Monday, September 24, 2012

Anthro Scarves, Shoes, Pip Blazer, and Watermark Tee

Yeah!  Fall has arrived!
I have been slowly going through my closet for the past month.  All of a sudden the cooler weather is here and I haven't made it very far.  Since it is my daughter and my birthday month we are headed to Atlanta and some much needed retail therapy.  Unfortunately, I thought I would have a bigger and better list from all the culling I was suppose to do.  Also,  Anthropologie suckered me in with my birthday discount and then a 20% off everything the day after. So...
Anthropologie Wrapped Watermark Top here

I am so scared of prints.  That is one of my goals this season is to incorporate a few more prints.  That does not include stripes and polka dots.  I really like this top.  It is extremely forgiving for those with middle issues.  It also made my boobs look a little prouder.  The picture does not do the colors in this top justice.  They are deeper.  Side view:
Geez, I just noticed my hubby's camo t-shirt and Crocs.  Hmmm, guess we'll cull his closet next.
Anthropologie Pip Knit Blazer here
It's on SALE for $50.  It is a casual blazer made of sweatshirt like material with some nice details on the lapel and cuffs.  Is it cut perfectly?  No.  Will I wear instead of a sweatshirt?  You bet.  I think it is a steal if they still have your size.
Anthropologie Ikat Saturation Loop here
I am wearing with J Crew Cashmere V neck here.  The website picture of the scarf is spot on.  I think it is so rich and beautiful and light.  This is not a warm, cozy, keep ya warm scarf.  Strictly for aesthetics (spelling? too lazy to look it up).
Anthropologie Cosmolito Loop here
Again, go to the link...much better representation.  And again, strictly to add color to an outfit.  Just not sure if I like the "loop" instead of a regular scarf.  I need to google ways to wear a loop and see if there are any ideas.  Or please, share with me in the comments.
Anthropologie Suede Moccasin Wedge here
Expensive! Expensive! Expensive! Love! Love! Love!
These are Kenneth Cole Gentle Soles brand and they are the most comfortable shoe brand.  It is a deep raspberry suede with a delicate point at the toe.  They can be worn with slacks and with tights and a skirt/dress.  I have a pair of boots and a pair of sandals from this line also.  Save your pennies.  Hope for a sale.
I am headed to Atlanta and am excited to shop at an actual Anthro store and a J Crew bigger than my closet.  Upon looking at these pix...I need better fitting trouser jeans.  Have a great week!


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