Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mama Got a Brand New MZ Wallace Bag

MZ Wallace Eggplant Bedford Belle here
This is my Bday present from my hubby (he doesn't know it yet).  I have been looking for a travel tote for a few years and this fits the bill.  These bags are pricey but worth the money.
  1. There is a key fob.  No matter how many pockets, or how few, I cannot locate my keys without one.
  2. It is made out of Nylon (thick, gorgeous, color saturated, stain resistant) with leather trim.  In other words, go as big as you want it will not be heavy (the stuff inside might be...but not the bag).
  3. It has feet and structure.
  4. It comes with a small detachable pouch - attached to key fob.
  5. Very organized.  A place for everything and everything in its place.

This is the third time I have purchased from them in maybe seven years.  I have loved all three bags and they look as good as new.
My first - Bea - still make style but not color

My Second - Emma? - no longer making this shape
It is my everyday bag

Almost got this instead - Forest Bedford
it just had a snap closer and i wanted a full zipper for travel

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