Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Bit of Bling

Well, I have finally began purchasing a few items to replace my jewelry that was stolen.  I should get my money from the insurer by Friday, this after some prodding and a stern e-mail...fingers crossed.  Honestly, I have just not had the desire before and am sort of forcing myself.  Bit depressed.  When I get dressed I do think what I would have worn.  And then, to be honest, there is not the same level of joy because I am basically replacing my shit that got stolen.  Sigh.

First up:
2 Carat round diamond studs earrings SI H (GRA)
My hubs jewel for Jewelry TV and we built him a house...says that diamonds are at an all time high and we should wait a year or two.  But of course.  So he gave Hunter these 2 Carat fake diamond earrings for me.  Now I had .75 C before and these things are huge.  Emily got a pair too.  You can not tell they are fake but they are just too big for everyday wear.  Nice try baby.

Cheap  Citizen Women\'s EW1534-57D Eco-Drive Riva Two-Tone Watch Cheap Price Today

Citizen Eco Drive Reva Two Tone

I needed a watch desperately.  I am a watch person.  I only wanted one now, so it needed to fit multiple uses and styles.  Can wear gold or silver, everyday, and dressy.  I received a Citizen Eco Drive Chrono watch for Christmas last year and loved the fact you do not have to wind and there is no battery.  Charged by light.   Very happy with this choice.

In my perusing I discovered Stella and Dot.  Never heard of them but I get the feeling I have just been living in the back country.

The chain is lovely and the pendant is quite weighty.  It does look like it cost $70.

I got Emily Sterling Silver Arrow Necklace.  It's perfect.

On the Mark

Now when the bastards took my stuff, they neglected to take my husbands wedding ring and a gold ring he purchased when we were in college.  It was a pinky ring and boy did I have small fingers back then and younger looking hands.

Well,  I purchased a gold chain and the Grow Charm in silver.

Put them together and voila'.  Honestly, I wish I had gotten the silver chain and will probably replace this some day.

My daughter, through Jewelmint got me these bangles.  I can not find them anymore.  They look very expensive and have magnetic closures.

And lastly...

It is lovely.

I thought I would show what is left of any and all J Crew jewelry just for shits and giggles...

That's it!


  1. Weird how we are in the same boat, it's odd to think that I'll eventually be going out to buy an engagement and wedding ring again. Right now I feel so fearful, I just keep thinking what's the point but I think I'll just have only what I can wear every day now. The rest were heirlooms anyway, I'm not a big jewellery person. My dad bought me my watch so that hurts like hell too, blue booby bag buggers are out there blinded up on us!
    I've also got masses of home damage to put right, from floors to doors to windows to walls, what a thought.

    1. Fortunately we had no damage to the home...some one skinny got through the dog door. Like you, I am not a jewelry person but I kinda liked what I had. I guess I have been more defensive than fearful and then I just get a bit sad. Do hope you get some of your heirlooms back. Most of my jewels were a dime a dozen. Thinking of you often.

    2. All gone in a big street drug deal. It's very rare for anyone to get anything back here.

    3. The dog door - nooooooooo!

  2. That would be bad buggers blinged out on us - they whipped my laptop and iPad too along with the rest f the haul.

  3. BB - nice choices and cheeky husband! You and Tabs are definitely on similar streams these days, sadly! Glad you are getting your bling back!

    1. I want to get some kind of locket and then I am about done for now. I'll let hubs acquire the rest over time.

  4. Treat yourself well!! You deserve it. I like the Ippolita necklace. I like a lot of their things actually.

    1. The ippolita is lovely and I am hoping for another piece or two over time. Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Great purchases, especially the watch. I am so glad you started doing this. It's time to rebuild and let go of the past. I can be angry for you, and tat way you don't have to carry that burden, deal? ;)