Friday, July 26, 2013

The Tale of Two Scarves and a J Crew Review

Well I have had a crappy couple of weeks.  Got robbed, had car repairs, and had to replace my work computers because I lost the mother board on mine and the two were networked and they were over eight years with no updated operating system...had to be done.  Because I haven't had a computer at work, I basically have been off for 10 days with plenty of time to troll the internet.  Basically e-bay.  Somehow, somewhere ( I am giving credit to DaniBP)  I have linked to Mai Tai Picture Book and have become quite enamored with these Hermes scarves...just not the price.  This is what I found...


The Art of Hermes Scarf Kugor Tree

There is still one available for $389 but I got mine for $175.  The seller just had three items to sell and wasn't trying to make a living off e-bay.

On me

Yes, I watched the tutorial on how to fold the basic bias fold.

Now I need one of those scarf ring thingies.  I asked about them at our local department store, Dillards, and they just stared blankly at me.  They have got to meet Mai Tai!

I also discovered Block Shop from Girls of a Certain Age.  Now I waited and waited until this beauty was no longer sold out.

My Style
On me...

Fine.  Here's my face.

I do like it but it is not as vivid as I thought it would be.  I do believe I'll be trolling for more Hermes next time.

Quick story...While the computer guy was installing my computers and downloading my info from my old hard drives, what else was I to do but clean/re organize my pantry.  Which then led me to my tupperwear.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled out a large container with an entire pork tenderloin inside rotting.  Hmmm.

Now on with J Crew.

Stretch Suiting Tee size L in Navy

On the Model in pink...
Stretch suiting tee

On me...

The neck line is more of a u shape on me.  The sleeves are 3/4.  Usually in tees, I take a medium (36D - 38") but somewhere, somewhere I read to go up a size.  Glad I did.  Fits wonderfully.  Is not shear at all.  If they would only carry it in a rich chocolate brown I would buy another.

Perfect Fit V Neck size M in Navy

On model in Pecan

Perfect-fit V-neck tee

On Me...

Do ya see my flip and fold?  Again, the neck line is just different on me.  This works for me.  The long sleeve ones do not.

And finally...

Printed Eyelet Top Size M in Navy

On Model...
Printed eyelet top

On me...

Loving the shorts.   Those are from Dick's Sporting Goods.  Do not google Dick's without adding Sporting Goods.  Everyone in my family has made that mistake.  Back to the shirt...I really liked this but the fit of the medium was just too tight under my pits.  Everything else was perfect except it is stiff and some could find the texture irritating.

With a nude bra you really do not notice the peekaboos.

Maybe just a little.  Girls say "Hey".

Has hook and eye closure at the back.  I could not for the life of me get it closed when I had it on.  I could barely raise my arms tho.

Good God who's arm is that?  Sigh.  After the Squat Challenge
looks like I need to start an Arm Challenge.  Oh, wait a minute, that's the palm of my hand.  Phew!  Anyway, nice detail at sleeves.

And neck.

Regular old hem at bottom.

I returned at the store hoping they had a large.  They did.  Fit better at boobs but way too big in the body and it just didn't lay right at the neckline anymore.   If itty bitty store in Knoxville has these, yours should too.  I would definitely recommend this shirt but try it on first especially if you have big bosoms.

Have a great week end!


  1. Yeah we need to hit up a bar together, I went to bed on a weep as I realised the burglars have also stolen all of my baby pictures along with trashing my house - they emptied my drawers willy nilly into bags.
    Gorgeous hermes scarf print and gorgeous coupon - that's your face over here.
    I hate squats. I salute you.

    1. Can't say I am enjoying the squats but Em is a mini Hitler...will she ever go off to college? Seems like you were definitely hit harder by the assholes. I will buy the first two rounds.

  2. Hilarious, friend in my head. I couldn't figure out the stink in my car until I took my stroller into my mom's. She loves to reorganize any chance she gets and found a dirty poo-poo diaper. That's what was plaguing me for a week. You have me beat with the meat. Speaking of, won't Google Dick's without the sporting goods. lol Note taken.

    That's too bad about the less than vibrant scarf. I'd want a refund. That's some Photoshoppery. Your summer sounds like mine. Car broken into. Multiple tech problems since Feb. I found myself trying to solve a work issue jockeying 2 phones on a very short deadline in my car yesterday. Le sigh.

    1. I did find a gallon of milk in my lazy susan one year ago. This is definitely the work of my darling son. I really wonder about the boy some days.

  3. You are too funny! If I recall - Dani had a washing incident with the T - check with her before you wash!

    Love the Hermes! I really, really think i need one. This is the aspirational/I want to be perceived as even being in the same zip code as Ma Tai in me. Order one of her thingys and I think you will be happy as I have never seen one anywhere IRL.

    As for the pork- I will judge not, for there but for the grace of god and a small house go i!

    And finally: how cute are you? cute!

    1. I am stalking another Hermes on ebay but will wait to see if I actually wear the first one. I ordered those scarf thingies. I am all about accessories this fall...I really do have enough clothes.

  4. I am laughing about the pork tenderloin, how did you not smell that? lol!! Sounds like something that would happen here. Sorry to hear about the robbery and car repairs etc. Thanks for the reviews!

    1. Almost threw the whole thing away then realized it was a great piece of Tupperware. Seales that puppy right up.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I agree with WMM, how cute are you? You always manage to make me laugh! I think the first navy tee looks ah-mazing on you! I have "pork tenderloin nightmares" in which I dream that food is left out of the fridge and rots without anybody noticing. Don't judge ;)

    1. Thanks. I work with what I got. No judgement ever from me. Seen it, done it, been there. Us chicks got to stick together.

  6. Thanks for the reviews and i love all the navy tees on you!

  7. I have yet to really take my Hermes scarves out for a spin, maybe I need those thingies.

    The box of suiting tees in several colors and each in two sizes will be arriving soon. A fun afternoon is in my future trying them on. I have that printed eyelet top. It sure is purdy but the fabric is a little irritating.

    And yes agree with the others, how cute and funny are you!

    1. I am quite taken with the scarf and am hoping to put it to good use in a few months. Sorry, August is not the time to wear something around your neck. I did love the eyelet tee but it was just not meant to be. Hope the tees work out for you...I have heard the lighter ones are rather sheer.

  8. So sorry to read you have been robbed! That's terrible!

    I don't own any Hermes scarves and I doubt I will ever have one. I like yours. And do I count 3 navy tops? :))

    1. Aw shit, you noticed:) I just want navy shoes and then I'm done...okay maybe a navy purse too.