me some bottoms.  I'm going to have to look elsewhere.


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