Sunday, August 4, 2013

Striped Tees

I do hear the saying, "I am purging my closet".  Purge is just NOT a good word.  When I think of "purge" I think of riding the porcelain goddess, driving the bus, tossing my cookies, upchucking...ya get the idea.  So while I am not purging, I am going through my items with a discerning eye towards creating a wardrobe for moi.  I have one stripe tee from Ann Taylor which has no stretch and one from j Crew which is really a bit rough.  I came across a company that sells nothing but striped tees.  They are Chance.  They are not cheap.  They believe no one should wear above a size 10.  Their shipping is a bit on the ridiculously expensive.  Well hell, I'm game...

They came all wrapped in tissue with a pocket for the invoice.

Women's Boatneck Classic Stripe, Size L here

On Me...

Very soft and light weight.  Showing up a bit sheer.

Girls say, "Hey, hey, hey"

Little detail at the hem.

Bring me my sailors.  I'm ready!


Classic T-Shirt Long Sleeve Skinny Stripe, Size L here

Soft and thick.  Not something I'd wear in warm weather.

Lines aren't too wavy.

A bit shorter than the boatneck.

Length of sleeves.

All flip and folded.

Not a true navy but still a lovely shade.  Showing with J Crew suiting tee in navy.

Okay, I think they are both wonderful.  However, I will have to see how they wear and wash before I order anymore.  My favorite is the classic tee because it is so damn soft.  Anyway, something a little different.


  1. Replies
    1. I can not believe you are still alive or at least still sober after that yard sale. Hey, maybe you are imbibing with all those exclamation points!!!! Love ya.

  2. They look fabulous, BB! I once had a big stripey tee habit, which seems to have morphed into a stripey sweater thing... Anyway, will check out that site, although I expect the shipping will be extortionate to here....
    Love them both - money well spent.
    I'm with you on the use of the word 'purge' too!

    1. Yes, I consider stripes a pattern and it's one of the few patterns I'll wear. Enjoy the day.

  3. Well, ruth may have recovered from her habit, but I have a full-blown stripey tee addiction. Of course, I prefer to consider it a signature look ;-) Always fun to see new retailers, also a bit of a sucker for good packaging. Hope they wash and wear well BB.

  4. Uh-oh. Hope this stripey thing is not contagious. They are rather cute though.

  5. I'm never using the word purge again, you're right it's gross. These shirts are fab! The longer length is something I always look for. Too-short shirts are so irritating.
    Let us know how the wear goes BB.