Thursday, September 4, 2014

Emerson Fry...Why Oh Why?

Emily called me the other day...yes, she called me!
She wanted to know what I had been up to since I haven't updated my blog.
It had only been five days since she left.
Made me feel special.

So this is what I've been doing...

Visits from ugly birds
This one was damn ugly

Had Dining Room painted.


After...Quite pleased

Was enticed by all the Fall e-mails, catalogs, blogs, etc.  So I bit.

If you have never visited The Vivienne Files, she did a lovely series on how to "Start from Scratch" this summer.  Something like a twelve step process.  I found it very helpful paring down my closet and also figuring out what, if anything, was missing.  The plan was to go into fall with A PLAN.  I will post on that later.

Anyhoo,  Emerson Fry came out with their Fall Collection.  It always looks so good and so me.  Looky...

It's beautiful and one of my core colors...Grey (the other is navy in case anyone was wondering).

I did want a nice pair of casual grey pants (I just have cords) and the sweater coat would be perfect in Tennessee.


Was I bloated?  Bad Posture?  Preggers?  
The material has stretch and the pants are comfortable.

Tushy doesn't look bad but again with the pot belly!  Me thinks the rise is too low.
I am 5'6 and I had these rolled under at least two inches.

Oh but look closer...

Did I order the men's?  Nope.  Obviously if I were a man I'd hang to the left.  Ugh.

Now for the sweater coat...

This is more coat than sweater.  I started perspiring just looking at it.

Is not lined.

It has two snaps at the neck and a snap right below the chest.  Heavy duty snaps.

I can not put my arms by my thick.
It was awful!

And so, back it all goes.

Well,  I decided to recreate the original look with items I currently own or are thinking of purchasing...

A fashion look from August 2014 featuring Reiss cardigans, Étoile Isabel Marant tops and J.Crew cardigans. Browse and shop related looks.

I still want to get some animal print flats and a teal/petrol bag appeals to me this fall.

Patience, patience, patience.


  1. Uggh...So disappointing. My EF purchases are going back too. I have a dress on back order - fingers crossed, but I don't have high hopes.

    1. I do hope your dress works. EF clothes are beautifully made but just not for my figure.

  2. Hello,

    Oh dear, the high hopes from the catalogues only to be dashed by the reality of the flesh. How often life is like this, we feel, so better not to be seduced at all by the glossy magazines and the pencil mannequins. Well, that is our theory.

    Your own ideas look so much more comfortable with a touch of humour and splash of colours fashion needs to be fun too, we think and your 'mood boards' seem to capture that perfectly.

    1. It is difficult not to be seduced by the new and shiny. I learn my lesson but with my fleeting memory the lesson is soon forgotten. The "mood boards" help enforce that I really do own what I think I need.

  3. uh oh - may want to cancel my order. I don't tuck into pants like what you are wearing by the way - I just don't find it flattering even when the fit is perfect. I have the black legging-like pants on sale and the ivory long sleeve tshirt. Hmmm. a little worried now, as shipping is SUCH a pain in the ass back to the US - just sent 2 sweaters and a pair of shoes back to J Crew. I really like the new colour of the dining room!

    We are going in a similar style aesthetic, which I think is very related to our time of life. I think the EF sweater is definitely a jacket, but then, why bother, by the time you can wear something that heavy you will need it buttoned!

    1. I really hope your order works. They make these beautiful clothes for some one out there...maybe you!

  4. Thats too bad that nothing worked for you:(
    I have never tried Emerson Frye ,but it looks beautiful in the pics.

    1. EF does look wonderful in their pictures. If you ever do try size way down, cross your fingers and toes, and hope for the best.

  5. Those garments do not show off your beauty one bit. Very heavy materials and the cut is so angular and masculine, those pants for example (hang to the left, you crack me up).
    I have tried Emerson Fry, last fall I think it was, I ordered a jacket and a dress on sale, the jacket was too heavy and large, the dress a sad sack on my figure. I didn't return them (seduced by the lovely packaging most likely) but of course I never wore either piece and ended up taking them to consignment.
    Damn that bird is ugly but your dining room is perfect.

    1. I have read up on my ugly birds. Either they are always molting or they have some type of bird lice which causes them to always molt. I have ordered a dining room table but it will take 8 to 10 weeks. Still not sure about the chairs...painted wood or upholstered?! Sigh. I do hope your remodeling is going well.

    2. Bird lice: who knew. I'd go for upholstered, nice and cushy for the tooshy but also you can change up the fabric after 10 years or so when the re-decorating bug hits.
      I nearly crapped out on our reno earlier this week, so overwhelming and I am only planning it... but my little girl suffered another night-time epilepsy event last week so I am on high alert and not sleeping, therefore not very rational.
      Yesterday things took a turn when the flooring quote came in and I imagined all of that beautiful new white oak through the whole house... so we've scheduled that and the new windows/door and the landscape work to start. The kitchen drawings will be done today.
      You do this for a living, you must be very organized and detail oriented!

    3. I do hope you both sleep soundly tonight and every night. Your daughter is in very capable hands but the worry, gnashing of teeth, yeah that would be me too. Hope you both are sleeping soundly. The white oak alone will be worth the added stress this remodel will give you. So beautiful.

  6. I think you're brilliant, and very strong, to return things that don't work out. Too many of us assume that it's US, and not the clothes, and so we keep things, assuming that we're going to change radically at some point in the future. Make the clothes suit us, and don't settle for less!
    and thanks for the shout out to The Vivienne Files - I really appreciate it!
    warmest regards,

    1. I have learned that I will never grow to love it if I don't love it when it first hits my body. You do have a wonderful and most helpful blog so a shout out is always warranted.

  7. Dani nailed it on the cut & heavy fabric ill-suiting but that texture is very nice if only they could do that on lighter fabric. The dining room looks great and speaking of dining...hasn't Hunter suffered enough with this vegan thing?....let him christen the reno with a rack of babybacks...

    1. We are headed to Nashville for an evening of meat, liquor, and music. No worries, we shall be spending the night. Our motto now is "don't let the veggies scare you". We have done well these past two weeks and it shows.

    2. Meat, liquor, and music aka GSL hat trick which a fedora will be performing at The Red Lion tonight.

    3. We shall really try to visit this Red Lion just to see your performance?

  8. Emerson fry will just be for browsing! But you to crack me up with hang to the left!

    1. It was just so wrong. Hunter said " a bit bunchie in the crutch". A look every woman wants.

  9. Fie upon catalogue and web clothes that look so perfect on the models and not so hot in the flesh. Good colour choice in the DR. And yes, that bird is repugnant. Was probably a queue jumper or double dipper in a previous life!

  10. Hang to the left. You are hilarious! Some of us...our thigh touch. I wish retailers would figure this out and fit the pants accordingly. Beautiful sweater coat, but non-commital sleeves (are you short, are you long) never work for me.