Saturday, February 9, 2013

Anthro Reviews: Peaked Pointelle Sweater, Lace Channel Sweatshirt, and Velvet Tile Pouch

UGH! I should have known.  I was still trying to put my outfit together for the wine auction and needed a clutch.  I was so good the first time and only ordered the dress when the personal shopper at Anthro gave me free express shipping (see my finished look at the end).  Well...when I ordered the clutch I threw in a couple of things this time.
Peaked Pointelle Sweater
On the Model:
Peaked Pointelle Sweater, in Pink Size M here
On Me:

Something is not quite right.
I placed it next to a pink Tippi from J Crew (what I consider to be a true pink).  It's kinda corally.
It just kind of hangs there on me like I was a hanger.  The sweater is soft and the detail around the bottom is very pretty.
The back has a detail to "help" give it shape.  The arms fit tts but something was just not right for me.  Definitely the color, but also the fit.  I felt like a linebacker in it.  I have very square shoulders (not broad) and am a 36D.  I so wanted to like this but...NO.
Lace Channel Sweatshirt
Well, this puppy has gotten good reviews and I knew going in it was a tee not a sweatshirt.
Lace Channel Sweatshirt, Grey Size L here
I wanted a slouchy feel so I sized up.  It hangs to the right.
Side shot
Peeking through lace at striped material underneath.
Still hanging to the right.  Sigh.  Just didn't fit.  I did not like the neckline.  Too wide or not wide enough.  I don't know. Going back.
Velvet Tile Pouch:
Stock Photo, Sale $30, Pink here
My Photo:
Sorry, too much light.  Unlike the one reviewer on line I think the color is dead on to the stock photo.  However,  where is my blue tassle?  I talked to my personal shopper and she is sending me one so I'll have two colors to choose.
One zippered pocket.
My final look:
L'amour du Vin
Lora Maxi Dress here
J Crew Coat, old (not really but couldn't find it)
J Crew earrings, old
Banana Republic Bracelets, old
Kate Spade Shoes, old (not really but couldn't find either)
Anthro Velvet Pouch here
Bottoms Up!


  1. I'm sorry you were disappointed. Looks like your outfit for the event is really coming together nicely though! Was it last night or still coming up?

  2. The event is the 2nd of March. I am quite taken with the dress. So pleased it all came together.

  3. Loving the pouch, it will look lovely against the navy skirt of the dress, especially when the elusive tassle arrives!

  4. Just found out my dress is now half of the half I paid for it. Damn I'm good!