Friday, January 3, 2014

Here we go again

Happy New Year!  Yes, I am still recovering.  Had a blast and a new experience.  Usually when I am around drunks, they are either happy, mean, or passed out.  This celebration I was around one weepy, snotty, blubbering drunk also known as my brother in law.  Never experienced this before.  Was funny, then awkward, then funny, then sweet, then just plain annoying…really killed my buzz.  Ended with both boys going to bed and the chicks staying up and finally able to talk.

So…time to evaluate my list...

  1. Complete 101 list     
  2. Ride a motorcycle
  3. Celebrate 25th anniversary in Tuscany
  4. Go to a concert   
  5. Go to the opera
  6. Visit New Orleans
  7. Vegas Baby
  8. Learn some Italian
  9. Watch a professional football game live
  10. Watch Citizen Kane  Made it 26 minutes…good enough…it was awful!
  11. Visit a blogger friend
  12. Start a vegetable garden
  13. Add sunroom to house
  14. Remodel master bath shower
  15. Install a security gate on driveway
  16. Buy opera length pearl necklace
  17. Run a 3K race
  18. Run a 5K race
  19. Try caviar  
  20. Get in touch with an old friend  emailed my best friend in high school.  Haven't seen in 20yrs
  21. Make a new friend
  22. Go on vacation with just my sister
  23. Take a pottery class
  24. Get a massage  
  25. Go to SOFA
  26. Bake and decorate a cake  OK, emily did this but my intention was to help…good enough
  27. Eat a tofu dish
  28. Sell a house
  29. Take Softplan course
  30. Find a new church home
  31. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  32. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  33. Visit Napa Valley (California)
  34. Clean out my garage
  35. Sleep under the stars
  36. Play in the rain
  37. Have my cartoon portrait done
  38. Buy bracelet from Hermes  
  39. Spend the whole day reading
  40. Watch movies on a rainy day  That was too easy with the kids home
  41. Don't get out of bed until noon 
  42. Stay up past midnight  
  43. No TV or computer for a day
  44. Have a party
  45. Place a max bet on a penny slot machine 
  46. Go to the horse races
  47. Do the Bourbon Trail
  48. Fast for a day
  49. Sew a pillow
  50. Repot all my house plants
  51. See a magician
  52. Have a banana split for lunch
  53. Get my palm read
  54. Do a shot
  55. Learn to use my camera
  56. Go commando Forgot to take clean underwear for overnighter…it happens
  57. Take Nana to Cherokee
  58. See Mark and Kara's new house New Years Eve!
  59. Get a pedicure
  60. Try eggs benedict 
  61. Touch my toes
  62. Start yoga...again
  63. Finish kids photo albums
  64. Eat Chicago Pizza 
  65. Visit the zoo
  66. Help Karns high school
  67. Go to hockey game
  68. Read Little Women So glad i did not put Dani's next choice:)  I'll try though
  69. Write a love letter to Hunter
  70. See a waterfall
  71. Make a snowman
  72. Go tubing
  73. Learn to shoot a gun
  74. Eat beets
  75. Pick blackberries
  76. Travel on a whim 
  77. Make S'mores
  78. Get a massage from the mall massage guy
  79. Take a picture of my deer  Got them twice
  80. Make a Key Lime Pie
  81. Buy a new lipstick color
  82. Dessert at Melting Pot
  83. Wine by the Fire 
  84. Vacation with the whole family…one more time
  85. See a shooting star
  86. Vote
  87. Host a big meal for entire family  Christmas dinner for ten!
  88. Feed a squirrel 
  89. Wash my windows
  90. Fix my oven fan 
  91. Have overnight guests
  92. Take a class with Marga
  93. Get a Physical
  94. Sell things on Ebay
  95. Do the crossword puzzle every day
  96. Make my own peppermint bark
  97. Golf with my parents
  98. Buy a sweater from Brora
  99. Go to the ballet
  100. Watch Orange is the New Black 
  101. Skinny Dip

Not bad.  After my Butt, Gut, and Arms Challenge, I will be tackling this:

30 day napping challenge


  1. Hilarious! I can touch my toes and eat tofu three days a week but the rest of your list scares me. Brora are overpriced because they are "fashionable" Johnstons of Elgin use the same mill and are our old school brand, buy from them!

  2. PS. And I've seen many an Hermes /Johnstons fashion show collaboration here!
    (they're still not cheap but excellent quality cashmere)

    1. Right now I am touching my knees. Hopefully I'll be at my shins in record time if I start up the yoga. Now tofu scares the crap out of me. Determined to try. I do want good, lasting cashmere. Will check out Johnstons.

  3. Oh you funny woman!!! Thanks for the insider dope Tabs!!

    I do not think I have ever been commando! gotta get to work on the 101 list!

    1. I actually forgot my undies on a trip to vegas and spent a small fortune because I was mortified to go commando. I was in yoga pants so not really a big deal :)

  4. Did you like the caviar? I love it, but I find most people hate it on the first try.
    And a pedi? I live for those. You neeeeed to go!
    This list made me lol.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Caviar, meh. Not really a fan…had cheap and expensive. The expensive was definitely better. Yes, I definitely need the pedi. Soon.

  5. i say day 1 and day 30 are the hardest to do!! I used to get detention in preschool - yes you read that right because i was such a bad napper so this is making me verrry nervous. with shooting stars - look at your local astronomy website or chapter and they should give you a good time to see some shooting what is a softplan course? am i missing out???

    1. Day 1 was very hard. Day 30…still working on. Softplan is a construction/building program. I am self taught for over 15 years but have always wanted to do a class because I have never figured out how to do the roof plans. I am always a day late on the astronomy stuff so thanks for the tip.

  6. Hilarious. Most of these are not on my hit parade. I've had to go commando twice...once in Paris and once in San Francisco. It was a novel experience I don't plan to repeat. Don't care for caviar myself. Too salty. Have a great weekend. Thanks for the tip Tabs!!!

    1. Thanks. One more week end with the girl and then she's back at college. Most of my items are very doable with the exception of sleeping until noon…that will be a toughie.

  7. I'm already an expert at taking cat-naps! That's some list - I'd need about 20 years to complete it. I'm trying to imagine your love letter to Hunter!

    1. Hunter really is quite the romantic. I actually have love letters from high school and college from sweet.

  8. Your list is the best ever. So you're not reading Ed Wharton with us? Come on Undine Spragg is a character for the ages! I bet she went commando all the time.
    Try Johnston's for cashmere, they have an American site which I have looked at and they have beautiful things. Tabs knows these things being our HeadScot and all! Love letter to Hunter? We'd all help you on that one, he's a bit of a romantic figure around here. I'm trying to imagine writing one to my hubs, I have soooo much material, and his nickname is PieMan, think of the possibilities. I'd have to make sure the rascals never laid eyes on it.
    And the thing with Beets, I no longer recommend them, I was very sick on roasted beets before Christmas and let's just say I'm not chancing that experience again. Don't do it! How about beet-coloured candy instead, turkish delight?

    1. I bought the book...594 pages!!! I should send a pictures. The pages are large but the margins are huge. I will start Sunday. Pieman, eh? I can only imagine. Scared to death of beets...when we first moved they had a big country dinner and served dessert. Of course we thought it was strawberry jello. Nope...beet jello. They literally fought over who would get our share. Haven't had since. Amazing when you get sick from something you never, ever want it again. My friend, no rice Krispy treats ever. Me, grape juice.

  9. Geez, I am the only one who did not know what going commando is.

    I love the mixture of this list! Yes go to Tuscany for your 25th! I'd give you a pass on beets, too; the only veg MLane does not eat. And I will send you the best key lime pie recipe ever. Can't be published in a cookbook any more b/o uncooked egg whites. Hopeless about our photo books.

    1. My college room mate made key lime for me all the time...with meringue. Love. Send me recipe please.

  10. Love the napping challenge. :) Wow, you are just breezing through your list! Very impressive!

    1. I think I am up to the challenge :). Something's I thought would be easy I am wishing I had not put on the list...tofu and beets being two examples.

    2. Beet sugar counts as beets, right? :p

  11. Well you had the massage, so you got your priorities right. Was it good?

    1. Massage was great! I am trying to get up the nerve to go to the mall massage guy...they intimidate the hell out of me.

  12. BB, that's some serious list! Luckily I don't make any, or i'd never succeed past the first 3....

    Hope you accomplish all of them! Good luck!

    1. Oh, and happy new year to you, even though I'm a bit late.

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