Monday, July 22, 2013

So Easily Entertained

Summer is finally here and to honest, I have been missing it.  We have had a wet, wet year...starting in November 2012.  But, the hot weather and lots of sunshine have finally arrived.  Yeah!  It's time for dips in the pool, fireflies, lemonade and also ticks, sunburns, ponytails cuz your hair always looks bad.  Sorry, just can't bitch about the weather.  Used to it I guess.

Look what I discovered...

Above is my self folded tee shirts.  Not bad.
Below is my new favorite friend..Flip and Fold!  Geez, I need to fluff my bed.

Place the shirt on it upside down.


Put back.  Very important step.  And yes I forgot this step a few times.

Flip again

Almost to the money shot.


Look ma, noo hands!

What the stack now looks like

Quiz time..which shelf met Flip and Fold?

Good job (the one in the middle)

I can feel myself getting giddy just seeing the pictures.  I have flip and folded my entire closet and even did my husbands tees.  I think he was jealous he didn't get to do them because he acted like he really didn't care.  I am so easily entertained.  I got mine at The Container Store for around $20.  I know, three pieces of plastic brings such joy for $20.  If you are interested go here for all kinds of info.  They are sold in a variety of places.  Remember, you too can have fun!

Now, lovely pictures of the garden..

Butterfly Bushes above and below.  The flowers are in abundance but are not showing up very well in the picture.  I even have a butterfly house.

 Have just a few gardenias on the bush.  It was spectacular in May.

 This bed is meant to be dry so the plants seem to be struggling a bit.

My poor Clematis got beat to hell from all the rain.  Has this one beautiful bloom.  Hopefully more will come.

My very beautiful Weeping Willow and her friends

Not to be out down...Crepe Myrtles are the stars right about now.  Yep, come visit and you too can jump on the trampoline.

Peanut is waiting for you.


  1. Oh I need a flip and fold! I am oohing and aahing all of the place!!!

    Love your gardens! Weeping willows are my favourite, but not good for septic fields, alas, which is why I don;t have one!

    I have the same exact clematis - mine are slightly better as it has been hot and sunny here since July 1. Yay summer!

    1. I love it, love it, love it...gimme something to fold!

  2. This is a hoot! Reminded me of a time when Himself and I were stuck home with sick family, and amused ourselves by betting on the spice jars. Oh, right, the spice jars then lived on one of those Rubbermaid double-decker turntables....

    But I'm definitely getting a F&F.

    1. I must be simple because I am very easily amused. My hubs says I am a damn good piddler. To piddle: To spend time aimlessly; diddle. It can also mean to casually urinate...I'm pretty good at that too.

  3. Love your yard!
    Grapemyrtles remind me of Atlanta,they are everywhere there.

    Just got a package from jcrew and i thought of you because it was all navy:)
    Love both(keeper chambray in dark rinse and vintage tee in navy)

    1. Oooh, I got the suiting tee in navy (size up) and I am still waiting on the printed eyelet top which I'm really hoping works. I also ordered a navy lace top from Anthro and then I SWEAR no more navy!

  4. That folding seems too complicated for me. I usually just fold my tees in half.

    Your garden looks gorgeous and so does Peanut! :)