Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How I am TRYING to approach my wardrobe.

Like just about every chicklet out there, I like clothes.  

And, I have come to the realization that I really have too many.  

So let's jump right in and see what I've got, how I can pare down a bit, and most importantly what I need this new fall/winter season.  Heck (I am working on my potty mouth), never said I would stop shopping...are you kidding?!  Seriously, I just want to be a bit wiser with my decisions.

I do follow The Vivienne Files (Starting from Scratch series begins mid June 2014) and will start with her sage advice and lessons from this summer.  I have linked each step to her blog and all her wisdom.  She really does a bang up job.

I need two neutrals, two accent colors, and some variety of white/ecru/cream

The neutrals are so easy...Navy and Grey

The accents will be...Green and some other shade of Blue(keep my options open)

White, ecru, or cream...I'll go for White

Well, that was easy

She says nice pair but... I am going with JEANS.

'Hidden Hills' Bootcut Stretch Jeans (Super McKinley)
Paige Hidden Hills Bootcut...I love these jeans and get mine on Ebay

I am working with fall/winter, otherwise I would have picked flip flops.  That's my life.

What do I pick?  Why is this SO hard?  Something I can wear socks with is a must, otherwise I would just wear sandals with my jeans.  I can not do ballerinas or anything without a bit of heel.  Good lord, I already have something on my "To Buy" list.

Fine.  I pick these because I really do wear them all the time.  But they are not navy.  Hmm.

J Crew McAlister Booties

Do I pick a long cardigan, a short one, light, or heavy?   Decisions!!!!


Can you really tell the difference in these picks?  Humor me.

 I'll stick with short but the long one is staying too.

Collection featherweight cashmere cardiganVintage cotton scoopneck tee

J Crew Stuff

Damn It!

I already picked jeans.  So...let's go back and pick a pair of pants and a shirt..

Signature Fit Lindsey Bootcut Pant - Talbots

These are Talbot's that I wear maybe twice a year.  I just feel like I have droopy crotch in these.  Not a favorite, but I really do not NEED slacks.  Now Janice from The Vivienne Files recommends getting your core pieces from the same brand, if possible so the colors all match.  The nuances of navy are amazing.  Well, since J Crew stopped making pants and only makes water waders...
I want these:

They shall be mine with my birthday discount from Anthropologie.

The Shirt

Any lady with two big 'ol friends stuck to the front knows button downs are not gentle to the girls.
Have always been a fan of this shirt:

Splendid Always Shirting Pocket Tunic...have to iron but love these


So here is my little core set:

Core group

Hmm, something is a bit off.  Maybe I should readdress the shoes.  Maybe something not so mannish.  Sigh.  Another thing on my list?  Already?  Six items and I am definitely purchasing one maybe two things already.

I do like these and almost bought a pair last year.

Tods Moccasins
Tods Mocassins -  Pretty
Or maybe these.

Robert Zur Loafers - A bit of Texture

Now let's see how it looks.

Core group

Better.  And yes, I will wear socks with my loafers.

I am exhausted.  I tried everything on.  well, four of the six :)

There are eighteen steps total.  Shall we do four more next time?


  1. Wow. I am doing this too with my step daughter. I am doing the black, gray, red, white and cobalt set. Too many hot flashes to try winter stuff on yet but I am getting it out to see exactly what I need. So cool and I will bet it will be a bit easier to get dressed. My lifestyle is extremely casual so my choices will be dressed down. Good luck to you and can't wait to see how it goes for you.

    1. I was rather warm with the sweaters and closed shoes but I am determined to make sure everything that stays fits well. Your colors sound cobalt too.

  2. It looks like a goo exercise to go through... I like the Tod's loafers, very nice. I think Tabs told me that those are very comfortable shoes. Also the jeans and cords seem to suit you, I like the shorter cardigan, you don't want to cover up your great figure! Show it off Dollface.
    I'm up for more steps but easy for me to say!

    1. Shall be at a Tods in November...back to Chicago with my stylist Hunter. Almost got a pair last year. The short cardigan it is. I can thank Wendy for the featherweight cashmere, so much better for my figure and the climate I live.

  3. I like the styles that you have chosen and I agree with Dani about the shorter length cardigan.
    Those loafers look sporty and chic and I am betting that they are comfy too...
    good work on the first of what might be a series. I'll be back!

    1. Thanks baby. We shall move forward with The Vivienne Files series...may be a few days. Take a bit of effort :)

  4. Love what you ended up with. That's hard to find a shoe that looks right with bootcut and straight leg pants but I think your choice of loafers is a good one. I always think I should wear my Dansko clogs with everything... last year I decided I should probably wear them with not just with bootcut and straight leg jeans but also with rolled cords and skinny jeans lol. I'm a bit of a disaster and I know it, but some things I love too much to give up. I will look forward to your next installment and I think I shall check out the Vivienne Files and see what it is all about.

    1. Oh to find a stylish, comfortable, goes with everything shoe. I do have a wonderful pair of boots that fit the bill for winter.

  5. I admire that you are doing such a challenging exercise in wardrobe planning. It is an ongoing battle for me-as I am always shopping and working with clients so I see "stuff" all the time. I want to put more "edge" in my wardrobe but have to be mindful - like everyone - of budget, body, comfort and lifestyle. Color can be tricky as well...but you're off to a great start.

    1. It's 90F here but I am thinking of fall and winter because of the mags and ads. I am actually tempted to buy a wool cape when I know I won't wear it until at least November. Kinda silly...but so tempting.

  6. Just yesterday I was commenting to my sister about how it was so much simpler to get dressed and pack when we were limited to maternity wardrobes. Now the closets are bulging and the choices seem endless. I followed your suggestion about the Vivienne Files for packing and incorporated the general concept. I lack the self -discipline to fully embrace her technique. Only two colors??? What happens when you like all the colors? It does look like you are off to a great start and I will be very jealous when you have it all mastered!

    1. She's a strong believer in accessories to get more color. Example, I love wine (the color and the drink) but it looks "not so good" on me. I have a lovely bag and a nice pair of flats both in wine that look great with my navy or grey. It's all I need so at least some red is representing in my closet.

  7. You impress me! I went through a similar exercise last year and it didn't stick on me because I hadn't really evolved to the real me. My closet cull is ruthless these days - I have gone back to the three questions from my homeboys from visual-therapy: do I love it? Is it flattering? Is it the image I want to project? The latter was harder as I tested do many styles in the last while, but I have finally narrowed it down to simple chic + with a dash oh Bohemia, that's the stuff I reach for. Anything else is me being influenced by someone else. Love hearing your journey!

  8. I have a lot of clothes I like just not necessarily love. I did this with my spring/summer wardrobe and really had everything I needed...just about. I am sure I will find the same with this seasons wardrobe too. But the closet needs to be culled...I have over six grey cardigans! Why?!

  9. Very cool idea. Everything I love is black, navy or grey so I pretty much just go with that.