Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This Climb is Exhausting...BUT Rewarding

A bit of a much needed break, a birthday for me,  and a whole bunch of college football later, I am back at it with the closet.  Not much of a rush but the "change" is in the air.  Highs will be in the mid 70Fs.  Not exactly fall, but it is just around the corner.

***Once again, all praise goes to The Vivienne Files***

Just not a skirt wearer.  I do own one.  Okay, maybe three but two looked great on the model and meh on me.  The one navy I own I have actually had for several years and have worn it once.  I will go with a dress.  I am going with this little number:

Old Ann Taylor Side Tie Jersey Dress

Got some more green in there

I will pick these wedges I purchased from Yoox

DANIELE ANCARANI - Closed-toe slip-ons
Thanks again Tiffany Rose

Now Janice at The Vivienne Files shows three items I get to pick and damn it if I'm not getting my full allotment.  Sweater, jacket, jewelry, stockings, WHAT???

I'll need to come back to this.

Step 10:  A Casual Jacket, Top, and Shoes

Oldie but goodie:
eddie bauer spring picks.
But of course:

Perfect-fit V-neck tee

And finally, my man shoes....
J Crew Classic MacAllister Boots in  Grey Suede


The pressure.

I have to get a pair of trousers (jean ones no doubt) and I think I need a bit more white.
Level 99 Newport Wide-Leg Trousers
Level 99 Newport Wide leg Trousers...Love!
Angel of the North Fringed Cowlneck
Thin Cowlneck Sweater from Anthro a few years back.
Yeah, I own that skirt but have never worn it.
And let's throw this on top...

midtown moto jacket
Navy/Grey Leather Jacket...best of both worlds
And I am now using my "Get Out of Jail Free" card for the third item missing from Step 9.

Harlean's Heyday: Miss L Fire - A/W 2012
Just cuz I love these shoes

Yay!  I hardly wear a winter coat...don't go hating...so I am still in love with this one:

J Crew Majesty Pea Coat

I can't forget about these boots from last year:

Stuart Weitzman Dude
And finally, the scarf:
Transitional Scarves–Summer to Fall ConfettiStyle
It looks something like this.  Hey, I got a little pattern!


Only a couple more steps to go.

Now I went back and changed the Tods Loafers to a navy and found a lovely pair of Dark brown shoes to represent what I may purchase.

Here's the round up:

Core group

Looking Good.


  1. Clever you!
    I love peeking inside others closets...Janice has a great eye.
    I'd hazard a guess that you may be her star pupil. Well done.

    1. I hope I get an A for effort. This is not an easy task.

  2. You hit 2 home runs and you're wearing them and apparently green has a way of fitting well on you. That 'Old AT Side Tie Jersey" fits like a glove, puts the V in va va voom, and actually looks comfortable. The J. Crew Majesty Pea Coat is another big winner...and please let Dani know there actually are pea coats out there without a 'slouchy' fit.
    Now listen BB those mangy MacAllister boots need to be sent back...they look like those boots worn home from the hospital following foot surgery.

    1. I'm gathering you don't like my man boots. Ha! I tried a dress in the spring that Em said reminded her of a hospital gown...and yes I was thinking of keeping it. Sigh. Thank you for the compliments. I still love, love, love my pea coat. Makes me happy on a cold dreary day.

  3. Replies
    1. I have five more steps and then I will see what I have left. I have " Goodwilled" a few things already though.

  4. Good for you.You look awesome in green and those boots are perfection. Trouser jeans - if you can find perfect pair, are worth their weight in gold - at least in my closet. I hope you find a perfect pair!

    1. Well thank you love. The boots are great...Hunter helped me pick them out :)

  5. Cute picks. I love the simplification. And as someone who spends 8 months a year clad in what looks like a sleeping bag with arms, I get to hate you on the coat front!

  6. AA on this! It's a tough job. Love that dress on you too. Your man boots look comfy, not for me, but comfy. I also love those shoes you threw in. xo~J